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David Pepper supports Obamacare. Do you?

Columbus Dispatch photo

Columbus Dispatch photo

Most of Ohio thinks Obamacare is bad for us. 59% according to the Quinnipiac Poll in November, for those who like real numbers. And given the recent developments, I’m going to guess that number is higher today.

In fact, the rollout of Obamacare has been so disastrous, it cost Kathleen Sebelius her job. And to top it all off, members of President Obama’s own party won’t be caught dead saying they support Obamacare, especially in Ohio, the King of Swing States.

So in Ohio, a swing state, none of the statewide candidates, in either party, have stepped up to show support for Obamacare.

Save one… David Pepper.

We all know David Pepper; that funny guy from Cincinnati who has been reusing the same campaign slogan since Junior High Student Government. “Just Add Pepper.” It’s kinda cute actually.

David Pepper went on the radio and was asked a very specific question. His answer gave no room for misinterpretation.

He was asked, “But what is your position on the Affordable Care Act, and if you were a senator or a congressperson, would you have voted for it?”

His answer… “I would’ve.”

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the audio.

Hard to take that response out of context. But he went on to clarify we had heard him correctly, as well as to differentiate himself from incumbent Mike DeWine. In summary, Pepper said Mike DeWine has been running around fighting Obamacare, but he shouldn’t. He should focus on Ohio and advocate for their healthcare.

So if I heard him correctly, he said that he supports Obamacare, and that Mike DeWine should stop fighting Obamacare, so he can advocate for the healthcare of Ohioans.

I’ll repeat that. He should stop fighting something 59% of Ohioans view as bad for their health, and focus on advocating for their health.

I’m going to predict that, “just adding Pepper” isn’t a recipe many Ohioans will stomach come November.

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