• Toledo Blade Attempts To Rewrite History On Issue 2

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    In recent years, the Toledo Blade has had its issues with balanced journalism, but yesterday’s editorial regarding Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin is something else entirely. At one point, the Blade attempts to draw comparisons between Walker’s victory this past Tuesday and Ohio’s loss on Issue 2:

    The Walker-backed measure to limit collective bargaining by public unions in Wisconsin arguably went farther than Senate Bill 5, Gov. John Kasich’s effort to do the same thing here. It may be that Ohio’s governor failed where Wisconsin’s governor succeeded because Mr. Kasich was afraid to stand up to the historic might of organized labor. 

    Kasich was afraid of organized labor? That’s just one of those statements that leave you wondering…

    In truth, Governor Kasich was the leading proponent of Issue 2, even when its champions in the Senate failed to fervently and publicly support it. For the Blade to insinuate otherwise is nothing less than rewriting history.

    Yes, Ohio lost that fight. But not for lack of dedication by our state’s Governor.

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