Connie Pillich: In Bed with Abortion?

In the bubble of Southwest Ohio, Martin Haskell is a name well-known, on both sides of the aisle. Pro-abortionists hail him as an “innovator.” Others know him as Cincinnati’s most public supporter, and performer, of late-term abortion methods.

Haskell has had his share of headlines, most notably when he closed his clinic in Cincinnati, and moved it Sharonville. While seemingly normal, the location he chose was mere feet from a highly regarded Pediatrics practice. Seems haughty and spiteful to you too, doesn’t it?

More recently, the Ohio State Legislature enacted laws requiring all abortion clinics meet certain standards for health and safety practices. Those who weren’t up to code had to change, or be shut down. Haskell fought hard to ensure he was given a “variance”, that is, to make sure he could be above the rules. For some reason, he was successful.

However, his “variance” was contingent on he and his clinic maintaining certain safety policies and procedures, procedures he violated, ultimately losing his “variance” and once more being subject to the rules. The battle still rages in the courts today.

So here is a guy that not only arrogantly believes his clinic should be above the law, but flaunts it in the face of others. Seems like a good guy, right?

Connie Pillich thinks so. Haskell moved his clinic from Cincinnati to Sharonville, in the heart of Pillich’s district. She courted his business, now, she’s courting his money.

Haskell has donated $3,450 to the Pillich for Treasurer campaign. It’s common for doctors to donate to a certain party, but he’s made minimal donations to both FitzGerald and David Pepper, showing the personal connection he has to Pillich.

While the Pillich campaign is using the Ben Suarez trial as a grandstanding attempt to unjustly tarnish her opponent, she’s quietly take money in the back door from corrupt abortionists, praying we won’t notice. In fact, the abortion industry ranks in the top 10 for donations to the Pillich campaign.

For some reason, this isn’t front-page news. But it should be. Ohioans cannot afford to have a treasurer bought and paid for by abortionists. Remember that this November.

UPDATE: The Enquirer reported today that Dr. Haskell’s abortion clinic must be closed. After repeated violations of the Ohio Revised Code, and a few extensions, a Magistrate in Cincinnati ruled that the clinic must close its doors by July 10th. Apparently, the Magistrate, decided enough was enough, and Dr. Haskell should comply with the law, or shut his doors. The law is the law after all.

With his business closed, Dr. Haskell will have to find another source of income in order to keep pumping thousands of dollars into Connie Pillich’s campaign. Though, with their history, I’m sure he’ll find a way.


Author: Nathan

Nathan is a conservative campaign consultant based in Southwest Ohio.

3 thoughts on “Connie Pillich: In Bed with Abortion?”

  1. Some of Martin Haskell’ prouder moments:

    I do not always agree with Governor Kasich but he has made it more difficult for late term abortion practitioners like Haskell to operate and the Ohio Department of Health under his administration has show some spine in the matter.

    Connie Pillich is apparently on board the “abortion on demand” bandwagon. Mandel needs to get some adds running.

  2. Yes it is good low life Martin Haskell will have to find a new place to conduct his bloody business. Don’t count out the possibility that the Hamilton County judiciary come to his aid however. Consider this after all:

    Some elements of the story not covered in your piece Nate. So how did Dr. Martin Haskell continue to get favorable rulings in Hamilton County?

    Let’s start with Judge Leslie Ghiz shall we? Ghiz was a former Cincinnati Councilwoman who was so unspectacular as to be voted out of 2011.

    But not to fear on March 2012 Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters (Republican) hired her onto his staff as an attorney (a position that had been vacant for some time) — lucky!

    That gave Ghiz a base to operate from and from there she was elected to the Hamilton County Court of Appeals in November, 2102. (BTW Governor John Kasich likes her too and appointed her to the court early to fill a vacancy). She’s a good old Republican girl eh?

    Now follow this sequence of events uncovered by Republicans for Higher Taxes (a spoof web site course) — can the readers follow these dots? I’ll bet they can!

    Republican Leslie Ghiz endorses Democrat David A. Pepper..

    Dr. Martin Haskell writes a large campaign check to David Pepper;

    Then, Judge Ghiz over rules the Zoning Board and grants that Dr. Martin Haskell should be granted a variance granting his abortion mill to put up a sign advertizing his business next to a Pediatrician’s practice that has been there for 30 years..

    Dr. Martin Haskell is where he is in large part due to the help of Hamilton County REPUBLICANS

    And yet we hear that these are the people we should work to elect because they are much better than Democrats?

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