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Another press release, another lie from Zawistowski

tomzOhio’s tea party conservatives are so ill-served by Tom Zawistowski as their defacto state leader.

Yesterday, he sent out a press release claiming that Governor Kasich has inserted himself into the primary race between Congressman Dave Joyce and challenger Matt Lynch, who resigned from his Ohio House seat to enter the race.

Akron, OH – Today, Ohio Governor John Kasich entered the Congressional Race between Dave Joyce and Matt Lynch in Northeast Ohio’s 14th District by authorizing the distribution of a full color mailer directly attacking former House member Lynch. The flyer, featuring photos of Kasich and Lynch, but not Joyce, has the headline “Thanks for Nothing, Matt” and doesn’t even mention Joyce. (Copy of flyer attached as PDF.)

Zawistowski goes on to claim that “the governor criticized” Lynch and refers to the flyer as “Kasich’s Anti Matt Lynch Flyer”.

The problem is that Tom’s latest bluster is a complete fabrication. Just because Kasich’s picture is used doesn’t mean he had anything to do with it.

The flyers were produced and paid for by a PAC called Defending Main Street. It’s printed right there on the flyer for goodness sake. In addition, it would be a breach of campaign finance laws for Kasich to coordinate with the PAC at all.

And why would he? It’s a federal race. The outcome won’t affect how he runs the state at all. He isn’t going to risk his career by breaking the law.

So I asked Zawistowski in an email to clarify some questions for me.

Regarding your press release from yesterday…

The mailer clearly indicates that it was paid for by the LaTourrate PAC. Why do you then accuse Kasich of jumping into the race?

You are aware that they can use Kasich’s picture without his permission or involvement, correct?

You are also aware that the Kasich campaign is not allowed to coordinate with the super PAC, correct?

Thus, are you saying that Kasich would risk his career by violating campaign finance law, all over a race that doesn’t affect how he runs the state?

Thank you for your time.

His response:


If you know Governor Kasich, you know that nothing like this would happen without his knowledge and approval. Nothing. He is a total control freak. So, if he had nothing to do with it, then I wish that he would come out and say it, because I would like nothing better than to have the voters be told that John Kasich had nothing to do with that mailer and he did not say those things about Matt Lynch. Please call his office and ask him to do so.

Tom Zawistowski

BTW – On the Flyer it says that “Lynch then sued Governor Kasich.” That is patently false. Lynch was party to a law suit filed in the Ohio Supreme Court challenging the authority of the Controlling Board to authorize the implementation of Medicaid Expansion and made not mention of the Governor.

Kasich controls all the thingz!

Seriously, though, I reminded Tom that he is making a serious accusation, and asked him for the evidence.


Your headline claims that “Kasich enters the congressional race.”

Those are your words. The burden of proof is yours.

There is no evidence in your press release that the governor was involved in this mailer.

You are also claiming that the governor broke the law, since he is forbidden from coordinating with the PAC.

You are making serious accusations. What is your evidence?

That was six hours ago. Tom stopped responding. I guess he has no evidence. Just like when he falsely accused us, and failed to back it up.

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