Former Ohio Deputy Treasurer Ahmad (D) Arrested at Pakistani Airport

20111206_HandsCuffs Former Ohio Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad (D) was arrested at a Pakistani airport earlier this week.  Last Thursday, his wife sought an emergency order of protection because she was concerned that Ahmad would kidnap their children and take them to Pakistan. He was carrying a fake Mexican passport.

In December, Ahmad pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery when he was working for former Democratic State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.  He was using his position as part of a kickback and money laundering scheme which steered $3.2 million in commissions to his financial advisor and high school friend, Douglas Hampton.  Ahmad and two co-conspirators received $523,000 in kickbacks.

Hampton also funneled cash to lobbyist Mohammed Noure Alo.  Hampton pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges in August while Alo admitted guilt in December.

The Justice Department said that Alo admitted that he conspired with Ahmad and mortgage broker Joseph M. Chiavaroli, 33, of Chicago, to steer state brokerage business to Douglas Hampton, 39, a Canton securities broker. Justice Department officials said Hampton received $3.2 million in commissions for 360 trades on behalf of the treasurer’s office. In return, the Justice Department said, Hampton paid more than $500,000 to Ahmad and his co-conspirators.

After Boyce was tossed out by voters in 2010,  Democrat Ahmad took the skills he learned in the Treasurer’s office and became a City of Chicago Comptroller under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In 2008, then Governor Strickland was confident enough in Kevin Boyce’s experience and decision making abilities to appoint him to be Treasurer of the State of Ohio. While Ahmad awaits extradition to the United States from Pakistan, Boyce is serving in the Ohio House of Representatives where he was appointed in 2012 when Democrat Carlton Weddington resigned after being charged with bribery. He won his election to retain the seat in 2012.

Oops! Maybe @GovernorPerry Should Have Been The 2012 GOP Nominee


Governor Rick Perry was in Northeastern Ohio last night with Michael Medved for an event hosted by Cleveland radio station AM 1420, The Answer. Earlier in the day, it was announced that Toyota will be unifying its North American Operations in Plano, Texas. Perry highlighted Texas’ favorable business climate and the fact that there isn’t a state income tax.  The bulk of these Toyota jobs will be relocating from California, where the state income tax tops out at 13.3%.

Perry highlighted the fact that Texas continues to be a success story. The economy is thriving. The crime rate is the lowest it has been since 1968. Governor Perry mentioned Reagan’s 80/20 rule and the importance of reaching out and broadening the reach to more voters, including the conservative base, which was a problem with the Romney campaign.

Perry also mentioned that he didn’t like the fact that we relied on Russia, a country which is not always friendly to the US, to take our astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Today, the Drudge Report highlights this issue.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.29.01 PM

As someone who is active politically, I must say it appeared that Perry is strongly considering a 2016 Presidential run. Reflecting on the 2012 primary, Perry said,

“”It was one of the most interesting and humbling experience I’ve ever gone through in my life,” said Perry, replying to a question about the primary process from conservative radio commentator Michael Medved, who hosted the forum. “If any of you are giving serious thought to running for president, I highly recommend you not have back surgery six weeks before you start. The preparation of running for the presidency is very, very important.” 

Cynthea Sabolich is a grassroots leader in Cuyahoga County and a candidate for State Central Committee.  She said, “Governor Perry has a record that we can admire. Whether or not he is “The Guy”, he raises the bar for all on our side.”

If Obama could win in the 2012 economy, it’s very plausible that a reinvigorated Perry could win in 2016. When comparing Texas to the current state of the US economy, most 2012 voters might be left thinking, “Oops!”


Reid calls Bundy supporters domestic terrorists. While Hasan victims were victims of workplace violence.

GMN_BundyRanch_CoverHarry Reid called supporters of Cliven Bundy, “domestic terrorists” because they helped him stand up to the Bureau of Land Management.    I don’t recall any of these people Senator Reid calls “terrorists” firing any shots.

In 2009, Major Nadal Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood.  He killed 14 and left 32 wounded.  The federal government didn’t classify this as domestic terrorism.  They classified it as “workplace violence”.

Senator Reid, please explain this logic to me.   I cannot understand how not firing any shots or injuring anyone while standing up for something you believe in deserves a far more damning label that shooting unarmed people in a military base.

Obama wants to protect women from employers like himself

There has been a lot of blabber coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue regarding unfair pay practices for women.  The gender wage gap is explained by life choices, including child rearing and choice of college major.   If employers simply paid women less for the same work, wouldn’t women be dominating the workforce?  Wouldn’t employers hire women over men simply so they could pay them less?   The Equal Pay Act was signed into law 51 years ago and should already provide discriminatory pay practices.

The Obama Administration must be using common core math to justify it’s #WaronWomen nonsense.   Comparing all full time women and men’s salaries is absurd.  Even comparing them in the same position is ridiculous.   It’s nothing more than an “ends justify the means” talking point.  The Obama Administration even pays women 88 cents for every dollar male staffers make.

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Liberal Hypocrisy Extends to Death


Ohio Rep. Bob Hagan (D) wants the Governor to witness each Ohio execution.  Hagan’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.   He is vocal about supporting the lives of criminals who are afforded due process, but sees an unborn child as disposable and not worthy of the chance to live.

Ohio Right to Life called out Hagan’s hypocrisy and suggested that Hagan and his fellow pro-choice legislators be forced to watch each abortion.

“If you believe witnessing an execution will bring great shame to an elected official or perhaps alter their support for such penalty, then we must seek an additional piece of legislation requiring you and pro- choice politicians to witness each and every abortion in Ohio.

A few years ago, you refused to watch the ultrasound of a live, pre-born baby at the Statehouse. I doubt you would be able to stomach the grisly practices by which your politics would allow that life to be ended. “

Hagan refused to watch an ultrasound.  Yet, he thinks Governor Kasich should be forced to watch each and every execution.   Can Hagan not recognize his hypocrisy or does he just not understand what the word means?

In 2012, Bishop George Murry told Mercy College School of Nursing to disinvite Hagan as the school commencement speaker.  Hagan responded by saying, “I am one disappointed Catholic.”  Why does Bob consider himself to be a Catholic when he works against and condemns the Church’s views? Hypocrisy, that’s why.  Bob is a hypocrite.

Hagan set the stage for his public display of hypocrisy by promoting this legislation, HB 445.  Perhaps the bill should be amended to include Ohio Right to Life’s suggestion and passed out of committee.  Then we could see how much Bob Hagan values life.


The Left’s #WaronMillenials

While Michelle Obama joined the fight to ban the word bossy,  the left has decided to embrace nagging.  Apparently it’s not okay to be bossy, but nagging is encouraged.    On a ad, FLOTUS states, “We nag you because we love you.”

HealthSourceRI is the official healthcare portal for the state of Rhode Island.   It is taking FLOTUS’ nagging to a new level.  It is asking parents to nag their adult children to sign up for Obamacare.  Their website offers tutorials for parents to utilize social media to harass their children, as well as all their other contacts, into getting health insurance.   Parents also have the option of supplying email addresses and HealthSourceRI will do the nagging.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.35.18 PM

The left appears to have waged a war on millenials.  Clearly they don’t think they are responsible adults who can properly make decisions for themselves without mom’s nagging.  Colorado’s “gotinsurance?” campaign portrayed millenials and dumb, drunk, and horny.    Liberals view young adults as a loyal voting block who won’t be phased by being ridiculed into getting insurance.

Rather than seeing millenials as young adults, the left continues to portray them as irresponsible teens who are incapable to making decisions without being nagged by their moms.

Sherrod Brown, a rubber stamp for a “race-baiting approach to our legal system”.

President Obama was handed a defeat yesterday in the Senate.   The nomination of Debo Adegbile to oversee the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was blocked.  Five Senate Democrats joined Republicans to vote against Adegbile.

Adegbile was met with very vocal opposition from the Fraternal Order of Police.  Although he had shown questionable judgment in other areas, his defense and advocacy on behalf of  Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther and Marxist revolutionary who was convicted of murdering Phildelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner is what caused such outrage.   After killing Faulkner, Abu-Jamal confessed, “I shot the motherf***er, and I hope the motherf***er dies.” 

FOP National President Chuck Canterbury wrote in a  letter to President Obama,

We are aware of the tried and true shield behind which activists of Adegbile’s ilk are wont to hide – that everyone is entitled to a defense; but surely you would agree that a defense should not be based on falsely disparaging and savaging the good name and reputation of a lifeless police officer. Certainly any legal scholar can see the injustice and absence of ethics in this cynical race-baiting approach to our legal system.

The vote was anticipated to be so close that Vice President Biden was expected to cast the deciding vote, but one Senator apparently flipped his vote.  No, Sherrod Brown was not that Senator.   Sherrod Brown once again demonstrated his loyalty to the Obama Administration by voting for Adegbile.  Yesterday, Sherrod chose a race-baiting, cop killer defending nominee over the Fraternal Order of Police.  Obama’s lame duck status is now firmly secure, but Sherrod continues to be his rubber stamp.



Fitzgerald – It’s 3:30 somewhere

Ed Fitzgerald’s list of campaign failures keeps getting longer. Ed’s State of the State Rebuttal was a bit premature. While many politicians have their rebuttals written out prior to the initial speech, the Fitzgerald campaign actually put Ed’s video online early.


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.39.26 PM

Governor Kasich’s State of the State was last night. You’ll notice that Fitzgerald had this video up two days ago. And to further prove the lack of attention to detail by Ed and his staff, take note of the time of this video. Ed must have done a stint as a fortune teller between his short lived careers as an FBI agent and being Mayor of Lakewood because according to the clock, it’s only 3:30.

It must be lonely in Fitzgerald’s world. His friends didn’t show up for his final State of the County Address and the campaign staff he bused in from out of state keeps letting him fumble. Optics are an important part of a campaign. Perhaps if Ed weren’t such a “fundraising loser”, he’d be able to hire staff that could actually keep him from failing publicly so often.

Fitz, How about pledging to answer your phones?

Ed Fitzgerald is trying to shift the blame
Ed Fitzgerald is trying to shift the blame

Ed Fitzgerald’s lack of leadership is showing once again.

First, Cuyahoga County failed to get over 108,000 of it’s tax bills out on time. Instead of taking accountability, the Fitz Administration blamed the vendor.

And now it’s being reported that the County’s call center was “overwhelmed”.

Thousands of residents with questions about their tax bills overwhelmed Cuyahoga County’s new and understaffed call center in January, resulting in callers waiting on hold, on average, for more than 12 minutes, and callers hanging up without talking to anyone more than half the time, recently released records show.

During January, more than half of the 28,353 phone calls that came in to the county’s call center disconnected before speaking to anyone.

As the deadline approached, taxpayers who showed up to pay their bills were met with lines that sometimes were so long they wrapped outside the building during frigid temperatures.

Late tax bills, long hold times and extra long lines in freezing weather were three strikes issued against Interim Fiscal Officer Mark Parks in the past few weeks. Instead of holding him accountable, Fitzgerald nominated him to permanently hold the position.

Maybe Fitz should be more concerned with pledging to properly serve the residents of Cuyahoga County.

Welcome to Ohio, Team Fitzgerald!

obama-ohio-2Ed Fitzgerald is outsourcing his campaign. Perhaps he didn’t have enough confidence in any Ohio politicos. Or perhaps none of them wanted to join his faltering campaign.

New Yorkers Bill Hyers and Lauren Hitt are the General Consultant/Manager and Press Secretary. Communications Director, Dan McElhatton has arrived from Philadelphia.


To welcome these outsiders, I’d like to give them some basic Ohio facts.

• When someone says, “O-H”, you reply “I-O”.
• We drink pop, not soda.
• Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone.
• Not all Ohioans are farmers.
• We all don’t know or even like LeBron James. Don’t mention his name in Cleveland.
• Don’t say the name, just say, “that team up north”.
• If you need temporary housing suggestions, I recommend reaching out to Matt McGrath and Lis Smith since none of you have any intention of staying here.
• When you are in Akron, eat at Swenson’s.
• You don’t order a “bowl” of Cincinnati chili.
• Ohio women are smart. Don’t degrade us by continually referencing our “lady parts”.
• Buckeyes aren’t edible unless they are made of chocolate and peanut butter.
• Even though the Browns haven’t been to a Super Bowl, their fans have the Super Bowl of tailgating in the Muni Lot before each home game.