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David Pepper commits a felony in his new ad

It wasn’t too long ago that we told you about how David Pepper, the Democrat candidate for Attorney General, thinks that he is above the law and has received over 180 parking violations.

Now he’s moving up to felonies.

In his latest ad, he shows an actual ballot, with “David Pepper” marked on it.

Pepper Ballot in ad

In Ohio, that’s a fifth degree felony. The Columbus Dispatch even wrote about this subject recently.

You may be proud to cast your votes for particular candidates in Ohio — so proud, in fact, that you decide to take a picture of your ballot and post it on social media before mailing it in.

Congratulations, you likely just committed a felony.

Under Ohio laws written before anyone ever heard of Facebook and when tweets were associated only with birds, it is illegal to show off how you voted by revealing your completed ballot to someone else.

Ohio Revised Code 3599.20 states that “No person shall attempt to induce an elector to show how the elector marked the elector’s ballot at an election; or, being an elector, allow the elector’s ballot to be seen by another, except as provided by section 3505.24 of the Revised Code, with the apparent intention of letting it be known how the elector is about to vote.”

Now, it would seem silly to prosecute someone for posting their ballot on Facebook. But David Pepper is running to be Ohio’s top law enforcement official and should be held to a higher standard. He should also set a better example than to encourage voters to break the law, no matter how trivial the law may seem to be.

David Pepper - Columbus Dispatch photo

David Pepper – Columbus Dispatch photo

Of course, Pepper has shown he thinks he is better than everyone else before, by parking wherever and whenever he pleases. I guess I shouldn’t expect him to respect any other Ohio laws he feels he doesn’t need to obey.

Disregard for the law has been a definite theme for Ohio’s Democrat candidates this year.

UPDATE: As silly as this post was, it still got under the skin of Pepper’s crew, who took to Twitter to denounce it. Mission accomplished. 🙂

Also, it turns out that the Pepper campaign tricked the FOP into attacking itself in the ad. The ad shows the FOP criticizing DeWine for having stock photos of police officers in one of his flyers and claims the photos are of “actors posing as police.”

But according to Jeremy Pelzer of the Plain Dealer, the exact same photo was used in an ad against SB5 that was sponsored by the FOP. In addition, the men in the photos are actually police officers.

But, as it turns out, the models in DeWine’s stock photos are actual police officers, the photographers behind the photos said. And a group backed by the police union used one of the same photos three years ago during the contentious fight over Senate Bill 5.

But one of the photos in DeWine’s flier, featuring a man in uniform wearing sunglasses, was used by the FOP-sponsored group Protect Ohio’s Protectors in a mailer against SB5…

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