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Self-entitled Oberlin students want a pass for failing classes due to protesting

You’ve probably already heard about the petition signed by Oberlin College students requesting that they be given passing grades for classes they might fail because they skipped school to demonstrate over recent police shootings in the news.

Oberlin is in my back yard, and I drive through it frequently. It’s probably the most left-wing college in Ohio. I’m always disheartened to see that they fly the UN flag with equal prominence next to the American flag on their college quad.

It ranked as the worst value for your tuition money in the nation. Oberlin has also been home to a number of race hoaxes.

It strikes me with no surprise, then, to see this sort of whining, entitled type of behavior come out of Oberlin students.

Take this email from student Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, posted online by Elizabeth Nolan Brown of, as an example.

I am asking that you create an option for students who do not feel like they are in a place emotionally, mentally, or physically, to postpone the statistics final.

Professor Michael Raney’s response is simple and delicious.



The student actually posted the email on Facebook and described his one word answer as “Violent language regarding an extremely dismissive response from a professor.”

Obviously not all of Oberlin’s students can be lumped into one category, but a large number of them can be described simply as rich, spoiled, overly-coddled left-wing brats.

Let me share a personal example from my college days.

I was a freshman at Case Western Reserve University during the first Gulf War. It was my first experience being around so many people from different nations and cultures.

My roommate Boulos (he went by Paul) was from Kuwait and we were good friends. At that time, Kuwait had been invaded and was being occupied by Saddam Hussein’s army. Kuwaiti civilians being looted, robbed, murdered and raped by the Iraqis was not an uncommon story. Paul had phone calls with his family almost daily. Obviously he was extremely worried about them and under a lot of real personal stress.

Yet Paul continued to attend class and earn his grades.

Another friend of mine was a student named Amit, who had lots of family in Haifa, Israel. One of my most distinct memories of that year was sitting on a couch with him watching CNN as Saddam’s Scud missiles rained down on Haifa. It was heart breaking to see his face as he sat watching in fear that one of them would fall near his family’s home.

But guess what? He still went to class and earned his grades.

If you skip class and don’t study, you risk failing your class. There are consequences to your actions.

These Oberlin students are whining about events that have not even affected them. They are asking for automatic passing grades based on their sensitive little feelings. It’s liberalism at its finest.

We should be disgusted by the display of feeling-based entitlement on display here. “This made me angry, so I deserve a passing grade without having to earn it.”

I hope that any of these whiny kids who has to repeat a class because they were out protesting instead learns a valuable life lesson from the experience.

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