Is This A Good Use Of $2.3 Billion In Ohio Public Schools?

Teacher In Classroom

School Choice is an avenue for children to escape schools that don’t meet their educational needs. A public school might have a strong reputation, but that doesn’t mean that it will meet the needs of all the children living in the district.

Melanie Collette-Collins is a teacher who recognizes the need for school choice. She vocally supports giving parents the opportunity to choose which school is best for their children.

“As a public school teacher, people ask me why I would be for school choice. And I tell them it’s because I believe education is the gateway to economic freedom and the kids only get one opportunity to get an education. The students only get one shot at it – and it affects the rest of their lives.”

Children do only have one shot at getting a proper education. And it’s sometimes hard to understand why anyone would be opposed to opening up the avenues for all families to be able to make choices that best fit their children.

Why are most parents who feel their children would best be served attending a school outside their district forced to pay twice, in taxes and in tuition?

There is a big obstacle in the way of obtaining true educational freedom where tax dollars would follow each student to the school of his family’s choice. It is the belief that the public schools should keep money for students they don’t serve.  This argument lacks common logic. If a public school didn’t save money when a student is educated elsewhere, then why would they need an increase in funds when enrollment expands?

Opponents of school choice act as if all public school costs are fixed. But, this is not the case. There is a cost to educating each student. If costs don’t decline when students leave the public school to be educated elsewhere, then costs wouldn’t increase with added enrollment. Under a traditional system, when a child goes a private school, the public school retains the funds for students they do not serve.

What other industry retains money for services that are not provided?

From 1950 to 2009, there has been in 252% increase in public school teachers, a 702% increase in administrators and other staff to serve a 96% increase in students. Nationally, public school graduation rates are in line with what they were in 1970 because staff numbers started to bloat. There is no evidence showing that student achievement rose because of the public school hiring spree.


With such an increase in staff, why haven’t the graduation rates improved? Because, an increase in staff doesn’t necessarily impact quality. Most consumers demand quality over quantity in the marketplace. And looking at the numbers, it is very hard to believe that quality is added to the classroom by such a significant increase in administrators.


In Fiscal Years 1992 to 2012, Ohio public schools saw a 2 percent decrease in enrollment. That decrease was accompanied by a four percent increase in teachers and an astonishing forty eight percent increase in administrators and other staff.

According to the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, had Ohio schools reduced non-teaching staff to match the decline in enrollment, they would have saved $2.3 BILLION annually. It is hard to envision how the status quo benefits students, parents, teachers or taxpayers.


These numbers are astounding. In the private sector, a company couldn’t withstand the increase in costs, particularly since there seems to be little or no benefit to the students. More School Choice would encourage competition. Competition usually brings about a decrease in costs and an increase in quality.

And those are two things that are sorely needed in our schools. 



Tim Grendell’s Tyranny In Geauga Continues; Will Supreme Court Step In?

Tim Grendell has a reputation. And that’s not a compliment. Recently, Grendell has found himself back in the news, this time for abusing his powers because his feelings got hurt. Grendell is now on record at least twice for threatening to incarcerate two people who challenged him.

In 2010, then Senator Grendell had two remaining years left in his position before being termed out. He ran and won a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. But, in a defiant move, Grendell refused to accept his seat in the House. Sources said that Grendell’s decision was based upon his failed attempt to get his wife Diane appointed to the remainder of his term in the Senate.

December 10, 2010, the Ohio Republican Party’s State Central Committee unanimously passed a resolution charging that Grendell’s actions were “an attempt to ‘game’ our elections system.”

Several months later, following the death of Juvenile and Probate Judge Charles “Chip” Henry, Grendell was appointed to the bench in Geauga County by Governor Kasich. Voters have since returned Grendell to the bench twice.

Since then, Grendell has made decisions and appointments which have raised more than a few eyebrows. In October 2014, Grendell, threatened to jail Geauga County Auditor Frank Gliha for not paying for newspapers ads in six local newspapers.  The ads were titled, “Observations from the Bench of Judge Tim Grendell.” His attempts to bully the Auditor were successful.

“I had to pay it out of whatever fund he ordered me to pay it out of,” Gliha said. “He just wanted it paid and he wanted it paid right away.”

The Geauga County Auditor’s Office is audited by the state every year, Gliha said. He expects state auditors to come to Geauga in January 2015. If there is anything irregular, the auditors may be interested.

“I’m sure the state auditors will take a look, if someone asks them to,” he said.

Grendell also has caused some issues with his choice of appointment to the Parks Board. The Plain Dealer said his decisions were “disruptive” to the Board. Grendell also appointed Geauga County Democratic Chairwoman Janet Carson to the Portage-Geauga Detention Center Board of Trustees. This was last year before his re-election. Conveniently, Grendell was not challenged by a Democrat in November.

Grendell now finds himself back in the news for what appears to be an abuse of power. He got his hands on an email from a third party that mentions Geauga County Republican Chairwoman Nancy McArthur saying something negative about the judge.

“I am sorry I filed that petition. It is one of the WORST mistakes I have ever made in my life. I had no idea what [sic] flake Judge Grendell is. Confidentially, I talked with the chairman of the Geauga County Republican Party and she told me that Kasich appointed him [Grendell] to replace Henry in order to get him out of Columbus. She said her opinion of him and that of others in his own party is that he is [sic] narcissist and mentally ill. Also, that he is a chameleon who takes revenge on people who disagree with him. I can forward you the emails because she put it in writing.”

Rather than laugh it off or ignore it, as people without ego and abuse issues do, Grendell subpoenaed McArthur, even though she had nothing to do with the case and the email wasn’t hers. He informed her that if she was found in contempt that she would be incarcerated.  McArthur’s attorney’s request for a continuance was met with a denial from Grendell.

After being challenged in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Grendell further put his arrogance on display by sending a letter to the editor in which he states there are limits to the First Amendment.

According to Grendell, the First Amendment prohibits bruising the enormous ego of a certain bully Judge in Geauga County.

Grendell equates someone having a personal opinion, or in this case hearsay of a personal opinion, to yelling fire in a movie theater. That analogy is not only grossly insulting but was overused fifty years ago. Grendell has publicly displayed that he has no regard for the 1st Amendment and is willing to use the powers of his bench to harass people.

Letter to Editorial Board

In addition, Grendell is trying to get Appellate Judge Colleen O’Toole to recuse herself in McArthur’s challenge to his show cause motion. Grendell’s wife Diane, who also is an appellate judge, is helping with outing O’Toole.

“Judge O’Toole further said that she cannot recuse herself because Nancy McArthur would ‘grieve’ her and that my husband, Judge Timothy Grendell, should file a motion to recuse her (Judge O’Toole).” – Diane Grendell

It is imperative to the citizens of Geauga County that the Supreme Court looks into the abuses of Tim Grendell. It is the responsibility of the Justices to police judicial actions and Grendell’s certainly warrants that.







Husted: Obama’s Immigration Executive Action Invites Voter Fraud


Jon Husted takes election fraud seriously.  As the Secretary of State for Ohio, the nation’s premier swing state, Husted is charged with the important task of ensuring elections are fair and free of voter fraud.

President Obama has made voter fraud easier with his Immigration Accountability Executive Actions and Husted is not being silent on the issue.  The Secretary of State penned a letter to Obama addressing how the President’s action will likely increase voter fraud.

With Ohio’s votes being so imperative in a Presidential election, droves of outside groups flood the state to register voters before a Presidential election.  Federal law allows anyone with a driver’s license or social security number to vote as long as they are eligible. Husted points out the concerns this cause since Obama’s executive action will allow non-citizens to get proper identification to allow them to register and vote.  Without an election official present at these registration drives, it is conceivable that proper requirements may not be explained.

“The source of the problem is that the recent executive actions enable millions of non-U.S. citizens to obtain valid Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses. Under federal law, any person with a valid Social Security number or driver’s license can register to vote, so long as they attest to their eligibility to do so. As a result, the recent executive actions dramatically expand the opportunities for illegal voter registrations in Ohio and other states by non-citizen voters who have valid forms of identification and who willingly or negligently affirm their eligibility to vote. This problem is especially serious in the context of third-party voter registration drives, which are prevalent in Ohio and other states. Such drives occur outside of the presence of election officials who could explain that citizenship—not mere lawful presence—is a fundamental requirement for registering to vote and who can caution non-citizens against erroneous attestations.”

Husted has aggressively fought voter fraud in Ohio in an attempt to preserve the voice of Ohioans.  The Secretary of State will be taking this campaign for fair elections on the road to Washington D.C. tomorrow to testify during a joint hearing of the U.S. House Subcommittees on National Security and Healthcare, Benefits & Administrative Rules.

The branches of government were established for a reason.  They create a system of checks and balances.  Executive Actions that circumvent the legislative branch have implications that are not properly discussed and often are ignored.  Husted is shining light on a massive issue that could result from Obama’s abuse of his pen and phone.

Tim Ryan Looks For Cheap Hook-Up; Now Says Life Is Disposable


Congressman Tim Ryan wrote a column in the Akron Beacon Journal in which he announced that he went from defending the unborn to being completely fine with abortion. There has to be a reason behind this change of heart on this very important position. Someone just doesn’t respect life, and then turn around and feel it is no longer valuable.

Let’s be honest here. Tim Ryan is likely looking for a cheap hookup with Democratic primary voters at the statewide level. And he can’t score with them as a devout and practicing Catholic. So, he sold the unborn out for some easy action and possible donations from Emily’s List.

In his column, Ryan strangely mentions his son when declaring he no longer feels lives of children to be of value.

 “On June 12, 2014, my wife and I were blessed when our son, Brady Zetts Ryan, came into the world. With the birth of this healthy baby boy, our lives were forever changed. I’m mindful that my wife and I were fortunate enough to bring Brady into a prepared family full of love and devotion.”

What the Congressman said is that Brady was lucky. He was lucky that his parents were prepared for him. But according to Ryan, the birth of Brady made him realize that babies created by irresponsible, unprepared people don’t deserve the “privilege” of life. And if the Ryans weren’t prepared, would his life have been disposable? Brady deserved the privilege of life. But Ryan now feels there are other babies that don’t, because their parents aren’t “prepared” and don’t want them around. Disposing of these lives is now acceptable to Ryan.

Ryan mentions the “the heavy hand of government” being involved in women’s lives. But, he favors the heavy hand of government as an Obamacare supporter. The burdensome regulations and requirements of that albatross of legislation has left many women with health insurance plans they can no longer afford and that don’t meet their needs.

Ryan only seems concerned with the heavy hand of government when it prevents babies from being suctioned to death.

Pro Lifers feel used by politicians like Ryan and Renee Elmers, who get elected on their values and then suddenly toss them to the side when convenient for their political careers.  Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis called out Congressman Ryan for selling out his values.

“Congressman Ryan’s flip-flop on abortion clearly demonstrates his opportunistic and self centered approach in seeking higher office. By callously and carelessly tossing aside his so-called strong Catholic upbringing and pro-life beliefs to now support abortion, sadly proves yet again that politicians will say anything and do anything to get elected or climb the political ladder. It is no wonder why Congress has the lowest approval rating in our nation’s history.

Of course, Ryan was proudly “pro-life” while easily getting re-elected in an otherwise gerrymandered district. But now as he seeks higher office, which we assume will be a challenge to pro-life Senator Rob Portman, he chooses to abandon those who helped him get elected in the first place. Most alarming to all Ohioans, both pro-life and pro-choice, is that if he is willing to easily flip-flop on the fundamental issue of a baby’s life, what would he do with every other issue which faces our nation.”

Ryan has proven that he is a sell out. He will flip his position on the defense of life, which he claimed to have held his entire life because he covets a Senate seat. Ryan has made himself available to the highest bidder.

Candy List For Judges? More Like Sour Grapes For McGinty


It’s a new day in Cuyahoga County.  An elected official is complaining that others in the county are working too much.  Prosector Tim McGinty (D) is accusing judges of working too many hours in the arraignment room.  He is charging that this is due to some sort of “candy list” to get attorneys to donate to a judge’s campaign.

McGinty charges that judges may be assigning counsel to indigent criminal defendants in order to secure campaign contributions from these attorneys.  Specifically, McGinty points at Pam Barker (R) as spending too much time in the arraignment room.

“I ran on a pledge that I would stamp out public corruption. That means we have a duty, if there is even a hint of corruption, to look into it. The people of Cuyahoga County deserve nothing less, especially after all the damage that Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo did to the public’s confidence in their government. All we are interested in is the truth.”

I don’t think anyone is opposed to truth and honesty in government, but let’s not pretend that is what McGinty is after.  Barker had a very contested race.  Her opponent, Sherrie Miday, ran a very partisan and heavily bankrolled campaign.  Miday spent over $400,000, taking out loans of over $177,000 in her failed quest to upset Barker.  Miday’s husband is entrenched in the Cuyahoga Democratic Party, formerly working for Bill Mason.  Apparently bitter over her defeat, Miday wasn’t even gracious enough to concede. And now Democrat McGinty is coming after Barker. Is this retribution for besting their “star” candidate who was unable to “buy” a judicial seat?  McGinty even made an appearance on Miday’s campaign Facebook page.


Let’s rewind a bit to a time when McGinty dove right into the Cuyahoga Democratic candy bowl.  McGinty was running for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor when suddenly then Prosecutor Bill Mason resigned in a clearly orchestrated move.  Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald appointed McGinty to the position, giving him the edge over his opponent.  McGinty didn’t complain about that advantage.

McGinty references the damage caused by Dimora and Russo, but their corruption went completely unnoticed by Bill Mason. Either Mason was corrupt or incompetent to turn a blind eye to their pilfering of Cuyahoga County.  And Bill Mason also was a Sherrie Miday supporter.


If judges get campaign contributions from working the arraignment room, then many of the judges up for re-election would be angling for more time there. There is no guarantee an attorney is going to benefit from even being appointed to represent a criminal defendant. Many quickly plea out resulting a small check for the representing attorney.

Honesty and accountability in government is always a good thing. But, it appears that McGinty is just grinding an old ax.  Those $400,000 grapes sure seem to taste bitter.


Can ODNR Shoot Fawns in Front Of Children? UPDATED. Action needed.


As a Conservative I want fewer regulations and infringement from the government. As a human being, I feel compelled to help animals when I am able. It is a natural reaction to want to have compassion for an injured or abandoned baby animal. Currently, an Ohioan who cares for an injured or orphaned fawn is committing a misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

If someone has a fawn on his property in need of help, the only legal option besides watching it starve or freeze to death, is to call Ohio Department of Natural Resources to come and kill it.

Representative Dave Hall (R-Millersburg) is a sponsor for HB 490, which passed the House and is awaiting movement from the Senate Agriculture Committee. An amendment in the bill would permit people to care for injured fawns or fawns that are unable to survive in the wild.  Hall points out the obvious reasons for this amendment.

“It’s natural to want to help an injured fawn. If ODNR finds out you have a fawn, they will come and destroy it and have destroyed a fawn in front of children who were caring for it. This is a common sense piece of legislation. It is not going to cost the State of Ohio one penny. Other states have done this and it has worked very well.”

The bill has bipartisan support.  It was passed by the House with 73 Representatives voting in favor of it.  It currently awaits action from the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Since this would all be paid for with private money and the deer would never be released, it is challenging to foresee any objections.

Ohio previously permitted private sanctuaries to care for deer. But, that changed in 2009 when the state outlawed rehabilitation because of chronic wasting disease in deer. But, since these deer would live in sanctuaries, there isn’t a concern of them spreading any sickness into the wild.

This news report showed a recent instance where an ODNR officer killed a deer that had been a friendly “neighbor” in a small village.

Notice that the ODNR didn’t give a specific reason why the deer had to be killed.

Lynda Bowers is a Lafayette Township Trustee in Medina County.  As a farmer, she has seen fawns in need of care and has felt a tremendous amount of compassion for them.

“Imagine looking into young faces trying to explain a state law requiring beautiful little fawns to starve, freeze or die from abandonment or treatable injuries.”

The Agriculture Committee will be discussing the bill this week.  Compassionate activists who are supporting the amendment are asking for citizens to contact Senators who sit on this Committee and Senate President Faber ask them to keep the amendment in the bill.

Senate President Keith Faber (R- Celina) – (614) 466-7584

Cliff Hite  (R- Findlay)- (614) 466-8150

Troy Balderson (R- Zanesville) – (614) 466-8076

Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville) – (614) 466-6508

Dave Burke (R- Marysville) – (614) 466-8049

Capri Cafaro (D- Hubbard) – (614) 466-7182

Frank LaRose (R – Copley) – (614) 466-4823

Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville) – (614) 644-7613

Bob Peterson (R – Sabina) – (614) 466-8156

Shirley A. Smith (D – Cleveland) – (614) 466-4857


Here is the latest info we have as of this morning.

The bill is still in the Agriculture committee. We are hearing that even if the committee keeps the creation of deer sanctuaries in the bill, there will be an attempt to remove them when the bill goes to a full vote on the Senate floor.

HB 490 is not on today’s Senate calendar, so it would probably go to the full Senate sometime next week.

If you are in favor of keeping the deer sanctuary language in the bill, you must call your Ohio state Senator right NOW and tell them! You can find your state Senator at this link. You can also contact Senate President Keith Faber’s office at (614) 466-7584.

Sherrie Miday: A Throwback To The Dimora Days?

Sherrie Miday’s campaign slogan is “It’s a New Day with Miday,” but in fact, her campaign is very reminiscent of the old Jimmy Dimora machine that the FBI dismantled.

Most people would agree that politics shouldn’t be involved in a judicial race, but not Sherrie Miday.  Her Machiavellian campaign seems to disregard typical decorum of putting politics aside for the better chance at justice in the courtroom.  Among other campaign tactics, she is telling voters not to vote for Judge Pam Barker because she is a Republican. Barker is rated 4.0 by Judge for Yourself.  She also is endorsed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer as “the clear choice.”


With $177,000, you can buy a nice home in Cuyahoga County.  That is how much Miday’s campaign committee has in outstanding loans.  This asks the question, why is she willing to go into that much debt for a judicial seat?

Before Barker held this seat on the bench, it was occupied by Steven Terry who lost the seat after being found guilty of federal bribery and perjury charges. With Jimmy Dimora as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Cuyahoga County, there was a lot of politics in judicial races.  And it’s worth mentioning that Sherrie Miday’s husband Ryan was part of that machine.  He was Bill Mason’s spokesperson.

At a Cleveland American Middle East Organization endorsement meeting, Ryan Miday’s old political tricks were on display.  I have been told by multiple people who attended that Ryan Miday was attempting to jam through an endorsement for a candidate who didn’t even apply for it.  Reminiscent of the ways of the old Democratic machine, Miday had some rather unprofessional decorum while  seeking endorsements.

Sherrie Miday is a product of the same machine that elevated Ed Fitzgerald in 2010 as their Golden Boy for County Executive.  His lack of qualifications are now on display as his campaign for Governor has highlighted his many character flaws.

Will Cuyahoga voters return to endorsing the tactics of the old way? Is $400k enough to spend to unseat a very qualified and well regarded jurist?  Why is Sherrie Miday willing to tackle such a large amount of debt for a judicial seat?  We will find out these answers tomorrow.


Miday Has $177k In Campaign Loans; Desperate, Did Her Campaign Cross Ethical Lines?

Sherrie Miday has a bit of a problem on her hands. She wants to be a judge. She wants this so badly that she has spent over $400,000 in her attempt to unseat a qualified and very well respected jurist. $177,000 of that comes from loans to her campaign committee.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.01.27 AM

With the statewide Democratic ticket torpedoed by Ed Fitzgerald’s multiple scandals, voter enthusiasm is not on Miday’s side, even in Cuyahoga County. With so much money spent and so much of it to be repaid, Miday has shown her desperation in her direct mail campaign.

In doing so, she has crossed the line in a judicial race.

Judge Pam Barker is the incumbent.  She retained the seat on the bench in 2012, handily besting her opponent.  Judge Barker received the highest ranking from Judge For Yourself and is endorsed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. She is an avid campaigner with a solid reputation.

This has Sherrie Miday concerned. So concerned that her mailers have so many red flags that she will have a grievance filed against her. The Ohio Republican Party and the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County both issued press releases today regarding the ethical questions from Miday’s literature.

“The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County announced its intention to file a grievance with the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court against judicial candidate Sherrie Miday.  The complaint is in reference to a recent mailer by Miday which is in violation of Judicial Canon 4.3 G, which prohibits “misrepresenting the identity, qualification, present position or other fact of an opponent.”

RPCC Chairman Rob Frost stated “Miday, who was rated less qualified by the bar associations, apparently does not want voters to know that Judge Pamela A. Barker is an elected, sitting Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.  According to the Plain Dealer, Judge Barker ‘has done much to distinguish herself, recently garnering excellent ratings from the four local bar associations in Cleveland… Barker is the clear choice.'”



As a resident of Cuyahoga County, I feel rather embattled in the quest for honest politicians and judges.  It may not be coincidental that Judge Steven Terry held this seat until he was found guilty of federal bribery and perjury charges.  Honest and ethical judges are needed if we are to have a swift and fair execution of justice.

Miday wants to be a judge yet has already violated the trust of the public by misrepresenting herself. I question her fairness if she can’t even properly run her campaign without crossing the lines.  Judicial campaigns should be run on qualifications not cheap political tricks. She has soiled herself with her mailers.

With outstanding debts of $177,000, Sherrie Miday’s brow must be sweating.  And it is showing.  Even in traditionally dark blue Cuyahoga County, Democrats are concerned because of the lackluster ticket and the voter enthusiasm gap.  And Sherrie Miday is facing a large loan to repay.  And after Tuesday, she may have nothing to show for it.



Faux Outrage From Nina Turner: Is She A Racist Or A Hypocrite?

Most of us heard the story about the boy who cried, “Wolf!” as a child. Well, Nina Turner would probably tell you that is a sexist story and completely untrue. And if it was black ink printed on white paper, it was likely racist as well.

Down in the polls and desperate for any traction, Turner claims that an ad by Secretary of State Jon Husted is racist. The facts aren’t the issue, rather the issue is that the ad uses black and white images and is a “dog whistle” for racism. She says the ad is “vicious, racist and sexist.

‘”I’m calling it the way that I see it. It was deliberate for him to put me in black and white and to put it in the minds of voters, to paint me as the other.”

Nina Turner is either a hypocrite or a racist if she applies her own standards to herself.  In 2006, Ted Strickland was the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate.  His Republican opponent was Ken Blackwell.  Then Councilwoman Turner supported Strickland, who is white. Turner didn’t raise opposition, at least publicly, to Strickland portraying Blackwell in black and white.

Screenshot_10_28_14,_8_35_PM Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.44.20 PM
Turner actually uses black and white pictures on her own website.

She even has a black and white photo on her Instagram account.  Please, someone alert Al Sharpton.

On MSNBC, while objecting to updating Ohio’s voter rolls, Turner compared her Republican colleagues to members of the Ku Klux Klan. 

“This is as much about race as it is about class. The maelstrom of bigotry and foolishness going on in the state of Ohio – the state of Ohio has become the new South, and not in a good way. This post-reconstruction type of antics that Republicans are using is absolutely wrong. And just because some of my Republican colleagues have chosen to wear a blue suit over a white sheet in the 21st century does not change the fact that these rulings – this directive that has come down from the secretary of state – has a disproportionate impact on African-Americans.”

As a State Senator, Turner has the opportunity to distinguish herself as a role model to the electorate.  Even though I don’t agree with her politics, I recognize the importance of her position in the community and to her constituents.  But, Turner instead clings to perpetual victimhood.

By tossing claims of racism and sexism around so casually, she is doing her supporters harm. At what point are her ethical standards applied to herself? By her own standards, she is either a racist for using the same techniques she lashes out at or she is a hypocrite.

In a desperate plea for votes for her failing campaign, Turner is the one crying, “Wolf!” Nobody appears to be listening.



Confessions Of A Female Conservative Blogger: I Rode On An Elevator With Ed Fitzgerald


On Wednesday, I went to the City Club of Cleveland to watch Ed Fitzgerald debate Anita Rios, the Green Party candidate for Governor. I wanted to see Fitzgerald attempt to spin his wheels out when asked about his questionable judgment.  I live tweeted the event and tagged Fitzgerald.  His staff should have not only known I was there but where I was sitting as I made it known on social media.

After tweeting the debate, his staff actually allowed me on the elevator with Fitzgerald. I found this amusing on many levels. I took the opportunity to ask him why he endorsed Kent Smith, who wrote a rather inflammatory book.  Carrying on with the ODP’s theme this election cycle, Fitzgerald admitted that he didn’t “vet” Smith before endorsing him and he refused to look at the pictures from the book.

Fitzgerald refuses to release the records regarding his use of the Cuyahoga County parking garage. The County Executive cites security concerns as his reason for not being transparent.  Even Jimmy Dimora released records of his comings and goings – into the Cuyahoga County garage at least. This is obviously a paper tiger of an excuse.  If security is a concern for the Fitzgerald campaign, why would they allow others to get on an elevator with him.

Perhaps they thought it was safe because Fitzgerald didn’t need a license to operate an elevator and it wasn’t 4:30 am.