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Obama’s war on coal: Ted Strickland thinks Ohioans are morons, part 2.

In his zeal to support Barack Obama, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland continues to embarrass himself, and insult Ohioans’ intelligence. Previously, we told you about how Ted Strickland actually told gun owners and NRA members that Barack Obama is a champion of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. This time, Ted actually is trying to tell Ohioans who work in coal that Obama is not trying to kill their industry.

Ohio’s former governor insists the Obama administration is not conducting a war on the coal industry.

Although the former governor claims the administration is pursuing all forms of energy production, supporters of the coal industry claim the president is doing everything he can to push them out of business.

Strickland argued that’s not true.

In addition, Ted Strickland actually said he’s never heard Barack Obama talk negatively about coal.

Ted Strickland Head Desk
Ted Strickland thinks you are a moron.

We just got done telling you how even Obama’s cheerleaders at the New York Times wrote a story about how his overreach and new regulations are ravaging the coal industry. In fact, Obama’s policies have already caused Akron-based FirstEnergy to announce the closing of six coal plants, four of which are in Ohio, costing hundreds of jobs. And does Ted really think we’ve forgotten about this?

“If somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can — it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

And Ted also thinks we forgot about Obama telling us the other part of his plan for coal plants. Electricity prices would “necessarily skyrocket”. He never minced words, folks. His plan was to wage war on the coal industry.

Want more proof that Ted Strickland is a liar, and that Obama really is waging a war on coal? On his own website, they have a page about their “all of the above” energy policy. They left coal off the list.

Almost half of America’s electricity comes from coal, 86% here in Ohio, and Obama’s own campaign website showed how it is not part of his energy plan. Un. Believeable. (In typical fashion, Obama’s people realized that they let too much of the truth slip out, and they went back and “fixed” the website by adding “clean coal”. Too late, guys. We already saw what you meant.)

But, Ted Strickland still insists that there is no Obama war on coal, and that he’s never heard the president speak negatively about it. In what I suspect will become a regular feature here at 3BP, there is only one explanation for this.

Ted Strickland thinks you are an idiot.

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