AG DeWine Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood’s Trafficking Of Baby Parts

Ohio Attorney Mike DeWine has launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s alleged practice of selling aborted baby parts after a video was released earlier this week.

The Attorney General’s office oversees non profits. Since Planned Parenthood has non profit status, this is the avenue DeWine is using for the investigation. If Planned Parenthood loses it’s non profit status as a result of these actions, they will lose their state funding and their tax exempt status.

“The video showing Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services calmly discussing the best way to kill an unborn child in order to preserve the condition of the baby’s internal organs is truly horrifying. Any person or abortion clinic involved in such a practice described in the video may have violated specific state or federal laws.

“Because registered non-profit corporations operate three Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in Ohio, those entities and the directors have a fiduciary duty under Ohio law to ensure their organization does not support illegal activity. My office’s Charitable Law Section is conducting an investigation to ensure that no Ohio non-profit is breaking the law or profiting from the sale of aborted babies. I encourage anyone with information about this potential illegal activity to contact my office or their local law enforcement agency.”

If DeWine finds any criminal activity, that can be turned over to the county prosecutors who can in turn file charges against those committing a crime.

This is an incredibly wise legal move. Clearly, challenging Planned Parenthood’s non profit status can result in serious financial repercussions to the organization and then any criminal conduct that is found will be handled by the county prosecutors.

Yesterday, State Auditor Dave Yost, who is a former prosecutor, released a strongly worded statement that pointed out that if this is occurring in Ohio, the law is being broken.

“I am sickened, nauseated by the callousness of this videotaped discussion. I would like to reserve judgment — but even Planned Parenthood is not denying that the tape is genuine, only complaining about the editing. It clearly is what it seems to be — a doctor laying out in gruesome detail how to avoid damaging the most valuable parts of a baby during an abortion, and then selling them.

“The fact of the matter is that it is a crime in Ohio to “sell the product of conception that is aborted.” (ORC 2919.14) Planned Parenthood claims they make no money from this practice, that the only money they receive is for “costs.” That’s utter nonsense.

“If a drug dealer “donated” his product in exchange for being paid for his costs, I’d still ask a grand jury to indict him for trafficking in drugs. The sophistry is no more useful when employed by Planned Parenthood. This matter warrants full investigation at both the state and federal levels.”

Secretary of State Jon Husted also has spoken out on the issue. Husted is an adoptee and a vocal advocate for the unborn.

“This video, and the casual way the planned parenthood executive discusses harvesting organs from unborn babies, is one of the most awful things I have ever heard. This must be investigated, people must be held accountable and the practice must be stopped. But personally, I am just saddened this is happening in America.”

Governor Kasich’s spokesperson, Rob Nichols released a statement about this disgusting practice as well:

“The governor is a strong, consistent and committed believer in the sanctity of human life and finds this news and practice abhorrent. This is illegal under both Ohio and federal laws and anyone who violates those laws should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and credible evidence of a possible violation should be fully investigated.”

Ohio has some strong leadership on this topic. And I’d like to point out that you don’t have to be pro-life to be appalled at the trafficking of these children’s organs and tissue. This is both illegal and unethical. These children are being afforded no dignity, even after their deaths.

As The Federalist reported, there are companies online selling fetal organs. And they have to provided to them from somewhere.


Thanks to Mike Dewine, if those fetal organs are being provided by Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio, there will be significant repercussions to the organization and those committing the crimes.






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4 thoughts on “AG DeWine Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood’s Trafficking Of Baby Parts”

  1. Go for it Mr. AG and mean it — don’t just TALK about it –DO IT!.

    Watch the video below as the ghoulish Dr. Debra Nucatola’s (of Planned Parenthood) explains over her salad and wine, the best way to kill a 17-week old human fetus so as not to crush the tissue she wants to sell later. What does she care that a 17 week old unborn child can smile and react to sounds? I believe that Count Dracula showed more compassion and had less blood dripping from his mouth.

    This is rare glance at the real face of the depraved “pro-choice” movement and the uncaring democrat votes who keep them in their barbaric, inhumane business.

  2. I am a democrat and I am anti-abortion as are some democrats in government. I believe planned parenthood should be run out of town and everyone that works for them should be strung up from a high tree, in public. I deeply regret that the democratic party in general supports the killing of infants.

  3. The only problem is, is that if you elect a republican president, there will be endless wars where most of the victims are women, children, the elderly, sick, and weak, and endless war profiteering from companies like Haliburtan and Kellog, Brown, and Root, (a Haliburan subsidiary) that would charge the government 99.00$ just to do one sack of soldiers laundry, among thousands of other outrageous overcharges. The weasel Dick Cheney ran the company and they still pay him. he government sent them almost 100 million dollars of your taxpaying money in wrapped 100 dollar bills in semi’s

    1. Vice President Cheney had nothing to do with Halliburton or any other such company for that matter. All of his holdings and assets were placed in a blind trust which he had no control over before he took the oath of office in January, 2001. Likewise having a democrat in the White House does not assure that you won’t have soldiers in harms way. We entered WWI under Woodrow Wilson (D); we entered WWII with Franklin Roosevelt (D); we entered Vietnam under John Kennedy (D) and Lyndon Johnson (D). in Afghanistan. the US casualties under Barack Obama (D) increased 4-fold compared to the period under G. W Bush (R)

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