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Bad News, Gun Owning Women: Oberlin Liberals Say You’re Part Of Rape Culture

Several weeks ago, we reported from an Oberlin College event where equality-feminist Christina Hoff Sommers spoke as a guest. She was rudely treated with scorn and welcomed with numerous signs that accused her of supporting rapists and promoting rape culture.

The modern, extreme feminists at Oberlin even felt the need to create a “safe space” alternate event, because some students apparently felt threatened and needed protection from an accomplished, intelligent woman who disagreed with them.

Reading through the student newspaper The Oberlin Review, I discovered yet another source of “rape culture”, according to the editorial board.

The Review says that selling guns to women exacerbates rape culture.

According to The Oberlin Review, this is rape culture.

According to The Oberlin Review, this is rape culture.

Gun manufacturers are desperate?

The article gets basic facts wrong early when it claims that gun sales are down, making the gun industry “desperate”.

The desire to arm college women is not a misguided attempt at empowerment; it is a transparent effort by the gun lobby to appeal to a demographic it typically has not been able to reach. The arguments are merely one part of an outrageous marketing scheme: New pink guns are entering production and are advertised as being specifically for women. Interest in firearms has declined in recent years, and it seems the industry has grown desperate, first turning to children with the industry-sponsored magazine Junior Shooters — published with the intent of drawing in future gun enthusiasts. Now, a stereotypically feminine, pastel gun design aims to appeal to women, while the industry’s warnings about the dangers of rape are stale and inaccurate.

The Review destroys their own credibility here in puzzling fashion. What world are they living in to think that interest in firearms has declined in recent years? Nothing could be further from the truth.

A common indicator used to gauge gun sales is the number of background checks performed by the FBI. A check is made for every firearm purchase before a sale can be made. As you can see in the chart below, according to the FBI, nearly twice as many checks were performed in 2014 than in 2007. Barack Obama has been the greatest gun salesman in history.


The dangers of rape are stale and inaccurate? Aren’t these the same people who incessantly tell us how rape culture is everywhere?

The market for women’s guns was created by demand, not by the gun makers.

Another fallacy in the article is a misunderstanding of basic market economics (which is not surprising coming from Oberlin students). They say that designing guns for women is part of “an outrageous marketing scheme” to reach customers that they couldn’t before. But the reality is that more women are buying guns than ever before. From 2007 to 2013, the percentage of gun owners that were women went from 13% to 23%, a 77% increase in 7 years.

American women are arming themselves and creating the demand. The gun makers are only responding to that demand by designing guns specifically for the growing female market.

Everything we don’t like is rape.

Finally, we get to their tortured explanation of why guns owned by women are actually rape culture.

While the case for arming college women might be easily dismissed as a passing trend or a fleeting marketing campaign, it hints at the threat of a dangerous intersection of gun culture and rape culture. This deadly combination places the burden squarely on victims to shoot inevitable attackers and subsequently prove their innocence in a legal system where institutionalized sexism runs rampant. The necessary work of dismantling rape culture takes more than women’s self-defense. Education is a strong first step, but we need to take the weight off of women’s shoulders, as well as the guns out of their purses, to really fight sexism and rape culture. Feminine firearms are just a distraction from, not a solution to, the violent misogyny of our society.

This argument is similar to the one Oberlin feminists used in an attempt to silence and smear Christina Hoff Sommers. Rather than meet those they disagree with on the battlefield of ideas, simply exclaim that their mere presence is a danger.

The Oberlin Review insults women by proclaiming that women don’t have the discernment necessary to own their weapons responsibly. They say they need their guns taken away to prevent from having to explain why they defended themselves if, God forbid, it ever became necessary.

According to them, a woman who decides to arm herself is not an example of a strong, independent woman taking her safety into her own hands. No. They believe that it is an example of the evil gun lobby placing a “burden squarely on victims to shoot inevitable attackers”.

Listen, honey. The gun-grabbers at Oberlin know better than you. So let’s just take that gun away from you and give you some more “education” instead. For instance, you’d be much better off defending yourself from an attacker by urinating yourself instead of pointing a gun at him.

Are you a woman who owns a gun? If so, you’re contributing to rape culture.

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