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Facts Don’t Support Dems’ Fabricated Claims

Every now and then, the political discourse in this state shifts to a heated discussion over something so inconsequential and blatantly wrong, one has to wonder why the hell it got play in the media at all.

Enter all the hubbub surrounding a single picture of Governor Kasich’s budget signing.

When Statehouse News Bureau reporter Karen Kasler snapped that picture, she had no idea it would cause the uproar among the Democratic spin machine that it has.  Probably because one picture doesn’t tell the whole story, which is something a responsible journalist like Kasler understands.

But that wouldn’t fit in well with the Democrat “War on Women” narrative (not that they themselves are consistent).  So, they ran with it, trying to score cheap political points.  Facts be damned, particularly if they blow a hole in the entire story.

You know who was actually at that bill signing?  All the men and women on Governor Kasich’s team that helped craft the budget.

I wonder how many women were there?


12 of the 18 staffers in this photo, responsible for cutting taxes by $2.7 billion and helping to make Ohio more competitive for business and attractive to families, are female.  As Paul Harvey would say, that’s the rest of the story.

Not exactly the “War on Women” that Democrats make it out to be, is it?  Come to think of it, who’s responsible for that Democrat messaging?


Oh, a bunch of white, male Dem staffers are pushing the “War on Women” theme.  That doesn’t seem odd at all, right?

Of course, this is nothing new for Democrats; they talk a big game in regards to caring about women, but in reality, they’re using them as political pawns.  Heck, even President Obama pays female staffers less than their male counterparts.  All of this adds up to the fact that Ohioans cannot trust Democrats when it comes to their rhetoric on women—their actions speak much, much louder.

Yet, this hypocrisy on women is nothing more than a smokescreen to Democrats.  They literally have no other issues to use on attacking Governor Kasich, so they’re resorting to conjured facts and distorted rhetoric.  All the while, Governor Kasich’s pick for Lt. Governor and Chief of Staff—two of the most important administration positions—are women.  12 of the 18 staffers pictured above are women.

It’s seriously disturbing that the political discourse in this state even warrants posts that have to correct things like this.

As for those men in Kasler’s picture, they’re Senate & House leadership.  If Democrats want to replace them, they have to beat them at the ballot.

Oh, wait.  When Democrats controlled the House, they selected males to lead as Speaker, Speaker Pro Tempore, and Chairman of the House Finance Committee, just to name a few.

Just a suggestion, but perhaps Democrats should stick to the substantive issues.  They can’t win on them either, but at least their blatant hypocrisy wouldn’t be so glaring.

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