• Video: How has the middle class really fared under Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama?

    by  • January 24, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Tonight, expect to hear more of the same tired class warfare from Barack Obama. He will focus straw man attacks, once again, aimed at blaming others for the failure of his disastrous policies.

    A trillion dollar stimulus plan that failed, even by his own measure of success. A health care takeover that has driven health care costs higher instead of “bending costs down”. Increased regulation of the energy industry by executive fiat, not through Congress, where he couldn’t even get enough of his own Democrats to play along. Blocking tens of thousands of jobs in a shovel-ready project that even his big labor friends urged him to approve.

    He failed, and will look for someone else to blame. He will fall back to the old tactic of accusing “big banks” and millionaires of “attacking the middle class.” He has promised to lift up the middle class during his entire presidency.

    So, after 3 years of Obamanomics, where does the middle class stand today?

    We’ve tried Obama and Brown’s way for the last 3 years. It not only failed, but added trillions and trillions of new debt. It’s time for a change.



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