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Cleveland Democrat: Government should provide “goods and services”

When Governor Kasich’s budget proposal is made public this week, many are expecting it to contain a state income tax cut. Having just started doing my taxes (quite depressing), any reduction in taxes is welcome news to this middle class family. However, as is typical, Ohio Democrats are up in arms about it.

Take this comment from Brian Rothenberg, a liberal so shameless that he actually once used a school shooting tregady to create a fake condolence website to trick people into joining an anti-gun propaganda mailing list:

“Anticipated income tax cuts in Kasich’s budget – expected to be unveiled Monday – together with federal spending cuts could create a “perfect storm” that would have “devastating effects on middle class Ohioans,” said Brian Rothenberg, executive director of Progress Ohio, a left-leaning public policy group.”

Unbelievable. Middle class families do not depend on government spending to make ends meet, Mr. Rothenberg. Perhaps low-income people do. But for the middle class, lower taxes means more money in their pockets. Notice how Ohio liberals have been redefining the middle class recently as those who need the government to get by.

Even more disturbing is this quote from Cleveland State Representative Mike Foley:

People aren’t looking for tax cuts; they’re looking for government (to provide) goods and services,” he said.

Wow. Could Foley have stated the core doctrine of liberalism any more clearly? I don’t remember reading the part of the Constitution that says that the role of government is to provide goods. In fact, the only thing that government was originally intended to provide, was security from enemies. I guess that plays well in his Cleveland district, but perhaps he should wonder if that sort of attitude is why Democrats are outnumbered in the Ohio House by 60-39.

Guess who else got into the game? Our old friend Buckwheat Bob Hagan, who is famous for getting in bar fights and using racial slurs against black Republicans.

“Drastically reducing an important source of state revenue during a time in Ohio’s economic recovery…is fiscally irresponsible,” said Hagan, D-Youngstown.

Er…did Hagan just imply that keeping taxes high is good for a recovering economy? This is the same guy who voted for former governor Ted Strickland’s last budget that left an $8 billion hole for the next administration and drained the state rainy day fund down to 89 cents. Hagan, as an unabashed fan of Barack Obama, is the last person who should be throwing around the term “fiscally irresponsible”. What a clown.

TaxCutsWork (1)Here’s a little fact that our clueless state reps are apparently unaware of. Governor Kasich’s previous budget cut state income taxes by $892 million compared to the previous biennium. But we’re 18 months of the way through that budget, and state revenue has actually increased by $775 million compared to the previous 18 months. Yes, under Kasich’s budget, revenues have increased, but Democrats are still complaining. It boggles the mind.

At least Foley is honest about where he stands, I guess. As for me, I better get back to doing my taxes. We wouldn’t want Foley’s constituents to miss out on their goods and services, right?

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