Another press release, another lie from Zawistowski

tomzOhio’s tea party conservatives are so ill-served by Tom Zawistowski as their defacto state leader.

Yesterday, he sent out a press release claiming that Governor Kasich has inserted himself into the primary race between Congressman Dave Joyce and challenger Matt Lynch, who resigned from his Ohio House seat to enter the race.

Akron, OH – Today, Ohio Governor John Kasich entered the Congressional Race between Dave Joyce and Matt Lynch in Northeast Ohio’s 14th District by authorizing the distribution of a full color mailer directly attacking former House member Lynch. The flyer, featuring photos of Kasich and Lynch, but not Joyce, has the headline “Thanks for Nothing, Matt” and doesn’t even mention Joyce. (Copy of flyer attached as PDF.)

Zawistowski goes on to claim that “the governor criticized” Lynch and refers to the flyer as “Kasich’s Anti Matt Lynch Flyer”.

The problem is that Tom’s latest bluster is a complete fabrication. Just because Kasich’s picture is used doesn’t mean he had anything to do with it.

The flyers were produced and paid for by a PAC called Defending Main Street. It’s printed right there on the flyer for goodness sake. In addition, it would be a breach of campaign finance laws for Kasich to coordinate with the PAC at all.

And why would he? It’s a federal race. The outcome won’t affect how he runs the state at all. He isn’t going to risk his career by breaking the law.

So I asked Zawistowski in an email to clarify some questions for me.

Regarding your press release from yesterday…

The mailer clearly indicates that it was paid for by the LaTourrate PAC. Why do you then accuse Kasich of jumping into the race?

You are aware that they can use Kasich’s picture without his permission or involvement, correct?

You are also aware that the Kasich campaign is not allowed to coordinate with the super PAC, correct?

Thus, are you saying that Kasich would risk his career by violating campaign finance law, all over a race that doesn’t affect how he runs the state?

Thank you for your time.

His response:


If you know Governor Kasich, you know that nothing like this would happen without his knowledge and approval. Nothing. He is a total control freak. So, if he had nothing to do with it, then I wish that he would come out and say it, because I would like nothing better than to have the voters be told that John Kasich had nothing to do with that mailer and he did not say those things about Matt Lynch. Please call his office and ask him to do so.

Tom Zawistowski

BTW – On the Flyer it says that “Lynch then sued Governor Kasich.” That is patently false. Lynch was party to a law suit filed in the Ohio Supreme Court challenging the authority of the Controlling Board to authorize the implementation of Medicaid Expansion and made not mention of the Governor.

Kasich controls all the thingz!

Seriously, though, I reminded Tom that he is making a serious accusation, and asked him for the evidence.


Your headline claims that “Kasich enters the congressional race.”

Those are your words. The burden of proof is yours.

There is no evidence in your press release that the governor was involved in this mailer.

You are also claiming that the governor broke the law, since he is forbidden from coordinating with the PAC.

You are making serious accusations. What is your evidence?

That was six hours ago. Tom stopped responding. I guess he has no evidence. Just like when he falsely accused us, and failed to back it up.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

20 thoughts on “Another press release, another lie from Zawistowski”

  1. Be nice Nick, Tom still has to explain to his people how he took all their money, paid it to his company, and got curbed stomped by the good republicans. He is going to be awfully busy contemplating where to go next and trying to get Steve Lalalala off of him. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving hill jack.

  2. Also interesting Nick how Matt Lynch sent out a robocall yesterday in response to this mail piece and verbatim said “Yes I sued the Governor” and now Lynch and Tom Z want to backtrack from the statement and call it “patently false”. Absurd.

  3. The disingenuous hit piece put out by the left financed Defend Main Street Super PAC essentially has Kasich’s tacit approval, otherwise he would distance himself from it. I have no horse in that race and actually liked Joyce before he started his trash Lynch campaign. Twisting facts and lying are not going to be beneficial to the Republican Party.

  4. Let me understand this. So you are saying that Matt Lynch or anyone can put out a mailer with the Governor, and put words in his mouth (which this mailer does), and make a sock puppet out of Kasich for a campaign,and that is going to be okey-dokey politicking right here in the State of Ohio? Geez louise. I wish I had known that before. Can I use the Governor as my personal pal in a school board race? Can I use him when I come to third base? In a jar? From afar? Can I, can I, make him bark? Why yes you can. It’s right here in black and white.

  5. I have no comment on the hit piece on Lynch as I do not know anymore than what is written here.
    But make no mistake the ORP via Mat Borges has been sending out hit pieces — many of them absolutely disingenuous at best (and some in my opinion worse than that) against conservative republicans running against the party status quo in the current primary races. Would we be correct in blaming Governor Kasich (in part at least) for THESE little stink bombs then? Or is it a case of hear no evil. speak no evil, see no evil in the Governor’s office?

  6. Fargo, this much I can tell you. I don’t live in that district but for some reason, I get Dave Joyce emails and have for awhile. I liked them. I liked him. Then one day, I get an email where he is just foaming at the mouth – and it is coming on his ‘official’ Congressional mailer (or is that just confusing citizens where there is some bait and switch and the campaign uses his office or his office uses his campaign list – hmmm) telling me what a tax cheat and creep that Matt Lynch is. Whoa. I didn’t even know if it were true but I did know that it was down right nasty and patently over the top. Not something you normally see from sitting Congressmen. As it happened, I went to a meeting in Brecksville, and Matt Lynch was there telling us that Yes, he quit his job when his wife was DYING FROM CANCER to stay home with her during her last days and take care of their kids, and Yes, the county has some real estate tax bill on the books for less than $2 that went unpaid because he never knew about it, and when he did, he paid it. But that was turned into him being only 4 inches away from being the Devil Incarnate. Whoa! Even before I knew the back story, I was getting antsy on Dave Joyce. I know from roaming around this state as an active TEA partier that Matt Lynch is on the forefront of most of the conservative fights, is consistently bringing legislation to the House on ways to bring back our liberties, and was helping with an Article V movement promoted by that lefist Mark Levin. Oh, and he helped strip Common Core from the budget. And yes, he sued the Control Board or the State of Ohio or the Governor, for going around the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS majority vote in trying to stop Medicaid Expansion.
    Now, if I’m reading Nick right, Dave Joyce can put words in the Governors mouth that have not been approved by the Governor and are not his words. And then, so I guess, could Matt Lynch.
    And that would make this a very very interesting time. So again, does that apply to any one and every one? Because I wish I had known that before. And now that I do, I have until Tuesday to create some really interesting emails myself.

    1. Thanks for the link!! After that reading article I KNOW that Third Base Politics will be soon reporting on the BIG STORY when Governor Kasich publicly DISAVOWS that hit piece put out with his image and WITHOUT his permission. I KNOW Governor Kasich will apologize to Matt Lynch for this low life intra-party attack using his image and name. Oh but until then 3BP I’m not so sure Tom Zawistowski was so off the mark in his comments? Ya think?

      1. Why would the governor get involved in this, even to disavow it? That would only bring ten times more attention to it.

        Yes, the ad is tricky and appears to put words in the governors mouth. But technically, it doesn’t actually quote him.

        My point is, if you don’t have proof of something, you don’t go blasting out press releases with accusations you can’t back up. Because you lose credibility.

        Look at how Media Trackers wrote about the mailer. They put the responsibility for the mailer squarely on the PAC, where it belongs.

        They don’t say that the governor got involved or approved. Why? Because they want to maintain their credibility by not making accusations they can’t prove.

        I don’t have a horse in this race. BOTH sides have done the mud-slinging. That happens in campaigns, unfortunately. Been going on for hundreds of years in politics.

  7. So happy that Tom Z is being exposed as a mental midget, bought time

    1. Tom Z may not be perfect but he is a patriot and has worked diligently for years. I didn’t support him for chairman of the ORP but I think we should have done better than what we got. At least Tom is out there working, that’s better than some anonymous person who does nothing but sits back and calls him names.

      1. Oh, I tell him to his face. Look at what that man did to the Atwa. Yter school district? He doesn’t come up with solutions, just criticisms, and I have had enough. Go away already. Tom Z promised to be done when he got what, 5 votes for chairman? He is still here. Keep a promise or start helping, but attacking good electable candidates in favor of guys who would get stomped 75/25 in a general is short-sighted and counter-intuitive

  8. Nick, while it might be true, and I defer to you as the lawyer here, anyone can use the image of the governor, but no one is allowed to put words in his mouth because that would be a campaign violation, which is exactly what Tom Z said.

    1. I agree with you, its a very tricky ad. It appears to put words in his mouth, but legally, it doesn’t really quote him.

      Tom Z is a hard worker and I agree with him on Medicaid expansion and most other issues. But his tactics of throwing out accusations to the press, like he didn’t against us, that are completely false, are harmful to the cause. He lied about us to the press and still refuses to retract what he said or back it up.

      Now he’s doing the same with his latest press release.

      That makes him just look like a loudmouth who will say anything to attack the people he doesn’t agree with. Is that a good leader for the liberty movement? I submit that it is not.

      1. I thought Ted Stevenot was the head of the OLC and theoretically the head of the Tea Party movement in Ohio.

        I still maintain that Governor Kasich has by his silence given tacit approval to the Defending Main Street Super Pac Flyer and don’t tell me he doesn’t know what’s going on. He has taken on the Republican Party’s mission of destroying the Tea Party and I think it’s going to backfire. He has given us a token decrease in the Ohio sales tax which he’s bragging about while increasing expenditures across the board. No doubt he’s looking at the White House in 2016. My guess is he won’t get the nomination, but who ever does will offer him the VP slot in hopes of carrying Ohio. All this leftward movement is in hope of attracting more votes, but he’s in danger of losing the conservative base. If he has a poor showing in this coming election all bets are off.

      2. OK so I take your point that the Governor facing a campaign himself might not want to get into this mud pit. But will Matt Borges or Kay Reynolds publicly protest this inappropriate use of the Governor’s image then and also take the Joyce campaign to task for it?

        And then if Mr. Lynch wins his primary and the general election should everyone be upset with him if he is not oh-so-eager to play ball or to fall on his sword for the ORP?

  9. I will say this much – sometimes I agree with Tom Z, some times I want to rip out his tongue and hang him with it. And sometimes, I’ve heard, he pretty much feels the same way about me. But then, when you are ‘activist’ and ‘TEA party’ and ‘domestic terrorist’, it seems a given that you are going to be loud, and sometimes obnoxious, and occasionally all hair-on-fire in order to get attention. And if you were a get.along.go.along person, you wouldn’t be on the soap box demanding liberty and freedom. So thinking we need to be all sugar and spice is the exact opposite of who we are and why we do what we do. That explains Tom Z.
    What exactly explains a sitting Congressman who has the backing of the ORP, the backing of his local party, and the legal or illegal backing of George Soros or union backed money via a SuperPAC that isn’t even in Ohio? Dave Joyce has a record he apparently wants to not talk about – and I say that as someone who thought he had a pretty good record before. He started the mud slinging and he went dirty very quickly. To say that Matt Lynch is anywhere close in spinning spinning spinning facts is wrong. Please tell me how the mountain of misinformation from the Joyce campaign is any where near the mole hill of outrage put out by the Lynch campaign?
    And if Dave Joyce were truly the real conservative in this race, why is he telling the only Conservative organization in Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley Republicans, that he doesn’t want or need or will accept their endorsement and cancelled his scanning phone interview? He doesn’t WANT or NEED any support from real republican conservatives? That pretty much says it all.
    I think he’ll win. And sadly, he may keep the seat but he’s lost his shine for many who thought he was a refreshing change from LaTourette.

  10. So I’m reading about other Ohio elections cases where complaints are being made and the standard seems to be – ‘What is the intended impression to be on the voters’. If that is the standard, then I’m guessing the image of the Governor of the State of Ohio and leader of the Republican party saying Thanks For Nothing Matt, is supposed to make Republican voters believe that Matt Lynch is for higher taxes, against a balanced budget, and is really 60% liberal. Hmmm. I’m still not seeing the lie here.

  11. Folks I apologize for that last mess or a post — I sent it out accidentally. Here is the corrected version!

    Disgruntled, I believe you were being sarcastic right?

    Here is the main thing I know about Congressman Matt Lynch — when HB92 came up he was a passionate voice of reason AGAINST it. He spoke loudly and eloquently about the inadvisability, the tyranny, and in some sense, the immorality this bill. But to no avail because some RINO congressmen helped the democrats pass it.
    For those who do not know about HB92 — it is the heroin free needles exchange program.
    I don’t say free heroin needles are 100 % bad — but I have a feeling that it might about the most questionable “human health initiative” ever conceived. (see below).
    But that is for free citizens to decide for themselves. Today, under Ohio existing law a community that wants to try free heroin needles can do so. If the local health authorities say it is advisable and if the community deems it in their interest. Local control!!!
    But HB92 becomes law in Ohio it strips the control from local county and municipal leaders and decrees that anyone can set up a needles exchange program — local officials can to nothing about it.
    HB92 also mandates a 1000-foot “free zone” around the needles dispensary. Police cannot arrest for drugs within that zone — if the zone includes a school, hospital, or your house – that is too bad!
    Addicts who get free needles also get a “clean needles attaboy card” and next time they are stopped for drug offenses, showing the card gets them OFF. Does that make sense to you?
    This is the absurd bill that some republican congressmen, including PETER STAUTBERG (HD-27, Cincinnati east) voted for. These “republicans” helped the democrats pass this terrible bill that strips community control from local officials. Only the senate and the governor stand it its way now. This is part of the Ohio Republican party at work. Is this what we voted for?
    I wish Third Base Politics would take these “republican” congressmen to task once in a while instead of worrying about the Tea Party all the time.
    Comment/opinion: Why so I think needle exchange programs are a bad idea? Because there is almost no proof that they work (see In all of Ohio in 2012, the CDC determined that there were 13 HIV cases related to drug needles. Thirteen. Yet we know that nearly 700 DIED from heroin overdoses in this state in 2012.. So we with free needles we facilitate a habit that leads to 700 of deaths (esp. with the deadly potent heroin on the streets today) and HOPE to impact the 13 possible HIV infections. Make sense? That is liberal-think. Why would ANY republican support it? Third Base Politics your thoughts?

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