Obama’s "Potatoe" Moment… In The Nation’s Most Crucial Swing State

We all remember the infamous Dan Quayle “potato-e” incident…

Spelling doesn’t get much easier than that.  Of course, unless you’re spelling the four-letter name of the nation’s most important swing state.

Mitt Romney Ohio spokesman Christopher Maloney tweeted out that he caught President Obama in an embarrassing error — misspelling Ohio.

O-I-H-O?  Really, Mr. President?

Despite the rumors, that’s not photoshopped, or the rest of the room would have been inverted as well.  It seems President Obama–the leader of the free world–can’t spell the name of the state most crucial to his reelection.

In his defense, it does say “O-H-I-O” if you read it backwards.  And given that his policies have set us back decades, perhaps that was intentional on his part.

So much for that whole “Forward” theme, huh?

Author: Jake3BP

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s "Potatoe" Moment… In The Nation’s Most Crucial Swing State”

    1. Pit stain = First thing I noticed as well! Giving Barry the benefit of the doubt, he’s been to 56 states thus far. If doing the “Y-M-C-A” version of the 57th State of Oiho was his only gaffe… *shrug* That’s not so bad.

      I can’t even be sarcastic and witty. He makes me o.vomit a little in my mouth every time I see that smug mug…

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