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Lorain County Commissioners Kalo and Kokoski ignored needed repairs but upgraded their own offices

Many of the county buildings in Lorain County are in serious need of repair. Take the Board of Elections building, for instance. From the Lorain Morning Journal:

Due to budget constraints, maintenance has not been given much attention, [Commissioner Lori Kokoski (D)] said. She looked at the Board of Elections building the other day and said it’s ridiculous how many different colors of patches and shingles are on the roof and it has a major roofing problem.

“We have to do preventative fixes, so we don’t have leaky roofs,” Kokoski said.

Elections Director Paul Adams said various parts of the roof have had problems. “I don’t know a department that doesn’t have buckets for water,” Adams said. “It is bad.”

The roof has been an issue since 2004, but he understands that there have been budget constraints.

That’s not the only problem. The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reports that the need for repairs is so extensive, that it tops $8 million.

ELYRIA — Lorain County government buildings need repairs that could total up to $8.5 million, according to a report on the county’s facilities released Wednesday.

For instance, repairs to the Administration Building roof, ranked as a high priority, would cost between $7,000 and $11,000, the report said. Completely replacing the roof, ranked as a medium priority, would cost between $533,500 and $676,500, according to the report.

High-priority roofing projects also are necessary at the county Records Center, at a cost of between $159,500 and $192,500, and at the county Board of Elections offices in Sheffield Township. That project would cost between $77,000 and $101,200, the report said.

Commissioner Ted Kalo said he hasn’t reviewed the report yet but added that he will likely want to wait until the county has a better sense of what kind of financial position it will be in next year before committing to any expensive projects.

I find it strange that Democrats Ted Kalo and Lori Kokoski are hesitant to commit to needed building repairs because of budget constraints.


Because even though problems like the previously mentioned roof have been a problem since 2004 and weren’t fixed, Kalo and Kokoski decided to spend $759,000 renovating their own offices in 2006.

Why did Ted Kalo decide to ignore leaky roofs but spend taxpayer dollars on important renovations like a new flat screen TV for his office? Because…he was embarrassed about the decor? Seriously?! And here’s what else:

He said the TV will allow him to “keep up with the daily news and March madness”.

Um. Wow. Words fail me.

Bravo Ted Kalo and Lori Kokoski! Our county buildings have leaky roofs, but you decided not to fix those. Those workers and the public can use buckets to deal with that, because you were embarrassed about the decor in your offices.

Spotted on a porta-potty in Lorain County – “Flush Ted Kalo”

As I have discussed before, Lorain County leans Democrat. But lets hope that voters here get tired of Kalo and Kokoski wasting their hard earned tax dollars and vote them out. They are being challenged by Phil Van Trueren and Mike Musto this November. Check out their websites and show them your support.

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