Matt Borges Exposed After Being Ditched By Trump Campaign

The Trump campaign has officially tossed Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges to the wind. In a letter to the ORP State Central Committee members who vote for Chairman, Trump’s Ohio director, Robert Paduchik said that Borges no longer has a relationship with the campaign. In doing so, Paduchik has thrown a monkey wrench into Borges’ ambitious goals within the national party and caused him some trouble within the rank and file of Ohio Republicans.

This isn’t much of a shocker as Borges has spent that last couple of weeks on a media tour saying he isn’t sure he will even vote for the presidential nominee of the party which he chairs. Borges’ own wife told the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up.”

While there are some people who aren’t enthused with the nominee, it is the job of the chairman to support him. Borges hasn’t gotten over the embarrassing failure of John Kasich’s campaign, so this really isn’t that shocking. Since Trump is a non traditional nominee, it has given Borges the opportunity to act publicly as he would privately. If Borges can’t do his job, he should resign. This isn’t a private citizen, this is the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. It is his job to support the nominee. If he can’t, then he should resign. But, taking a closer look at the situation will give you a better view of the agenda.

Borges instead is attempting to grab the mantle of the Never Trump movement and become the next RNC Chair. If Hillary Clinton is the next president, then Reince Priebus is out, so this is part of the reason why there is this backlash. What you are seeing publicly this year is the manipulation and gaming that typically goes on behind the scenes of the party. The only thing abnormal about it is that it is playing out in public. This is about power more than it is about doing what’s right.

Borges is a Kasich loyalist. Like Borges, Kasich has been plotting his next move. It’s apparent that he wants to run again. With Borges as the RNC Chair, perhaps a primary could be manipulated in Kasich’s favor.

Kasich and his hand picked chairman don’t seem to understand that Kasich’s prolonged vanity campaign helped Trump win the nomination by dividing the vote. It was obvious to anyone who wasn’t a Kasich supporter that his campaign wasn’t going anywhere, but he remained in the race. John Kasich’s ambitions and his consultants drive to continue a failed campaign handed states like Virginia to Trump and helped set up this situation.

I always tell people that there is more fighting within a party than between the two parties. That is what is being played out now. The curtain was pulled back a bit earlier this year when State Treasurer Josh Mandel endorsed Marco Rubio. Borges referred to Mandel as a “bit player” for supporting a candidate who wasn’t John Kasich. Believe me when I say that scorecards are kept with regards to who someone supports in a primary.

In a sour reply, Borges referred to Paduchik as a “staffer.” This is typical Borges. He tries to demean people he is threatened by. Paduchik was Rob Portman’s 2010 campaign manager and was the Ohio point person for Bush Cheney in 2000 and 2004. He was running campaigns before Borges even had his criminal record expunged or even had tax liens.

Just a few weeks ago, Borges looked to be playing the role of Trump fan boy. Some pictures were being texted around by people who were laughing that Kasich would be blowing his whistle and reprimanding the Ohio Republican Party Chairman for supporting the Republican presidential nominee.



Within days, Borges started the Trump bashing circuit. If Hillary wins and Borges becomes RNC Chair, then he can try to give Kasich the upper hand in the 2020 primary. That’s what all of this is about. This isn’t about character, it’s about manipulating for more power. Kasich made Borges. Borges owes him.

Paduchik’s letter has closed another door on Matt’s face. Since Borges hadn’t outright disavowed Trump, if Trump wins Ohio, Borges could have attempted to take credit for it in a run for RNC Chair. Now he no longer can.

Paduchik has also left Borges vulnerable to State Central Committee members who are unhappy with how the presidential race has been handled by the Ohio Republican Party. One told me, “I was supportive of Governor Kasich until his stunt at the convention. The ORP has done an embarrassing job the past few months. Hard questions need to be answered.”

It doesn’t matter what your feelings are about Trump. The Chairman has a job and if he can’t do that job, he should resign. Will the State Central Committee members do the jobs they were elected to or will they also bow down and kiss John Kasich’s ring?

Why Is Sherrie Miday’s Campaign Misrepresenting Her As A Judge?

Judges are supposed be ethical. They should be beyond reproach and fair -and they absolutely have to be honest. They certainly shouldn’t misrepresent themselves. The same is expected of judicial candidates.

But, that can’t be said of Sherrie Miday, who is running for Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge again after spending over $400,000 on her failed 2014 judicial campaign. She wants to be a judge badly, so badly that her campaign will lie about her resume. At a recent parade, someone with Miday’s campaign was calling her a judge – and Sherrie didn’t correct her.

It says quite a lot about Sherrie Miday’s character when she is allowing herself to be misrepresented as a judge when she is not. Honesty is an important part of being a judge. These two videos show that Sherrie has some trouble with the truth.

Pamela Ballard even tagged Sherrie Miday on Facebook as being a judge. Miday didn’t remove the tag or even correct Ballard for falsifying Miday’s resume.

midaylie midaylies

Wouldn’t someone who was ethical and honest remove the tag and comment that she isn’t a judge? Well, Sherrie didn’t. She should have read and be following the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct. She seems to have some challenges following a certain portion of it:

Rule 4.3 Campaign standards and communications
During the course of any campaign for nomination or election to judicial office, a judicial candidate, by means of campaign materials, including sample ballots, advertisements on radio or television or in a newspaper or periodical, electronic communications, a public speech, press release, or otherwise, shall not knowingly or with reckless disregard do any of the following:(A) Post, publish, broadcast, transmit, circulate, or distribute information concerning the judicial candidate or an opponent, either knowing the information to be false or with a reckless disregard of whether or not it was false or, if true, that would be deceiving or misleading to a reasonable person;

(C) Use the title of a public office or position immediately preceding or following the name of the judicial candidate, when the judicial candidate does not hold that office or position;
(D) Use the term “judge” when the judicial candidate is not a judge unless that term appears after or below the name of the judicial candidate and is accompanied by either or both of the following:(1) The words “elect” or “vote,” in prominent lettering, before the judicial candidate’s name;
(2) The word “for,” in prominent lettering, between the name of the judicial candidate and the term “judge;”

Sherrie Miday is tied into the old Bill Mason machine of the Cuyahoga Democratic Party. She ran her 2014 campaign in a manner that was reminiscent of the old machine that crumbled when so many were hauled off to prison.

After the likes of Bridget McCafferty and Steven Terry, Cuyahoga can’t afford to have another judge with some ethical concerns. Miday’s silence is deafening. People along that parade route likely accepted the lie that she already is a judge. And with it being posted on Facebook, that lie had even farther reach.

Yet, Miday just accepted the lie. Is this what you want in a judge?

Why Isn’t Strickland Asked About $400 Million Iran Payoff? What (D)ifference Does It Make?

The media bias has been pretty remarkable this week, but it’s particularly obvious today.

News broke this week that the Obama Administration sent $400 million in foreign currency on an unmarked plane to Iran as they were releasing our hostages. This happened in January. And when President Obama announced the release of the prisoners, he didn’t mention anything about $400 million dollars.

It was a fly by night operation – literally. Not exactly something you would expect from someone who promised “the most transparent” administration in US History. Sending the better part of a billion dollars to an enemy is something that certainly demands transparency.

White House Press Secretary was asked about this very suspicious transaction that smells of a ransom payoff today. Given Iran’s funding of Hezbollah, he conceded that some of that Obama money may have ended up in the terrorist organization’s pockets.

“The president was quite forward-leaning in advance of the nuclear deal even being completed in acknowledging that we know that Iran supports terrorism,” Earnest said. “We know that Iran supports Hezbollah and the Assad regime, and it is certainly possible that some of the money that Iran has is being used for those purposes, too.”

Even the White House acknowledged that this money may have been redirected to Iran. This is terrifying and appalling.

While the press has been questioning the White House, where are the questions for elected officials and candidates who supported the Iran Deal? If a Republican was president, every Republican Senator and Congressman would be asked to weigh in on this. But, we don’t see that same accountability from the press with Democrats.

US Senate candidate and failed former governor Ted Strickland supported the Iran Deal. How does he feel about this $400 million and US taxpayers possibly funding Hezbollah? Does he think it’s shady to make this covert payoff and hide it for months? What about Sherrod Brown? He gave two big thumbs up to the deal?

Why aren’t their feet being held to the fire on these questions? Why is every Republican asked about Donald Trump, but the press doesn’t ask every Democrat about Hillary Clinton’s repeated lies and corruption? Why is he a source of angst to all Republicans but she isn’t to Democrats?

What (D)ifference does it make?


The EPA Is Trying To Its Flex Muscle But Ohio Should Continue Saying NO!

The federal government has grown into something it was never intended to be. Its lust for power and control continues to snowball over the rights of the states and local control. And this is incredibly prevalent in the EPA’s overreach.

This overreach is a real problem for states like Ohio. We are fortunate enough to have a bounty of coal here. This keeps our energy rates lower. But, the Obama Administration has made attempts to choke and cripple the coal industry in the name of climate control. That will have a massive impact on those of us who rely on coal to keep our lights on.

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan intends to reduce carbon dioxide from coal and gas fired power plants in 47 states. But, this plan’s effect on global warming is meaningless. It is simply an attempt to take down a cheap source of energy.

Ohio is one of those states the EPA has targeted. Along with 26 other states, Ohio sued the EPA to stop the Power Plan. And the Supreme Court took an unprecedented step of staying the plan on February 9. This stay means the plan cannot be enforced until SCOTUS has a final ruling on the legality. So, states are not obligated to implement these cumbersome regulations. The court will not likely rule for another year or two.

But, the EPA continues trying to put the screws to the states and encourage them to enact the Clean Power Plan. There is no reason for Ohio or any other state to do this, especially at this time. In a time when so many of us are crunched for cash, we cannot handle the undue burden of higher energy bills.

The EPA is likely pushing this because they want it to be part of the Obama legacy. SCOTUS will give a final ruling after Obama’s second term ends. But, Ohioans have no reason to unnecessarily pay higher energy bills simply to help provide a checkmark for Obama’s agenda.

Imagine one of the roughly 2 million families in Ohio that bring home around $1,900 a month and spend 17% of their income on energy. If those prices are increased, as this plan will absolutely do, it will devastate these people, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck. But, this is the effect the EPA would have with its plan. Our rates are projected to increase by double digits if these regulations are put into place.

It would be a waste of money, time and resources to enact this plan that may very well be deemed to be illegal. And we have no reason to enact it at this time. So, why should we gamble on it? We cannot demand Ohio families sacrifice for the greater good of the climate change police and offer next to no rewards on the environment.

Hopefully, Ohio stays the course and doesn’t move forward with this EPA overreach. We can’t afford these choking regulations.



Team Kasich’s Dirty Tricks Caught On Video

I often tell my non-political friends that you can often find more animosity within the political parties than between them. The egos seem bigger and the stranglehold on power is tighter. There aren’t term limits, so people can seemingly stay around forever. And for the most part, a lot of the business isn’t done in the public eye.

That animosity was on display at last week’s Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Meeting in a stunning display of arrogance. It would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog taking video of the meeting. Chairman Matt Borges was handpicked by John Kasich to run the party. And Team Kasich has no tolerance for dissent of any kind.

Of course, Borges rammed through an endorsement for John Kasich’s Presidential campaign. Everyone expected that as Kasich owns the committee and flexes his stranglehold at each opportunity. No other candidates were even mentioned. But, the most revealing part of the meeting was the endorsement of the incumbent State Central Committee members.

The Committee is very inside baseball, so I will break it down. There is a male and female member in each State Senate District, so there are 66 members. These volunteer positions are powerful as they elect the Chairman, approve the budget and issue endorsements. This is why Kasich wants to control it and the party spends money to protect the favored members seats.

It’s very challenging for a Committee member to get re-elected without the ORP endorsement as the party will invest money in an opponent to ensure control is maintained. Sometimes there is an “error” and an incumbent’s opponent “accidentally” appears on the ORP mailers. Oops. Those “errors” usually happen in strategically placed races.

On Friday, when the Chairman presented a list for endorsement, committee member Gary Burkholder’s name wasn’t on that list. And when he asked why, Borges informed him that a complaint challenging Burkholder’s residency had been filed at the Licking County Board of Elections.

Borges showed his cards when he said, “We have filed…,” before attempting to walk it back. But, Borges knew substantial information about this complaint, a complaint that Burkholder didn’t even know about.

Video courtesy of Ohio Capital Blog

Borges also had the audacity to complain about challenges to incumbents, as if somehow they were all born entitled to these seats. This is a rather tone deaf statement given the fact that the electorate is so upset with the entitled nature of politicians. But again, this wasn’t normally a televised meeting, and this back and forth wouldn’t have been included in the minutes because the minutes of the meetings isn’t a transcript. It is public because Marc Kovac was there recording it.

I had never heard of Gary Burkholder prior to watching this video on Saturday. I don’t know his stances or if I even agree with him on anything. But, I do know that this wasn’t done in a fair manner. And while I don’t mind if someone has an opinion that differs than mine, what I can’t tolerate is deceit and unfairness. And that is what happened here.

I contacted the Licking County Board of Elections to get a copy of the complaint. It was filed by a man named Steven Spach. The complaint contains no evidence that Burkholder doesn’t live in the district. It makes an (incorrect) assumption about Burkholder’s residency requirement at his job. But, the intent wasn’t necessarily meant to be a strong one. Borges simply needed a reason not to endorse Burkholder, because Kasich doesn’t find him useful.

Protest against Burkholder Rep CC

I searched for Steven Spach to see if I could make a connection. Remember that most people don’t even know about these State Central Committee seats. And the few people who do wouldn’t be aware of anything about Gary Burkholder’s employment. There had to be a connection. I didn’t find it until I went on LinkedIn.


We are both connected to Mike Carey. Mike is someone I have held in high regard. He is also coincidently challenging Gary Burkholder for his seat on the State Central Committee. Remember that Borges said, “we have filed…” a complaint.

But, it gets even more appalling. The Ohio Republican Party Political Director, Brenton Temple, himself filed a public records requests regarding Burkholder’s employment with the City of Brookville. (Ironically, Temple sent an email asking Ohioans to travel to New Hampshire to campaign for Kasich while this post was being finalized.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.13.28 PM

What was the purpose of this? It has become clear that Brookville’s residency requirement was waived for Burkholder. Was the purpose behind the Ohio Republican Party’s pursuit of his contract an attempt to threaten Burkholder’s job? Is this the price is for not being a rubber stamp for John Kasich? And why does the Kasich administration want to remove Burkholder in the first place?

The truth is that Team Kasich has wanted Gary Burkholder gone form the ORP since before Matt Borges even became chairman. Why? Because Burkholder opposed the same type of strong-arm tactics that Kasich used to oust Borges’s predecessor, Kevin DeWine.

In 2012, Burkholder said this,

One committee member from Licking County expressed what Democrats hope happens again and again, namely Republicans trashing other Republicans. “We have elected officials who are now actively campaigning against people on this committee who helped elect them,” said Gary Burkholder to a crowd that included Kasich warriors Jai Chabria, a close assistant working in the Office of the Governor, lobbying partners Doug Preisse and Robert F. Klaffky, long-time staffer and good buddy Don Thibaut and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s chief of staff, Laura Johnson.

We reported on an email that same year that divulged that Governor Kasich actually recorded a robocall for Gary Burkholder’s opponent.

I also just recently learned that Governor Kasich has endorsed another SCC candidate and is doing the same robo-calls against an Incumbent SCC member, Gary Burkholder.

The Columbus Dispatch also reported on Burkholder’s objection to Team Kasich’s tactics.

Gary Burkholder, a committee member from Licking County, said he resented being thrust into the middle of a power struggle, labeling efforts by Kasich supporters to defeat DeWine backers as “the elephant in the room.”

Burkholder said it was hypocritical for Kasich’s allies — later naming Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Davidson, Preisse and others — to make calls to county GOP chairmen urging them to support the Kasich slate. Jai Chabria, senior adviser to Kasich, attended the meeting, saying he was doing so on his own time. Also on hand was Laura Johnson, Taylor’s chief of staff.

Again, I don’t know anything about Gary Burkholder outside of this situation. And frankly, I don’t care what his positions are or who he is supporting for President. But, I do care that things are done fairly. And this was inherently unfair. This was absolutely disgraceful. What’s pretty pathetic is that the almost all the other committee members sat there in silence. Perhaps, like Burkholder, they weren’t given advance notice of this, but it has been several days since then. Where are their voices? Are they rubber stamping this?

The Licking County Board of Elections dismissed this challenge. It had no validity as it was simply meant to be a reason to withhold Burkholder’s endorsement. Without an endorsement from the ORP, a county party could endorse one of his opponents allowing the ORP to fund that person’s campaign.

I spoke with Gary Burkholder today and he would like Chairman Borges to call another meeting so he can get endorsed. And I should add that this meeting should have a quorum, so an endorsement can actually be issued. It is obvious that Team Kasich wanted this man booted. And rather than playing fair, they had to play dirty. But, thanks to a video, we know the truth.

This is the behavior that many of us have witnessed from Team Kasich. One hundred percent uniformity is demanded. And this is retribution you can expect if that demand is not met. Borges previously called State Treasurer Josh Mandel a “bit player” for supporting Marco Rubio. Borges is supposed to defend Republicans, but his allegiance is obviously only to John Kasich. Knives are out for the others.

Chairman Borges, when will the meeting be held to endorse Gary Burkholder? And when will you be giving a public apology? 

A Friendship Made This WWII Veteran Whole Again

Veterans Day was my Grandpa’s favorite holiday. He was immensely proud of his service as a combat medic with the 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion during World War II.

He said those days in the Army defined him.


Charles “Chick” Mullen dropped out of school at age 14 to help earn money for the family. However, in rural West Virginia, there were little options for employment during the Great Depression. He eventually joined the Civilian Conservation Corp as a means of helping his family. The family moved to Akron, Ohio while he was gone with the CCC. This is where he met my Grandma Mary. They married in 1940 and my Uncle Fred was born the following April. My Grandpa was 26 years old when war was declared. My Grandma became a “Rosie the Riveteer” and acted as a single mom while he was in Europe.

December 7, 1941 was a day I heard about often as a child. I spent a significant amount of time with my Grandparents. While stories of the war and the sacrifices my family made helped define who I am, these stories were attributed without enhancing or promoting those sacrifices.

To them, this was life. It was not something that was optional.

A number of my great uncles also served in the military during the war. My Uncle Sammy was killed in France in 1944. My Grandfather felt his years of service were an opportunity to grow and protect our country from evil. When asked about the hardships, he would defer to the sacrifice my uncle made with his life.

As a combat medic, he cared for the injured and the dying. Nazi Officers often would surrender to him instead of an Officer. He seemed to find it amusing that they would surrender to someone with an 8th grade education rather than a college graduate.

He survived the Battle of the Bulge. But what had the most effect on him was Dachau. He was one of the first Americans to arrive at the concentration camp. He was tasked with caring for the survivors. My Grandpa didn’t talk about this much, at least to me. But, when he did, it was like he was right back there, witnessing the horrors for the first time and regretting he hadn’t gotten there sooner.

Family members often told me that when he returned home, it appeared that my Grandfather had suffered from PTSD. He continued to carry those burdens with him for several years.

That began to change in 1949.

When my dad was born, my Grandma’s roommate in the hospital and her husband profoundly impacted my Grandpa and sped up the healing of his wounds.

Rose and Larry Schwartz had arrived in the United States several months earlier. They had survived Auschwitz and came here to start their life as a family. My Grandparents accepted them as family. My Grandpa taught them how to drive. They vacationed together. This close friendship was life lasting and life changing.

Image 11-11-14 at 11.07 AM

My uncle told me that it was as if his bond with Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz helped my Grandpa overcome the guilt he had from not being able to do more at Dachau. I asked my Grandpa about this once and he said to me:

“I think my friendship with Larry made me whole again.”

Grandpa finally graduated from high school in 2002. An Ohio law gave WWII Veterans the opportunity to receive their diplomas. And my grandpa seized on this opportunity.

Veterans Day always meant a lot to my Grandpa. He took the opportunity to call fellow veterans to discuss their tales and thank each other.

Veterans Day 2006 was bittersweet as it was the day we had to say goodbye to him.

My Grandpa would never have claimed that he was a remarkable person. Humble to the core and Irish in his spirit, he was an excellent story teller. But he was never one to describe himself as someone other than an average man.

And our veterans reveal to us how seemingly average men can do remarkable things.

Planned Parenthood Aborts Its Property Tax Obligations To The Children Of Bedford

There is a reasonable level of expectation for taxes to be paid. Property taxes are no exception. Schools and local governments are dependent upon property taxes. It’s particularly egregious when an organization that gets funding from taxpayers doesn’t pay its property taxes.

But, that is exactly what Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio has done. The taxpayer funded deadbeats owe $202,397.03 according to the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s website.


Those affected the most by these deadbeats are the children in the Bedford Schools. These children are a different type of Planned Parenthood statistic. The organization is stiffing their education.

As the Ohio legislature considers defunding Planned Parenthood at the state level, it’s important to look at how the organization is run. Either incompetence or intentional financial thievery seems to rule at Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio. Neither should be rewarded with our tax dollars.

Go fund yourself. And pay your taxes too.


We have learned from the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s office that PPNO just last month got non-profit status.

Guess what? Now the county cannot collect on their delinquent taxes. Outrageous.

Rubio Generates So Much Enthusiasm in Ohio That He Is Returning For Three More Events




The day before the first 2016 Republican primary debate, a Cleveland restaurant was filled with Ohioans anxious to see Marco Rubio. There was so much enthusiasm, the event had a wait list as it was packed to capacity.

Because Ohioans have a high demand to see Rubio, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel will be hosting two more events for the Florida Senator next week.

The Northeastern Ohio event will be a Town Hall on Friday, August 21st at 9:30am to 11am at Yours Truly in Valley View. You can get tickets here.

The following day, Rubio will have a meet and greet in Columbus at Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill from 9am to 11 am. Tickets are available here. Ohio Right to Life is also promoting this event.

The presidential candidate will be speaking at Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the Dream next weekend. Several presidential candidates, as well as Senator Rob Portman, will be addressing and meeting with attendees. You can get tickets for that event here.


AG DeWine Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood’s Trafficking Of Baby Parts

Ohio Attorney Mike DeWine has launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s alleged practice of selling aborted baby parts after a video was released earlier this week.

The Attorney General’s office oversees non profits. Since Planned Parenthood has non profit status, this is the avenue DeWine is using for the investigation. If Planned Parenthood loses it’s non profit status as a result of these actions, they will lose their state funding and their tax exempt status.

“The video showing Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services calmly discussing the best way to kill an unborn child in order to preserve the condition of the baby’s internal organs is truly horrifying. Any person or abortion clinic involved in such a practice described in the video may have violated specific state or federal laws.

“Because registered non-profit corporations operate three Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in Ohio, those entities and the directors have a fiduciary duty under Ohio law to ensure their organization does not support illegal activity. My office’s Charitable Law Section is conducting an investigation to ensure that no Ohio non-profit is breaking the law or profiting from the sale of aborted babies. I encourage anyone with information about this potential illegal activity to contact my office or their local law enforcement agency.”

If DeWine finds any criminal activity, that can be turned over to the county prosecutors who can in turn file charges against those committing a crime.

This is an incredibly wise legal move. Clearly, challenging Planned Parenthood’s non profit status can result in serious financial repercussions to the organization and then any criminal conduct that is found will be handled by the county prosecutors.

Yesterday, State Auditor Dave Yost, who is a former prosecutor, released a strongly worded statement that pointed out that if this is occurring in Ohio, the law is being broken.

“I am sickened, nauseated by the callousness of this videotaped discussion. I would like to reserve judgment — but even Planned Parenthood is not denying that the tape is genuine, only complaining about the editing. It clearly is what it seems to be — a doctor laying out in gruesome detail how to avoid damaging the most valuable parts of a baby during an abortion, and then selling them.

“The fact of the matter is that it is a crime in Ohio to “sell the product of conception that is aborted.” (ORC 2919.14) Planned Parenthood claims they make no money from this practice, that the only money they receive is for “costs.” That’s utter nonsense.

“If a drug dealer “donated” his product in exchange for being paid for his costs, I’d still ask a grand jury to indict him for trafficking in drugs. The sophistry is no more useful when employed by Planned Parenthood. This matter warrants full investigation at both the state and federal levels.”

Secretary of State Jon Husted also has spoken out on the issue. Husted is an adoptee and a vocal advocate for the unborn.

“This video, and the casual way the planned parenthood executive discusses harvesting organs from unborn babies, is one of the most awful things I have ever heard. This must be investigated, people must be held accountable and the practice must be stopped. But personally, I am just saddened this is happening in America.”

Governor Kasich’s spokesperson, Rob Nichols released a statement about this disgusting practice as well:

“The governor is a strong, consistent and committed believer in the sanctity of human life and finds this news and practice abhorrent. This is illegal under both Ohio and federal laws and anyone who violates those laws should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and credible evidence of a possible violation should be fully investigated.”

Ohio has some strong leadership on this topic. And I’d like to point out that you don’t have to be pro-life to be appalled at the trafficking of these children’s organs and tissue. This is both illegal and unethical. These children are being afforded no dignity, even after their deaths.

As The Federalist reported, there are companies online selling fetal organs. And they have to provided to them from somewhere.


Thanks to Mike Dewine, if those fetal organs are being provided by Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio, there will be significant repercussions to the organization and those committing the crimes.






Dave Yost Calls For Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Harvesting

The video released by the Center for Medical Progress yesterday turned stomachs throughout the country. Planned Parenthood’s top doctor details how they “crush” babies in a manner that will preserve their most profitable organs which they then traffic.

State Auditor Dave Yost was the first Ohio statewide elected official to speak out on the video. Third Base Politics reached out to him today. He had harsh words for this type of activity and he highlights that it is illegal in Ohio.

“I am sickened, nauseated by the callousness of this videotaped discussion. I would like to reserve judgment — but even Planned Parenthood is not denying that the tape is genuine, only complaining about the editing. It clearly is what it seems to be — a doctor laying out in gruesome detail how to avoid damaging the most valuable parts of a baby during an abortion, and then selling them.

“The fact of the matter is that it is a crime in Ohio to “sell the product of conception that is aborted.” (ORC 2919.14) Planned Parenthood claims they make no money from this practice, that the only money they receive is for “costs.” That’s utter nonsense.

“If a drug dealer “donated” his product in exchange for being paid for his costs, I’d still ask a grand jury to indict him for trafficking in drugs. The sophistry is no more useful when employed by Planned Parenthood. This matter warrants full investigation at both the state and federal levels.”

As Yost states, Planned Parenthood doesn’t complain or deny the doctor detailing how they sell baby parts. Rather, they whined that the video was edited. The way a video is edited has no bearing on the ethical and legal implications of trafficking baby parts.

The bottom line is that this is illegal. And if it is happening in Ohio, it certainly should be prosecuted. As Yost said, ORC 2919.14 is clear on this issue.

(A) No person shall experiment upon or sell the product of human conception which is aborted. Experiment does not include autopsies pursuant to sections 313.13 and 2108.50 of the Revised Code.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of abortion trafficking, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The Center for Medical Progress has released the unedited video of the conversation which negates any of Planned Parenthood’s concerns regarding slicing of the video.

And remember that Planned Parenthood is taxpayer funded. In fiscal year 2014, they received $1.3 million from the State of Ohio alone. The fact that we are funding this monstrosity makes it even more disgusting.