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Obamacare Delay Doesn’t Jive With Dem Talking Points

As many are well aware, President Obama has decided to delay the employer-mandate implementation of Obamacare until 2015.  This further demonstrates that this horrible law, and its enactment have proven difficult and costly.  There’s no other way around it: the law needs to be repealed and replaced.

Putting my conservative beliefs aside, however, and President Obama just betrayed his entire 2012 campaign message (shocker, Obama lied).  Without the employer mandate, there will be literally millions of women without access to healthcare and free birth control.

That’s right, Obama has just declared WAR ON WOMEN.  How else will anyone, male or female, get their birth control if not bought and paid for by someone else?! 

Doesn’t quite fit the Democrat talking points, does it?

What’s even worse, with the individual mandate (unfortunately) still alive and well, this move essentially screws individuals while exempting big business from complying with the law.  How does any Democrat defend that move? 

Why are liberal politicians not crying from the mountain tops about this?  How have news networks not latched onto this anti-woman, pro-wall street proposal?

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.  President Obama’s actions yesterday were made with complete, 100% political motivations.  He understands how awful this law is, and in order to save his party from a shellacking in 2014, he’s hoping to delay the law’s detrimental effects until after the mid-term elections.  And while the delay is a slap in the face to Democrat principles, hypocrisy is nothing new to Democrats.

Just ask Chris Redfern
Or the Ohio Democratic Party
Or Sherrod Brown.  
Or the teachers’ union
Or the President’s advisors.  
Or union thug Joe Rugola.
Or just look at Obama himself.

How does anyone take these clowns seriously anymore?

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