Do Your Part: Soak The Rich! started as a series of pie charts and turned into something much bigger.  Here’s why!

Promising the moon and hoping no one will ask, “hey, what’s a moon cost these days, anyway?” turns out to be the one business model Progressives endorse. If you’re an Obama bundler, a union boss, or Ezra Klein, it’s great news — you can get rich selling snake oil, riding a limo to Occupy Wall Street rallies, or trying to make intensely stupid things sound smart. If you’re a productive human being, the results are less sunny: national debt now exceeds GDP and has piled up to roughly $50,000 per American.

That’s where Soak The Rich comes in. Corporations and CEOs have tons of money, and the U.S. has tons of debt, so the math should work out: Tons – Tons = No worries! Using Soak The Rich, you can track the impact of doubling corporate income taxes and taking CEO pay from S&P 500 companies simply by clicking industries in a list. There’s even a “Soak All Industries” button for the benefit of MSNBC employees! When you’re done, you can see detailed results and brag about your good deed on Twitter.

Hear a friend or relative parroting the “fair share” meme? Share Soak The Rich and then ask if they have any better ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Do Your Part: Soak The Rich!”

  1. Mr Obama stated on Twitter over the weekend, “not a red state, not a blue, only an Obama state”. Well this Corporation may end up being a “under the table state”. The “fair share” well is dry.

  2. Here we go again, Jasons lame attempt at humor, we get it, you like rich people and dont think they should pay much in taxes because they are “job creators”

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