Lynch McCaskilled in OH 14: Wager (D) desperate for a weaker opponent


Michael Wager is a Democrat running for Ohio’s 14th Congressional District. He is without a primary opponent, but has decided that he would like to run against Matt Lynch in the general election. In a throwback to the 2012 election cycle when Senator Claire McCaskill did her bidding for her reelection by wading into the GOP Primary to promote Akin’s conservative credentials, Michael Wager is playing the role of McCaskill and Lynch is Akin.

McCaskill faced a tough reelection and picked the candidate she felt was the weakest and ran ads about him in the GOP primary cycle. She highlighted things about Akin which would typically rate high for the traditional Republican primary voter.  Wager is doing the same thing today by running an ad highlighting some things he feels would appeal to Republican primary voters. 

David B. Cohen, a political scientist at the University of Akron said,

“Wager would have a much better shot against Lynch in the 14th district,” said Cohen. “Many independent voters and moderate Republicans in the 14th would be uncomfortable voting for a candidate as far right as Lynch in the general election and Wager’s campaign knows that. Those voters would either vote for Wager or stay home – either way a bonus for Wager.”

According to Lynch’s facebook page, he seems to think Wager is afraid of him. But, it’s the opposite of this. Wager recognizes that in a general election, Lynch as a vulnerable target in this more moderate district, which is has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of +4. Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 3.10.49 PM

Akin blundered his way to defeat in the general election, sending McCaskill back to the Senate. By involving himself in the Republican Primary, Wager is attempting to do the same in the 14th Congressional District.




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21 thoughts on “Lynch McCaskilled in OH 14: Wager (D) desperate for a weaker opponent”

  1. So Wagner (D) would rather face Lynch than Joyce in November? Joyce won in 2012 with 54% while (I assume) Obama was carrying the District? The HD-14 is over 94% white ethnicity and by every indication at this time it will be a strong year for republican candidates. I’ll take my chances. I think Lynch would be a MUCH better US congressman than Joyce. I see Lynch as an actual conservative — Joyce less so. Heritage rates David Joyce at barely acceptable 49% — he does a little better with Freedom works with 71/100 but got a 40% from the ACU — that is sad. I think a candidate in that District who is runs solidly against Obamacare will do fine in 2014. Independent voters are heavily opposed to the health care act.

  2. Interesting how the GOP establishment in Ohio is joining forces with the Dems to promote ObamaCare

    1. You mean like the recent example starting at the top of the Ohio GOP with expansion of Medicaid by some 300,000 additional individuals? In the process circumventing the state legislature (vigorously opposed to the idea) by giving the authority to the State Controlling Board? Taking the power away from elected officials — that’s Ohio GOP conservative.

      Anyone wondering where the extra money comes from after July 2015 to keep this expanded entitlements program going? Adding a new permanent Ohio taxpayer expense. That’s Ohio GOP conservative.

      The GOP in states like Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin can get conservative reforms in place but not Ohio.

  3. There is no question that Matt Lynch is the more conservative candidate in this race. The question is will the republican establishment support Lynch is he wins the primary or will they be the defacto force in trying to defeat him so they hang a loss on the Tea party?

  4. I’m not understanding. Dave Joyce is taking money from the George Soros funded MainStreetPAC (dedicated to targeting conservatives), and from the Chamber of Commerce (because they are pushing amnesty) but it is proof that Lynch is the weaker candidate because his opponent is shouting out his conservative credentials in a largely conservative district? So in Ohio, it isn’t the GOP that counts, it is which one of the dueling democrat money sources can pick the candidate? Well, if that be the case, then YaHOO. I agree with Devildog666 that if Lynch pulls out the primary win, then it will be the ORP that snatches victory by starving his campaign, sucking the money out of donors, and staring down contributors. If we lose the House, it will be our own undoing because the top guys always support each other – Bob Bennett fund raises for Frank Jackson, John McCain fund raises for Hilliary. When will we ever learn??
    I pledge to support whichever R wins the primary. Period.

  5. Let me see if I can rephrase this: Matt Lynch is so weak that the massive spending by the ORP, the endorsement of all the county GOP Chairmen (even calling him a bold faced liar), the massive spending by the MainStreetPAC, the donations to Dave Joyce by the unions, and the $300,000 by the Chamber of Commerce, all to Dave Joyce, still didn’t defeat him? If he wins, that means he is the stronger candidate because he won against all odds. In fact, he didn’t even have 2 years to build his Congressional reputation and war chest…..

    1. Good point, the GOP establishment seems to be running scared. What could be more terrifying than another conservative in congress?

  6. The 14th isn’t a solid Republican district. It’s only been Republican the last 20 years because we nominate precisely the candidates that the liberty groups hate. A right-wing bomb-thrower will NOT win the 14th district. It’s only an R+4 district – one of the two most competitive districts in Ohio. A vote for Matt Lynch is effectively a vote for Michael Wager. There’s too much at stake to believe the hyperbole – just look at Matt’s record. Voting with Democrats 60% of the time and taking millions in earmarks does NOT sound like the record of any true conservative.

    1. So Matt Lynch votes with the Democrats 60% of the time, but is a right wing bomb thrower? The 14th district hates liberty and prefers liberal union backing politicians? Sounds schizophrenic. The reason the Republican Party is in trouble is it lost its moral compass. Matt Lynch is a refreshing voice of reason. Voting against the governor’s poor budget and bad legislation doesn’t make one a Democrat. The ORP doesn’t even realize what deep trouble it’s headed for.

      1. Lynch is a right-wing bomb-thrower with his incendiary rhetoric. Unfortunately, his voting record tells a different story. You say schizophrenic, I say hypocritical.

        Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension, because I never said the 14th district hates liberty. I said the 14th district elects candidates that are precisely in the mold so loathed by liberty groups – pragmatic centrists that aren’t beholden to ideological purity or waging philosophical crusades.

        The liberty groups are their own worst enemy – by allowing self-aggrandizing blowhards like Tom Z to be the face of your movement. You spend all your time getting worked up about who is most pure in a primary, you forget to take the general election into consideration.

        If Matt Lynch wins the nomination (which, at this point, looks about as likely as that Nigerian prince actually sending me money), then we just handed the Democrats a seat in Congress. We put Nancy Pelosi one seat closer to the speaker’s gavel. I saw what they did when they had control for 2 years. I find it hard to believe that any lover of liberty would want to go back to that.

        1. It never ceases to amaze me how you party people will stick with the status quo even if it essentially means means voting for a Trotsky to oppose a Stalin. Yes I saw liberty groups, but if you hate the stance of the “Liberty Groups,” you either are ignorant of what they really stand for or you really are a leftist.

          1. The problem is you discredit yourself by comparing anyone you disagree with to Trotsky or Stalin. And I do NOT hate the stance of the Liberty groups – I am a libertarian/conservative and support Rand Paul for President. I am frustrated that the liberty movement has been hijacked by self-serving individuals who use the movement to gain power, not to further the cause of liberty.

            Matt Lynch likes to say he is the only true champion of conservative values, yet when I look at his actual voting record (HIS record, not some group’s scorecard or issue summaries), he is not a conservative. He votes with the Democrat chairman 60% of the time in the Ohio house. He votes against noncontroversial (and non-spending) bills for spurious reasons. He lacks foresight and vision to actually further the conservative cause. He attacks opponents with vitriol and spite, is reactionary and has thus far shown an inability to accomplish any of his stated goals. He discredits the liberty movement with his pompous grandstanding.

            Furthermore, he is a career politician, despite his protestations otherwise. He served as a Bainbridge Trustee until he realized we were going to vote him out of office. Then he ran for judge and lost to a Democrat, which is unheard of in a county as conservative as Geauga. He sought appointment to the House twice before finally being appointed. Then, when he realized he would have to defend his seat this year in a primary, he jumped ship and ran for Congress. Lynch is always looking for the next office, the next radio hit, the next round of glowing adulation from his supporters. He does NOT care about the people of this district, or the liberty movement. All he cares about is himself. That makes him far worse than Dave Joyce in my book. He is a blatant hypocrite who will do anything to hold on to power, while denouncing those he perceives as doing just that. I will gladly be supporting Dave Joyce, because there really is no other option.

  7. Let me see if I am understanding Mr. Pubis here. If Dave Joyce wins, then it is party time, all is well, and everyone on the right should shut up and deal with it and vote Joyce with every ounce of their little Republican hearts. Right? But if Matt Lynch wins, then sit on your hands, hang on to your wallets, be sure to scowl and pout and then whine and complain when the Democrat wins? Is that what you are saying? Because it sounds exactly like what you are suggesting. We should hand the gavel to Mr. Pelosi instead of backing whomever is the winner on Tuesday. Sure. That makes sense.
    If Matt wins, in spite of the massive cash campaign against him, and from my friends in the district, they need extra trash bags to haul away the hugh number of mailings (because people in the 14th are too dense to get it the first 15 times!), then it means he can’t win in the general because – well, why exactly? People won’t vote for him? Uh, okay.

    1. I will vote Republican regardless of who wins on Tuesday. Based on Matt Lynch and Tom Z’s statements so far, I don’t get the impression their supporters will. It would be helpful, however, if you understood the difference between the primary and general electorate. The general election will not be limited to Republicans or partisans from either side. Independents, moderates and Democrats will all be voting. Matt Lynch appeals to none of them and, therefore, will lose. This is a very closely split district. Having an R next to your name does NOT guarantee election.

      But it doesn’t matter what happens, because you’ve already written the narrative in your own mind. If Lynch loses in the primary, it’s the “Republican establishment’s” fault. If he loses in the general, it’s still the “Republican establishment’s fault.” Maybe it isn’t everyone else in the state. Maybe the problem is Matt himself.

  8. This is my fear. The people who got Gov. Kasich in office did so because there was a massive wave of hope and change – not the Obama kind but the kind where people believed, just for an instant, that they could make our government better. They thought they were electing people who would not work for lobbyist or use us as a platform for the next office. Then we keep getting told we are ‘right-wing bomb-thrower with incendiary rhetoric’ when we talk about the Constitution and a government so small that we can kick it without SWAT teams showing up at our door. I fear that the establishment is not seeing the handwriting on the wall or hearing death knoll of their base as it slowly decides that voting, giving, working, trying is just too little too late.
    So yes, we need right-wing bomb-thrower with his incendiary rhetoric to drag us back and not get along go along with the progressive movement that has brought a mile of ‘tax law’ that no one understands or can comply with.
    I fear that November will roll around and we’ll end up with another Gov. Ventura because people are going to send a message. Apparently the last message didn’t resonate because the only reason Mitt Romney didn’t win is because he didn’t get enough votes. He didn’t get enough of the votes from the base. And if that wasn’t a wake up call, then I hope this primary is.
    Governor Kasich, if Matt Lynch wins by any margin, then you better start thinking that you are in trouble too.

    1. You’re putting words in my mouth. I never said Constitutionalists are “right-wing bomb-throwers.” I said Matt is. The problem with his supporters is that everything is with us or against us – no gray area. You contort your opponents’ words to fit your narrative, and then attack based on what you think they said. A perfect example is Tom Z’s election complaint against the ORP.

      He filed a complaint “concerning the mailers produced and sent out by the Ohio Republican Party claiming that endorsed Republican State Central Committee candidates can”Vote Republicans Stainbrook and Gallagher to Stop Obamacare.” ” Unfortunately, I’ve seen those mailers. It says NOTHING about State Central Committee voting to stop Obamacare. It says exactly what is in quotations above – Vote Republicans Stainbrook and Gallagher to Stop Obamacare. It goes on to say it takes a strong Republican party to stand up to Obamacare. But because Tom Z is so blinded by rage, he fails to comprehend what is actually written on the mailer. In doing so, he reveals himself to be the fool he truly is.

      I hope at some point those remnants of the tea party that stuck around with Tom Z realize how he is simply using them to enrich himself and enhance his own profile. He doesn’t care about the issues (hell, he barely understands the issues) – all he cares about it power. He and Matt are blatant self-serving hypocrites.

      Just a head count – how many people that commented here ACTUALLY LIVE IN the 14th Congressional District? I know I do, but am amazed at the number of individuals outside the district who insist on telling us what is best for us. Like Tom Z. Until you get rid of your Representative, Tim Ryan, don’t tell us who to elect. You have enough problems in your own back yard, you don’t need to come create them in mine.

  9. Publius,

    The column is getting to narrow to read so I’ll reply here. Just about everything you accuse Matt Lynch of I could say about Dave Joyce. Joyce has already come out and said he doesn’t think Obamcare can be repealed, that means he won’t put any real effort into trying. He sides with the unions on legislation, but perhaps the most disturbing thing is he doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own office. I think his staff still takes their marching orders from Steve LaTourette. What you are voting for with Joyce is a less confrontational path to total socialism. Besides that he’s just a temporary place holder for Sarah.

  10. Who the heck is Tim Ryan? First of all, what on earth are you drinking, and so early in the day.
    ObamaCare was voted into law in 2010. Most of those people on the ORP SCC were there then and did nothing to ‘oppose ObamaCare’ at the time, or in any of the ensuing years. Not only that, but most of them also voted to support Kasich during his battle to do an end run around our duly elected Senators and House Reps in implementing Medicaid Expansion. According to the Ohio Supreme Court’s most recent decisions, they claim that the impression or illusion or meaning of a piece that it will put into the voters mind is the foundation of it. So if they say the ORP can oppose ObamaCare or taxes or anything else, then there voters would assume that means they can. But they haven’t. Not in fact. Not in act. Not in any way. So where is their right to say they did, when they actually didn’t. And many of them are now in contested races with people who did do things to try to stop ObamaCare before it was voted into law, after it was voted into law, and are still doing things to stop it from coming to Ohio.
    If by ‘opposing ObamaCare’, shouldn’t they be sending letters of protest to Congressman John Boehner of Ohio who is saying that he’s ready to leave it alone? No. The words ‘opposes ObamaCare’ is a lie and an illusion. Against big government, and yet they support public/private? None of the things they are are truthful on any level and yet they claim Matt Lynch ‘splits hairs’.
    Tom Z is an Ohio citizen. He is loud and he has a successful group in Portage County. But as far as I know, we didn’t hold an election and crown him King.

  11. Publius, Just to be clear – Dave Joyce is running ads saying he is the most conservative candidate. Steve LaTourette is running ads saying his daughter is to the right of him. Sarah LaTourette is running ads saying she is more conservative then Matt Lynch ever was. But in the general, all the ‘other’ voters are going to be told that these are centrists and they will believe it? Glad I’m not one of those people… Wonder if given a choice between someone who opposes ObamaCare and someone who says they support it (the democrat), what the people of the 14th will do.

  12. Publics,

    The election is over and you should be very gratified. Obamacare, amnesty and union rule now are assured of the support they bought and paid for. Tell me again the difference between Joyce and a regular Democrat socialist.

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