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Hilarity: Buckwheat Bob Hagan announces candidacy for U.S. Senate

Yesterday we told you about how Barack Obama had a little temper tantrum because he couldn’t sway the Senate to pass gun control laws (that wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy in Newtown). Well, he wasn’t the only one.


“Buckwheat Bob” Hagan is back in the news again. He is so steamed at Senator Rob Portman for voting against the seeds of a national gun registry, that last night he announced that he was going to challenge him in 2016. From his Facebook page,

Senator Portman shows his lack of courage and testicular fortitude. The NRA Owns him. I am declaring my candidacy for US Senate to run against him in the next election. I will be his hair shirt for the next three years.

Hair shirt?

You will be his… hair shirt?

What is God’s name does that mean?

If I remember correctly, didn’t Portman already run against a hair shirt for his current Senate seat?


Hair E. Shirt the First got destroyed by Portman at the ballot box.

At least Lee Fisher was something of a gentleman. Bob Hagan is a boisterous thug. When he isn’t getting into fights in bars, he trolls conservatives on Facebook looking for trouble. He got so hot headed a couple of years ago that he called a young black man “Buckwheat” and told him to “stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

He gave State of the State tickets to Occupy Wall Street scum, with the full intention that they would disrupt the speech and heckle Governor Kasich.

As long as you’re a Democrat, it’s easy to act like a jackass and still get elected in Youngstown. But Hair Shirt Hagan has never had to run statewide. How do you think his constantly angry and rude demeanor would go over?

I hope and pray that we find out. Please, please Democrats. Please nominate Bob Hagan for Senate in 2016.

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