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John Kasich: RINO

At least, somebody seems to thinks so. There is a rumor going around that a few well known Ohio conservatives or organizations are grumbling about the governor, and saying that, get this, he isn’t conservative enough.

I have reached out to a lot of sources, and have not been able to nail down who it is, although there is some indications that the people pushing for a Right-to-Work amendment on this years ballot are part of it. Nevertheless, what we’re hearing is that there is a press release or interview coming out in the media soon.

Of course, the very idea that Governor Kasich is not conservative is preposterous. So, we thought we would review some facts to consider when judging Kasich’s conservatism.

  • An honest balanced budget. Governor Kasich and his team had the Herculean task of filling a gaping $8 billion hole left by the outgoing Strickland administration. Instead of using trickery, raiding other funds and using one-time federal Obama dollars like Strickland did, Kasich actually had to be responsible.
  • Kasich’s budget actually cut spending. Not counting Medicaid spending, which is dictated by the federal government, Kasich’s budget for FY 12-13 contains $683 million less spending than the previous administration’s FY10-11 budget.
  • Smaller State Agencies. Over half of all GRF-funded agencies have lower GRF appropriations under Gov. Kasich’s FY12-13 budget than their actual spending in the previous biennium.
  • Governor Kasich cut taxes. The death tax has been eliminated and income taxes were also reduced, for a combined savings of $800 million. He has also proposed an additional $500 million in tax cuts currently pending in the Ohio legislature.
  • Government union reform. Governor Kasich signed one of the most ambitious reforms in the nation. He also continued to advocate and raise money for the issue. Due to an onslaught of Big Labor money flowing into the state to lie and demagogue this issue, this was an issue we lost at the ballot box before getting a chance to see them work, like they have in Wisconsin. But Governor Kasich wasn’t afraid to take a stand for what was right for Ohio’s taxpayers.
  • Guns. Governor Kasich signed a law removing the ridiculous restriction on Ohio’s concealed carry holders that forced them to disarm if they wanted to enjoy a meal in a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol. This has been the #1 battle Ohio gun owners have been fighting for for the last several years.
  • Governor Kasich killed the flawed 3C rail plan. He was the first among other conservative governors to turn down federal dollars for “high speed rail”. He knew that the costs to build the system would soar, just like in California. He kept Ohio taxpayers from being stuck with the overruns and the cost of subsidizing a system that few people would use.

Ohio is on the rebound under John Kasich’s leadership. He will be the first one to tell you that we have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction. One thing that shouldn’t be in question is whether he is conservative or not. We have one word to describe someone who thinks that’s even a thought worth considering:


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