Jim Jordan leads on stopping clash between Congress and Trump on security clearances

Rep. Jim Jordan is stepping up to try to resolve a standoff between the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and the White House relating to testimony concerning security clearances.

Those who have followed this debate know that Democrats see a huge potential liability in the matter of how security clearances were or were not distributed among White House staffers. Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings looks ready to roast the White House if Carl Kline, a former White House official, doesn’t testify– specifically by holding a contempt vote.

Jordan doesn’t want that, and sent this letter today to the White House attempting to resolve the standoff.

(H/T Kyle Cheney, Twitter)

Jordan detractors may be surprised by the move, given his fire-breathing nature and frequently-observed interest in conflicts that allow him to side with the President in major battles with congressional Democrats.

However, this is the smart move having regard to the political damage that a contempt vote might do, and also having regard to Jordan’s reputation and the degree to which he might occasionally benefit from looking like a problem-solver and not a bomb-thrower.

No word yet on whether or not the White House has any interest in taking Jordan up on his offer in the letter, or indeed whether Cummings is actually fully on board with what Jordan proposes in it. But it’s an interesting move on a high-profile issue from the Lima Republican.