Democrat Ohio Mayor is a proud citizen of Entitlement Nation

Adam Brannon is the mayor of Bellefontaine. Mayor Brannon is an absolutely perfect example of the entitlement culture that is taking over America and bankrupting our country. Adam, like most Democrats, believes that it is his right to force his fellow citizens to subsidize all of the many irresponsible life decisions he has made.

Check out a recent Facebook post he made:

Let’s look at Mayor Brannon’s life decisions:

  • Ran for mayor immediately after graduating from college.
  • This position pays him $26,840 a year.
  • Ran for and won reelection.
  • This is the salary he has chosen to earn.
  • Brannon and his wife have decided that she should not work.

Knowing all of this, they decided to have two children that they cannot afford to feed. We know this, because he isn’t ashamed to tell the world that he uses WIC to feed them and his wife.

Brannon claims poverty, but his situation is entirely of his own making. Both he and his wife have college degrees, but have purposefully decided to live on only $27,000 a year. Fine. That’s his business and his alone.

Until he demands that the rest of us actual taxpayers actually feed the children he decided to have. Not only is he irresponsible, he dares to act like a victim. Just like Romney described.

“Sometimes things just don’t work.”

Really, Adam? Are you serious? Did you expect it all to work on $27,000? The student loans, the car payments, the credit cards? And then you decided to have two children? Of course it doesn’t work! But you chose it anyway!

It gets better. Brannon can’t afford to feed the children he decided to have, but look at what he apparently CAN afford:

A brand new kitchen. Notice the brand new dishwasher.

Here is the old one. It looked fine.

His wife also posted about their brand new washer and patio furniture.

Adam is probably one of those guys you see using his brand new iPhone as you stand in line behind him at the supermarket, while he uses food stamps to pay for his groceries.

These are Barack Obama’s people. He loves that they are not only dependent on government, but are cavalier about it. Adam Brannon is a perfect example of why America headed towards a fiscal cliff of debt.

Because…how can we expect Americans to demand fiscal responsibility from our government, when so many refuse to practice it in their own lives?

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

28 thoughts on “Democrat Ohio Mayor is a proud citizen of Entitlement Nation”

  1. Ah Nicky, didn’t think it would be long before you jumped on the “E” train.

    Get ready, here comes the “R” train.


  2. Disgusting. It is people of all venues that believe this way. It just happens to be that he is a democrat. He is an abuser and justifies it with we needed it. What he needs is to go live in a 3rd world country for 6 months so he can learn appreciation. Get a job you lazy bum.

  3. Our business hears this story everyday, sometimes I forgot that I am working with adults. Thanks Nick for telling this story better than any (hopeful)Elected Official.

    1. I took your advise…

      Dear Mayor (great title),

      Sorry you have had a rough few days. Mean people picking on you and your wife.
      Life isn’t fair and tomorrow will be better. Would some ice cream make you feel better?

      Business Owner

      P.S. My Private health insurance went up $33.00 dollars a month so can you not apply for that child daycare credit?

  4. As a Red-Blooded, Working, American and Bellefontaine city tax payer, I am extremely offended by the way Mayor Adam Brannon has decided to treat his constituents. My husband and I work, we pay taxes. Tax money pays for the Mayor’s salary AND for government assistance. So, Adam Brannon is 100% living off the backs of his neighbors.
    Adam Brannon chose to quit his other job(s) because he “heard others frustration that [he] wasn’t always available” I am sure that there are MANY solutions to this “issue” besides quitting one’s job and getting government assistance.
    Both Adam Brannon and Christie Brannon CHOSE to go to colleges that they couldn’t afford the repayments on. When I realized that I could no longer afford to attend college, I put it on hold. My husband never attended college. We do just fine without college educations; educations that the Brannon’s choose to waste.
    The Brannon’s chose to get pregnant with a second child when they cannon afford the first. We have one child and would love to have another, but that is not fiscally responsible, so we are happy with what we have. (We may be able to afford a second child of our own, if we weren’t paying for Mayor Brannon’s children).
    The Brannon’s live off the system and still are able to make unnecessary improvements to their home. My kitchen was last remodeled sometime in the last 60’s. Mayor Brannon has only a part-time job AND a stay-at-home wife AND a dishwasher. Both my husband and I have jobs and *gasp* NO dishwasher! We have to wash our dishes the good old-fashioned way – BY HAND!
    We work hard to have the things we need and to pay our bills. I do not appreciate the tradition of laziness that infects the 47% that Mayor Brannon is SOOOOoooo proud to be a part of.
    Oh, and, funny how Adam Brannon can brag and defend his position, until the 53% of us who pay for this Joke speak our minds. Coward. Disgusting, Lazy, Irresponsible, Coward.

    1. I have a suggestion to the citizens of Bellefontaine. Move!… They don’t own you. And take your businesses with you too. Maybe then the Mayor will have to work for his pay.

  5. Question 1. How many hours per week does being mayor of Bellefontaine require to do job effectively?

    Question 2. What are the pension and healthcare coverage benefits (for family of 4) that come with the position and their cost to the taxpayers?

  6. If such a lifestyle was such a burden, he should have not run for RE-ELECTION. He will be in worse shape when his term is up…no skills, no experience, nothing to offer an employer. He will be an entry level employee trying to raise 2 kids and support his Stay at Home wife. His decisions have placed himself in such a position that it could be 10 years or more before they can climb out of the whole they have dug for themselves.

    But yet it our responsibility to support him and his bad ideas? His irresponsible choices?

  7. I was 16 when I got married to someone who already had 2 children and was on welfare. I worked hard in high school and took a job for my family and had all of us off welfare by age of 19. I left my employer years ago and started my own business and have been lucky to be successful and not on unemployment though this recession. Welfare did not do this for me or my family. I did it because I know I can balance my budget better than government and decide the outcomes alone for my family’s success better than anyone. There are a few folks who truly need help out there and I am not one of them though I could chose to be if I wanted. Neither is this Adam Brannon and nor is the total of 47% of this country. Romney is right.

    1. Luck really is not the main factor in your story…hard work, careful budgeting and pride! Good for you and your family. You are an inspirational American!

  8. Glad I dont live in that town. Aint that like a Democrat. I wounder who he will blame this one on. President Bush? As you can see feed them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Well I guess he can say good bye to his $27000.00 a year job. Great we will be paying for his un-employment. We are screwed anyway you look at it.

  9. As a citizen of Bellefontaine, I have to say it is embarassing and shameful that a mayor who is much younger than I can manage to live this way. I have been blessed enough to have a wife who was offered a part time position, but realized (even with my masters degree) that financially I would have to be a provider so my wife and children are provided for. I work between 60 and 70 hours a week, still have time to coach soccer, attend church and have a date night with my wife. If Adam can’t handle working and being available as Mayor, then maybe he should resign. I can honestly say his platform in the last two elections has been a joke. Forget political affiliation Nick, I am offended knowing that the taxes of our cities hard working, honest people go to support someone who is younger and probably more physically capable of putting in the hours than I am. I am technically a employee of the city and I do not support this. There has to be someone more qualified, with more integrity than this.
    Quick story, not a joke at all. I was in the city building delivering something to the parks and rec office and Adam is talking to someone about why he is a Demicrat. His conversation was something along the line, “when I was in school I wrote George Bush and he didn’t write me back. Later I wrote Bill Clinton and he wrote me back. That’s why I’m a democrat”. That’s showing them Adam. I’m glad your stand is so strong.
    Be a man Adam. Be humble, get a job and support your wife and children the way you promised to when you took your marriage vows.

  10. What I can’t believe is that a democrat was elected not once but twice in Logan County. Charles Darwin was right, it’s all about evolution.

  11. Very sad. I would propose Mrs. Mayor get a night shift position as I have done for the past 13 years while my husband works day shift (and not in a high paying position). Together my (blind!!!!!!) husband and I support, feed, and clothe our 3 children. We do qualify for public aid for our family. But we chose to have these little ones. We will support them. It is all about pride and self respect. I am so thankful to be married to a MAN. Bellefontaine should be ashamed today. (BTW-my kitchen is severely outdated and although I do not have a trash can on my porch-my furniture could really use an update.) Mayor Brannon, you should be ashamed this hard working family is supporting your not so hard working family.

  12. Hi Adam,
    I am also a Communist and like what you have to say! We need to all share! I agree with Obama and his friend Chavez that if we could become like Venezuela, we could all be very rich and happy without working.

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