• Toledo Blade: Eddy Fitzgerald May Have “No Business Running For Governor”

    by  • April 24, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Today, Ed FitzGerald will announce his candidacy for Governor.  Or perhaps it will happen on May 24th.  Really, we’re not sure.

    Regardless, Fitz will have to start impressing the right folks if he wants to overcome incredibly low name recognition, nearly non-existent fundraising and his Public Official 14 persona. 

    So when one of the state’s more liberal newspapers comes out on the day of his gubernatorial announcement with an editorial on the race, Fitz probably expected it to be slightly more favorable than this:

    If his campaign kickoff foreshadows the priorities of his administration, he ought to pull out a map of Ohio and reroute. This state can’t move forward unless the interests of all its people and regions are accounted for. And Mr. FitzGerald, by confining one of the biggest events of his campaign to the usual suspects, is sending the wrong meesage about his candidacy, right out of the gate…

    People in the other Ohio count as much as the people of Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus. If Mr. FitzGerald doesn’t know that, he has no business running for governor.

    Yep.  That just happened.  On the biggest day of Eddy’s young campaign.  Great start, Fitzy.


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