Dems Pick Perfect Speaker in Former Gov. Strickland

Over the last four years, President Obama has been at the helm of some pretty historic occasions:

Yep, pretty famous moments for America and its now beleaguered citizenry. Or should we say infamous?

So given such an abysmal record by such an abysmal President, it fits that the 2012 Democratic National Convention would pick an abysmal governor to address the crowd:

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is scheduled to be among the prime-time speakers Tuesday. The convention will culminate in President Barack Obama’s nomination for a second term on Thursday night.

It was only two years ago that then-Governor Ted Strickland was leading the Buckeye State, and, in the same way that Obama is leading America, yielded similar results:

Seems to line up pretty evenly for failed ex-governor Strickland and failed soon-to-be-ex-President Obama.

Like peas in a pod, those two.  Two disastrous peas in an epic-fail pod.

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