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Buckeye Firearms suffers massive cyber attack after campaign to replace Zimmerman’s gun

On Monday, we told you about how Eric Holder has placed a hold on all evidence in the Zimmerman trial, meaning that even though he was found not guilty, he won’t be getting his firearm back from the police anytime soon. Realizing the injustice of this, the Buckeye Firearms Association decided to remedy the situation by holding a fundraiser to replace it for him.

Whatever you might think about the Zimmerman verdict, the fact remains that we are a nation of laws, not mob justice.

George Zimmerman was tried in a court of law and found NOT GUILTY. And that entitles him to continue exercising all his rights, including his Second Amendment right to own a firearm.

But now Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice department have stepped in to stop Zimmerman from taking possession of his property.

The story went national and garnered a lot of attention.

Yesterday, their website went down. This wasn’t a run of the mill outage. It was a powerful “denial of service” attack. From the BFA Facebook page:

I’ve been told it is a denial of service attack. This isn’t a minor hack. The tech guys tell me what’s happening requires significant resources. And it can be no coincidence that this is happening just as we hit national news outlets about providing funds to George Zimmerman to buy a new gun. We’ve received hate messages. Late night threatening phone calls to our homes. We’ll try to keep everyone updated as best we can and will report on this asap.

An email sent out gives more details.

If you’ve tried to visit our website today, you know it’s not there any more. At some time this morning, it came under attack from an outside source.

  • Our IT guy says it’s a “denial of service” or DoS attack. This is not the ordinary “hack” attack that we’ve experienced many times in the past. A DoS attack involves using significant resources to bombard a server to temporarily or permanently disrupt service.
  • This attack took out our websites, both Buckeye Firearms Association and Buckeye Firearms Foundation.
  • Our email communication services also went down. Leaders are located all over the state of Ohio, so we’ve had to set up a temporary alternate email list to stay in touch as we work through this issue.
  • This attack was so overwhelming, it took down the entire company that hosts our website. Thousands of IP addresses have been caught up in the digital bloodshed.
  • Shortly after all the company servers went down, their power went down. And our IT guy says his cell phone service vanished.

We don’t yet know where this attack came from, but we find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that it’s happening at the very moment a story went national about raising funds to enable George Zimmerman to purchase a new firearm after Eric Holder and the DOJ decided to prevent him from getting his personal property back.

We’ve received threats, hate male, and angry late night phone calls. We’re sending you this message to let you know what’s going on just in case they take out more of our resources and we are unable to communicate with you.

Someone out there is throwing a temper tantrum over the verdict and BFA’s effort to replace Zimmerman’s property, and is directing it at BFA. As of this writing, their website is still down.

The attack hasn’t thwarted their effort, though. They report that the funds raised have already been sent to Zimmerman.

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