Bad news: Raisin fondling Congressman not running for governor

The field of potential Democrats to run against Governor Kasich in 2014 just got smaller again.

Congressman Tim Ryan has decided against challenging Kasich for the state’s top office. From the Plain Dealer:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tim Ryan will not run for governor against Republican Gov. John Kasich, the six-term representative from Niles announced Friday.

Ryan said he could better serve the region, the state and the country by remaining in the House of Representatives.

Of course, we know Ryan better as “Congressman Moonbeam”.   He described in his book how he reaches inner peace by meditating with a raisin and even spent $1 million of your federal tax dollars to teach his raisin kissing techniques to school children.



Ryan was also arrested for public drunkenness but the case was later dismissed.

After former Governor Ted Strickland decided that he, and his failed record, weren’t up for a rematch against Kasich, it cleared the way for lesser known Ohio Democrats to compete for the nomination. Only Cuyahoga County Executive Eddie Fitzjerold appears to be mounting a serious campaign, and time is running out for others who are still undecided to begin putting the pieces in place to make a serious run.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.