Happy Independence Day… Sort Of

236 years ago, some of the most visionary men in world history declared American independence from government tyranny that had enveloped every aspect of their lives.

At the time, excessive taxation had crippled many American families and government interference in the lives of each individual was intolerable.  These brave men took action vowing to never again allow their government to invade the lives of its citizenry, and to hold accountable those that lead this nation.

Oh, how far we’ve strayed…

So, with the President’s healthcare plan invading the lives of every American and in the midst of a congressional investigation with which the President’s Attorney General refuses to comply, just how far have we come as a nation on this, America’s 236th birthday?

Well, Happy Independence Day anyway… sort of.

Author: Jake3BP

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7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day… Sort Of”

  1. History fail. The taxation the colonists protested were imposed because of the cost the Empire incurred defending the colonies during the French-Indian Wars. It wasn’t the AMOUNT of taxation that was the issue, but the fact that the colonists had virtually no voice in the matter in Parliament. Thus, the phrase “No Taxation Without Representation.”

    The colonists rebelled because they weren’t given direct representatives in Parliament, but still represented thousands of miles away by Members of Parliament who represented the family home lands of the colonists in England.

    BTW, as President, John Adams signed into law a bill that required every private sailor in the country to carry private health insurance.

    1. A fee is a tax and a tax is a fee.

      And when unelected, unaccountable government bureaucrats, appointed by President Obama without Senate approval, are able to increase regulations and fees without Congressional approval, that’s “taxation without representation.”

      Maybe you should go back to your lawyer job… Your blogging still sucks.

    2. Jesus, you can’t be this stupid.

      By that standard, no tax except those personally collected by an elected official is a tax without representation.

      No, the colonist were protesting taxes imposed on them in which they had no representation in the legislative body. Unless, the ACA which passed the Congress.

      Seriously, the penalities in the ACA are created and set by statute. So, again, you’re factually wrong. The only thing more annoying about your sense of superiority is how you tend to air it when you couldn’t be more embarassingly wrong factually.

    3. BTW, under that standard, then Kasich and the Ohio Republicans have increased taxes since fees for things like tuition and other government services has gone up under his budget.

  2. Interesting how whenever a Democrat occupies the White House the government becomes tyrannical but when a Republican lives there, the government is our best pal and protector.

    Tell me again, how much did Bush’s war of lies cost?

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