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Charlie Earl’s running mate is a 9/11 truther

Today it was announced that Libertarian Charlie Earl will be on the November ballot for governor to run against Governor Kasich and Ed Fitzgerald. From Robert Higgs of the Plain Dealer:

The Democratic ticket of Ed FitzGerald, the county executive for Cuyahoga County, and his running mate Sharen Neuhardt filed its petitions, as has the Libertarian team of Charlie Earl, a former state representative, and his running mate, Sherry L. Clark.

Sherry Clark says the U.S. government brought down the World Trade Center

Sherry Clark says the U.S. government brought down the World Trade Center

Earl is a former state representative but his running mate, Sherry Clark, is relatively unknown, except for one small community of Ohio voters.

The “9/11 Truth” community.

And she’s not just a casual truther, she’s a major figure. She publicly proclaims to anyone who will give her an audience that the United States government brought down the World Trade Center.

“I never understood how special interests could be at odds with the American people,” she said, fetching from her purse a DVD titled Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.

She slid it across the table along with a copy of 911 Mysteries.

“It’s absolute betrayal,” she said. “Basically, you have to admit that you were wronged, and that means that you have to identify with the crowd that is being called conspiracy nuts.

“Of course, there are some conspiracy nuts within our midst, but most just don’t fit that type. We’re supposed to be speaking on behalf of the widows.”

She suggested I visit, the Web site of a group sponsoring a series of Columbus appearances this week by Kevin Barrett, founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance and one of those who believe the government was complicit in 9/11.

“I think it is agreed-upon that the government had a hand in it, but we don’t know to what extent,” Clark said, suggesting that the fall of the World Trade Center towers was “controlled demolition.”

She pressed a flier on me and suggested that I might want to read The New Pearl Harbor.

“Undertaking this 9/11 thing,” she said, “is like throwing yourself on a grenade, but it makes everything so clear.”

So, the federal government can’t even build a website in 3 years, but Sherry Clark wants you to believe that they somehow rigged the Twin Towers with thousands of pounds of explosives and miles of detonation cord in a building that housed thousands of workers without anybody noticing.

As seen in the video below, Clark took to a stage at Comfest to promote the “Truth” movement. Comfest is an annual gathering in Columbus for socialist minded people to smoke pot and participate in gay pride parades.

Clark is among a list of authors featured on the “Truth Jihad” website. She has been a frequent blogger on the blog for the liberal group Progress Ohio and many of her posts are still active on the website OpEd News, which bills itself as “Progressive – Tough – Liberal”. Take this one for example where she extols the virtues of Shariah Law and how it would be preferable to America’s economic system.

As words like “Shari’ah Law” and “jihad” are desecrated in Western media from the Muslim perspective, a closer look reveals another side to the story. (This is not to say that Shari’ah Law is entirely good, but rather that some economic elements of it should be seriously considered by Americans in comparison to our current system).

While all three Abrahamic religions as described in the Bible, Torah, and Koran forbid usury, it is only the Islamic faith (Shari’ah Law) that is faithful to its monetary related teachings.

Since promoting the idea that the U.S government perpetrated the attacks has been the major public purpose of Clark’s life for the last decade, Charlie Earl has to have known about it. And he chose her to be his running mate for the highest office in the state.

Is this who hard core tea partiers are going to turn to? A candidate who is pro-choice and supports same sex marriage? A candidate who is a “tough, liberal progressive” and who has dedicated the last few years to convincing people that 9/11 was orchestrated by the government?

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