• Washington Post drops Ohio from top 12 governorships likely to change hands

    by  • July 28, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Fresh off the bad news for Ed Fitzgerald that Christine highlighted from Nate Silver, the Washington Post piles on another one sure to make Fitz frown.


    WaPo’s The Fix blog regularly posts updates of top 10 races in the country where the office is likely to change parties. They do this for the House and Senate, and they also do it every four years when most of the states vote on their governors.

    On Friday, they published their latest top 12 list of governors races.

    As always, the 12 races below (we’re trimming it from 15 to 12 this month) are ranked from most likely to change control — No. 1 — to least likely — No. 12.

    12. Georgia
    11. South Caroline
    10. Kansas
    9. Colorado
    8. Michigan
    7. Wisconsin
    6. Connecticut
    5. Arkansas
    4. Illinois
    3. Florida
    2. Maine
    1. Pennsylvania


    Not there.

    Ed Fitzgerald desperately needs people to take his candidacy seriously and believe he has a chance. It isn’t working. Nationwide, very few people believe he has any shot at unseating Governor Kasich. That’s going to make it all but impossible to improve his fundraising in this final stretch of the campaign.

    Henry Gomez from The Plain Dealer noticed the omission as well.

    What makes it worse for Ed is that he is blowing a big chunk of his tiny warchest on this loser of a first television commercial that even the Plain Dealer says is lacking in substance.

    The Fitzgerald campaign looked like an amateur operation from the very beginning. It hasn’t gotten any better. And the national media knows it.


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