Baby Formula Now On The Banned Wagon

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Background Info: Bloomberg to New Mothers: You Really Should Be Breastfeeding, You Know – Katie Pavlich (

Don’t you all feel safer knowing that a politician is making your decisions for you? He must be a modern day superman to be able to know so much about everyone’s well being. Well, maybe just another Barney Fife, but with lots of money.


Author: TobyToons

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2 thoughts on “Baby Formula Now On The Banned Wagon”

  1. When we hand the responsibility of medical care from ourselves over to our government, we no longer get to make our own life style and health decisions. This is not going to be limited to a Bloomberg issue. New regulations and mandates will spread like wild fire in this country just as it has since Medicare and Medicaid.

  2. Stay out of our lives–we, along with our doctors, know what is best for us/our children!!!

    As a side note, when I had our first child, everyone was pressuring me to breastfeed–it’s better for the baby, yada, yada. Only problem was that I had been so sick during my pregnancy that I myself was unhealthy and therefore, my doctor suggested that I not breastfeed.

    Our daughter has grown up to be a healthy and happy ob/gyn doctor who also believes that it’s the mother’s choice (with the advice of her doctor) as to whether to breastfeed her baby or not!

    The govt does NOT KNOW BEST! BUTT OUT!!!!!

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