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Matt Lundy the Liar now running for commissioner

Matt Lundy lied to gun owners to get their votes

Matt Lundy lied to gun owners to get their votes

Matt Lundy represents the 55th district in the Ohio House, which lies within Lorain County. And he will straight out lie directly to you in order to get your vote.

Two years ago, he wanted gun owners votes in his district, so he told the Buckeye Firearms Association exactly what they wanted to hear. He told them he would support certain legislation and as a result, he earned an “A” grade from BFA.

Then, just weeks later, he turned around and refused to support the exact legislation he promised to support.

When asked about the two key components addressed in HB45/SB17 in Buckeye Firearms Association’s 2010 candidate survey, Lundy told gun owners he was with them all the way.

Q15 – Complying with confusing and unnecessary car carry restrictions continue to be a serious problem for Concealed Handgun License holders. Will you support legislation that protects Ohio license holders and out-of-state visitors by removing these restrictions?

Lundy answered: “Yes.”

Q16 – It is a felony to carry a firearm into restaurants and other locations that serve alcohol for consumption on premises. Will you support eliminating that restriction for Concealed Handgun License holders?

Lundy answered: “Yes. But only if the license holder is not consuming alcohol, intoxicated, or under the influence.”

This is EXACTLY what legislation being considered in his chamber (HB45/SB17) would do, and EXACTLY why we asked the questions. Without those answers to those questions, Lundy (and many other legislators) would not have qualified for the “A” grade BFA gave him, let alone the endorsement that came along with it. And while we don’t know the questions the NRA-PVF asked him, it’s a safe bet he told a similar story, because he earned an “A-” grade and an endorsement from them as well.

When the bills were being considered in committee, Lundy tried to poison them with anti-2A amendments. One amendment he tried to attach would have made the names of all CHL holders public record so that anti-gun groups and media could harrass them. Fortunately, the amendment were killed.

Lundy has also joined the hypocritical ranks of Democrats who are condemning the recent elimination of “golden week”, after supporting the idea when they controlled the House in 2009. Golden week was an overlap between voter registration and early voting days in Ohio that meant that someone could register and vote on the same day. It placed burdens on boards of elections at their busiest time of the year, and most boards supported fixing it.

A couple of weeks ago, when the House passed a bill to reduce early voting to 29 days, Lundy said this:

“When I went to bed last night, I went to bed in Columbus, Ohio. But I felt like I woke up this morning in Mississippi more than 50 years ago.”

“We’re in the Olympic spirit, right, with the Olympics going on, but right now I guess if we look at these election laws and the changes being made to voting, Ohio is failing to even get a medal or failing to even qualify.”

Yet, in 2009, Ohio House Democrats passed House Bill 260, which eliminated golden week and reduced early voting to 28 days. Guess who voted in favor of the bill?

You guessed it. Matt Lundy voted “yes”.

Now that Lundy is term limited and can’t run for another cycle in the House, he is running for Lorain County Commissioner. And he is already lying about his opponent, incumbent Commissioner Tom Williams.

Reports are that Lundy has been telling union members in Lorain County that Williams voted for Senate Bill 5. Of course, this makes no sense. Senate Bill 5 was a bill in the Ohio Legislature, and as a county commissioner, Williams was not involved at all.

But that apparently hasn’t stopped Lundy from spreading the lie to uninformed voters who may believe it.

Lorain County has been dominated by Democrats for decades. Elected in 2010, Tom Williams has provided much needed balance on the County Commission and deserves our support.

If Matt Lundy wants to replace Williams, let him do it by running an honest campaign. Not by his usual tactic of lying to people’s faces in order to get their votes.

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