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Bill Clinton’s advice in Ohio: Vote us out

Today, Barack Obama will speak at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, in yet another attempt to “pivot to jobs”. How fitting is it then, that the Media Research Center has released a video of Bill Clinton speaking in the very same place in 2010.

Listen to what Clinton had to say to Ohioans two years ago:

“And they say they had 21 months, put us back in, the Democrats are saying something like this: Look, we found a big hole that we did not dig, and we didn’t get out of it in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. So, don’t go back in reverse, give us two more years and if it doesn’t work you have another election in just two years, you can vote us all out then. But for goodness sakes, we quit digging don’t bring back the shovel brigade.”

So, did it work? Of course it hasn’t. Obama’s policies have been a miserable failure. Instead of focusing on recovery, he pursued left-wing fantasies like Obamacare, cap-and-trade legislation and has used the EPA to pursue a radical environmental agenda. All of these decisions have been detrimental to creating jobs, when that should have been the entire focus.

By Obama’s own standard, he has failed. Look at what he told us the budget busting stimulus plan would accomplish:

According to his promise, unemployment should be well below 6% and trending downward. The actual results? We have been stuck above 8% and are now trending back higher.

By his own measure, Obama’s plans haven’t worked. Follow President Clinton’s advice. Vote out Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown.

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