• Will Fitz meet his own campaign finance standard?

    by  • April 23, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Tomorrow is the next deadline for campaign finance reports.

    So far, in the fundraising category, Ed Fitzgerald has been a complete embarrassment. Politico even put him on their list of “losers”.
    Remember, when asked what he needed to raise, he said that he needed to keep pace with what Kasich raised four years ago when he was challenging incumbent governor Ted Strickland. So let’s take a look at the numbers four years ago.

    Other than polls, it’s the only clear head-to-head competition we really get to enjoy until election day.

    The hard numbers for this reporting period:

    Kasich raised 2.0 million and has $5.2 million on hand.

    Strickland raised $1.4 million and has $7.1 million on hand.

    First off, it’s clear that Kasich was the winner of this reporting period. Just like he was the clear cut winner of the last reporting period.

    So, Kasich trailed Strickland by $1.9 million after the first quarter of 2010. That’s where Fitz needs to be now.

    Unfortunately for him, he was behind by a staggering $6.5 million three months ago.

    Can he do it? We’ll update you tomorrow!

    (Hint: it probably doesn’t help to show up an hour late to your fundraiser after most folks have gone home. Sheesh.)


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