Despite Democrat Claims, Voter Fraud Is Very Real

“It’s just a solution in search of a problem.”

When anyone talks about modernizing our broken voting laws, opponents trot out this tired line every time.  Whether it’s reforming the ballot initiative process, the timeline for absentee voting, or voter identification requirements, liberals seem to believe that voter fraud is a nonexistent issue.

Apparently they missed the memo


Illegal voter gets 5-year prison term

Calling her a common criminal who abused her authority as a poll worker by violating the principle of “one person, one vote,” a judge sent Melowese Richardson to prison Wednesday for five years following her illegal voting conviction.

“This is not a little thing. It’s not a minor thing. This is what our country’s based on – free elections,” Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman told Richardson.

In a case watched around the country, Richardson was a Hamilton County poll worker from 1998 until her arrest earlier this year when she was charged with eight counts of illegal voting. In May, she accepted a plea deal and was convicted of four counts in exchange for the other four being dismissed.

She was convicted of voting twice in the 2012 election and voting three times – in 2008, 2011 and 2012 – for her sister, Montez Richardson, who has been in a coma since 2003.

This was a poll worker, for crying out loud.  As the prosecutor said, her job was to “protect the integrity and sanctity of the voting system,” so she should have known the rules better than anyone.

Yet she still committed the crime of voter fraud: a problem that many liberals think doesn’t exist.  Apparently it does, and apparently a solution might just be needed to stop such acts.

And just to head off the liberal arguments, I recognize that this one case would not have swayed the 2012 elections for Romney or Mandel.  That’s not the point.  The issue is and always has been guaranteeing the integrity and reliability of our electoral system.

One person, one vote.

Yet, recent history tells us that every legitimate vote does matter.  The obvious example is Bush’s 2000 victory in Florida.  But the 2008 Minnesota Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken also demonstrates the need for guaranteeing integrity at the polls, as illegal-felon voting may have given Franken the win.  And that win gave U.S. Senate Democrats the 60 votes to get Obamacare across the finish line.

As for the importance of a few votes, just look at the 98th Ohio House District, where Democrats lost out on a potential legislative pickup by just a handful of votes.  (And despite cries of voter suppression, the vote was certified by the bipartisan board of elections.)

You don’t think random acts of voter fraud can’t swing a race?  It could have there.  Why are we waiting for the problem to have consequences?

Ohio does not need to wait until an election is won or lost because of voter fraud.  The problem is already here.  It’s time Democrats stop denying that it exists, and start acting like they’re interested in a solution.

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16 thoughts on “Despite Democrat Claims, Voter Fraud Is Very Real”

  1. Hey, genius, voter id laws wouldn’t have stopped this fraud. #facepalm
    But you keep pushing that “Al Franken stole the election” theory. #nutter

    1. Wow. Congratulations, you truly are a partisan hack. Where did I advocate for Voter ID? Do you even read, or didn’t they teach that in law school?

      1. “When anyone talks about modernizing our broken voting laws”, except that this case was detected and prosecuted by those laws. No modernization needed. #FAIL

    2. Sure, Franken won. Why isn’t it every election that a bag of “uncounted ballots” is found in a the trunk of a car three days after the election — and what don’t you know all of them were for the democrat? Now isn’t that just amazing? What luck eh? No reason for to be suspicious about that.. Honest democrat is a modern day oxymoron.

  2. In principle requiring ID to vote isn’t a bad thing. But giving people a long time to get an ID – a free ID if you really don’t want to mess with voting – is an actual plan (see Rhode Island – although I am very (not) surprised it never cracks a mention when voter suppression is spoken about as its rules are similar to those introduced elsewhere). Compare that, however, to the games the Pennsylvania legislature played last year. And some consistency in Ohio wouldn’t hurt the electoral system either. There are ways of introducing protective and good measures so that people’s right to vote isn’t messed with.

    1. Sorry Mr. Willow but I have no idea what you are supporting in your post. I gather you are not fond of ID’s so what specifically then are those “..protective and good measures…” that ostensibly protect voter rights (and also assure clean elections?).

      1. I am fond of IDs actually – I’m not sure how you interpreted that. I found it bizarre when I moved to the US that you could vote without one. But ill-thought out ID requirements can influence whether people can vote or not and I am sure no one is advocating having others’ right to vote impinged. By “protective and good measures” I meant issuing voter IDs for free to people who can’t afford them, giving people a long time to obtain an ID (deciding to do it a few months before an election is unethical), and communicating the rules properly.

        1. I agree with those points — efficacy, access, and even handedness are essential if the process is to be respected . I don’t say that photo II’s are the ONLY way to but that is one approach that would work to assure the integrity of that aspect of voting process (the VOTERS) and it is a process most are familiar with (e.g., you have to show ID’s for many situations already). But I think it is equally important to start doing things to safeguard and protect the integrity of the VOTES as well as the voters.

  3. I do believe that official voter ID’s with a photo should be mandatory. Why don’t we have it in Ohio? Didn’t Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted support photo ID’s in his campaign in 2010? Well with massive support (money and shoe leather) of the Tea Party and other conservatives he was elected. For the same reason we happen to have a republican legislature and a republican Governor. We also have a republican dominated Ohio Supreme Court. Maybe some “apologist” for the Ohio Republican Party can explain why we did not have mandatory photo ID for voting in 2012?

    Currently, in Ohio a utility bill; bank statement; paycheck; “government document” or a bunch of other less reliable documents are allowed for voter ID in lieu of a photo ID,

    But I don’t think photo-ID’s are the most important reform needed. The trend toward electronic voting is the dumbest and most dangerous thing to our Republic that has been forced on the voters yet.

    Yes, “e-voting” is probably fast — so what? As if we need to know the results 60 minutes after the polls close? It is obvious that electronic votes — a pack of ephemeral electrons — generates no paper trail. Therefore, the distinct possibly of malicious programming that could alter the tally exists. Scanable paper ballots should be mandated. They are fast and if any question arises they can be rescanned or even hand counted if necessary. I am not sure how many precincts in Ohio use e-voting but it should be prohibited in my opinion.

    The absurdity of Modern Esquire’s comments above are palpable. Of course Franken’s US Senate seat was stolen in Minnesota (2008?) and of course Dino Rossi’s governorship was stolen in Oregon in 2004. Only a competed fool — looking at the evidence — would believe otherwise. With electronic balloting such atrocities will become the norm not the exception — if indeed they really are the exception now.

    It does not take a genius to recognize that for the most part the democratic party and a majority of elected democrats are corrupt to the core and have no hesitation or moral reluctance to steal an election. Their theft of elections is made easier by the total incompetence and disgraceful timidity of the republican party.

  4. Fargo44 here says “Of course Franken’s US Senate seat was stolen in Minnesota…” although I question what proof he has of this, given that he is not even certain of the year it would have happened. Yes, it would have been 2008 if the seat was “stolen” but I see no facts here (or anywhere) that could be presented in a court of law to prosecute this “crime.” If Fargo44 has such evidence it is his duty as a citizen to come forward and present it to the proper authorities.

    1. Tom Brokenjaw: “If Fargo44 has such evidence it is his duty as a citizen to come forward and present it to the proper authorities” .

      Really? Well now seriously Mr. Brokenjaw — ahh yer just making a “funny” now aren’t ya?

      No really, why would one waste time reporting a crime against a republican to the collection Holder and the thugs running the Obama DOJ? Exercise in futility?

      I mean consider that the inspector general of the IRS DID report to the DOJ that the tax records of citizens (including, apparently, a republican candidate for the US Senate) were being accessed without cause — a felony by the way. But did the DOJ investigate these reported actions – nope. So reporting the “proper authorities” did not result in any action or prosecutions there did it Tom? So why report a some ballots found in a bag or that several thousand felons illegally voted and decided a federal election Tom? Besides those situations were well known but no action has been taken — you think reporting it again would be productive? Especially since those stolen votes benefited the democratic candidate after all.

      The IRS has also admitted being ordered to use its power to harass and impede the legal request for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(4) by Tea Party and other conservative and religious groups leading up to the 2012 general elections. However, the Obama-Holder FBI has yet to interview a single person from the scores of groups that were known to be targeted and intimidated and who had their civil rights violated by Administration’s harassment teams. Imagine that? In fact, do we even know who is leading the mythical FBI “investigation”? FBI Director, Robert Mueller apparently does not know who is leading it. We aren’t likely to be looking any further into THAT matter ESPECIALLY now that the trail is starting to lead back to one of the two Obama appointees in the IRS? Another matter that HAS been presented to the “proper authorities” — but to what avail? Are you noticing a pattern yet Tommy boy?

      But maybe these are all “good crimes” Or at least not-so-bad-crimes? Bad crime is when conservatives break the law. For “progressives” the standard is when the ends justify their means it’s not a crime. The Alinsky doctrine..

      It was reported, then established by her own admission under oath to Congress, that Obama’s EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson ordered the Agency IT to set her up with a fake email identity, the infamous “Richard Windsor”, so she could communicate with environmental groups including those in litigation to avoid federal records requirements. So perhaps you recognize that this has been reported to the proper authorities also. Do you know of any prosecution that is underway by Holder’s DOJ — do you Tommy?

      Oh and do you recall Tommy that nearly the entire country saw the on TV the video of two Black Panthers with clubs intimidating voters within yards of Philadelphia polling place in the 2008 general election? But do you also recall that Eric Holder’s DOJ killed all further prosecutions on the case, a case already had been charged by lawyers in the civil rights division. Remember that one Tommy Brokenjaw it was clearly reported to the proper authorities.

      Just recently, USAG Eric Holder investigated himself and cleared himself of wrong doing in intimidation and unethical surveillance of the press. Of course, it was only a Fox New reporter and after all they tend to be one organization sometimes with the audacity to be critical of the Administration. No harm no foul there, the proper authorities pardoned the proper authorities — ain’t that cute Tommy?

      So is it just my imagination or is the jackbooted approach to justice are back in style in Washington these days? Its a great method for using the power of the Federal government power to crush the legitimate actions of free citizens whose political views just do not happen mesh with the Administration. So yoe see Tommy Brokenjaw when the responsibility for justice falls to a cabal like has been assembled cobbled together in the Obama “Justice” Department reporting the the proper authorities does not bear much fruit.. Gee I hope I am not overstating things!.

      Report crimes to Eric Holder and the Obama DOJ? Why bother? Save that breath for cooling soup. Now on the other hand if you happen to know about any white Hispanic man previously found innocent in a trial by jury of a crime against a black man…. maybe the Holder DOJ WOULD be interested in opening a civil rights investigation. In fact, he might even open up a national tips line on the man. Notwithstanding of course that the FBI has already found no evidence of race playing a role in the case. But what do facts matter to progressives? They have their own standards. It’s too good an opportunity to race bating for political gain. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste.

      So election fraud or IRS violations of taxpayer’s civil rights? Oh not so much to gain there…..

      But thanks for the advice Tommy boy.

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