Ohio Democrats Have Lost All Credibility

3BP has previously covered the hypocrisy of the Democrat party concerning Hitler references, but as the headlines keep piling up, it seems to me that the Ohio media is giving a platform where none should exist.  The Democrat party’s constant demand that Ms. Terhar resign amid a Facebook controversy (I can’t believe I’m typing those words) is hypocrisy at its best.

You know, seeing as how the state’s foremost Democrat leader, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, compared the GOP to Hitler & Stalin, ON THE FLOOR OF THE U.S. SENATE.

Or how about the fact that a Democrat state representative, Rep. Bob Hagan, seems to think it’s perfectly fine to use racial slurs on Black Ohioans.

And who can forget then-Governor Ted Strickland calling the Tea Party “radicals,” and the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Mr. I-Don’t-Live-In-My-District, Chris Redfern, calling Republicans “[email protected]#%ers” during the federal healthcare debate.

Did the media jump on this?  Did the Democrat party rebuke their own?  That’d be a firm no.

But all of this pales in comparison to the fact that while Democrats are calling for the resignation of Ms. Terhar, they turned a blind eye to the actual criminal activity of one of their own, Democrat State Rep. Clayton Luckie.

Former-Rep. Luckie agreed to a plea deal this week on criminal charges stemming from illegal campaign activities, after being indicted all the way back in October.  And yet he never resigned.  He continued to collect a state paycheck, paid for by state taxpayers.  And the Ohio Democratic Party?  They were silent on the matter, never once asking that Rep. Luckie step down amidst all the evidence against him–never once standing up for the taxpayers footing Luckie’s salary.

But a Facebook post by a Republican?  Oh, that’s fodder for an all-out assault.

What Ohio Democrats are basically saying is, criminal conduct is just fine, but if you exercise your First Amendment right to free speech, that’s worthy of their ire.  Yes, I do believe that Ms. Terhar’s remarks were inappropriate and she, as well as every Ohio official, should give pause before posting anything to social media, but it doesn’t warrant calls for her resignation.

Especially while Ohio’s Democrats are using the same language, slurring Black Republicans, and cursing out the GOP–all while keeping quiet while one of their own is breaking the law.

It’s this kind of sanctimonious righteousness that shows that Ohio Democrats have lost all credibility.

Author: Jake3BP

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16 thoughts on “Ohio Democrats Have Lost All Credibility”

  1. How many Cuyahoga democrats have gone to jail in the last two years without a peep? I think I ran out of fingers.

    1. County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora
      County Auditor Frank Russo
      County Recorder Pat O’Malley
      County Sheriff Gerald McFaul
      Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty
      Common Please Judge Stephen Terry

      The other two commissioners, 2002 Gov candidate Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones, were fingered by Russo as part of a patronage scheme, but no action was taken by the feds.

      Bill Mason as prosecutor almost singlehandedly sunk the Tom Ganley congressional campaign in 2010. He probably willfully ignored the criminal activities of his colleagues.

      Patronage hiring was confirmed in the Engineer’s office, but the Engineer was not charged.

    2. Few. Virtually every one of the ones George listed, especially Dimora were called on to publicly resigned by Governor Strickland at the time.

  2. Unfortunately the Democrats have not lost ALL credibility. They still have too much credibility with the media, Hollywood, minority voters, lots of college students, the 47% and may other mindless, brainless voters.

  3. Republicans are probably going to handle this like they always do — come down on their own person (Ms. Tehar) rather than defend her. They will act remorseful, be apologetic, and try to “distance themselves” from Ms. Tehar rather than PUBLICLY point out the transgressions and hypocrisy of democrats. Playing right into “the plan”.

    Let her twist in the wind – afterall they have their own “careers” to think about. No wonder republicans have so little respect. Do republicans stand for anything – I mean ACTUALLY stand for something they will FIGHT FOR anymore? NO guts no glory.

    Wow Debe Terhar supposedly compares Obama gun control measures to Hitler (note I have not actually seen the facebook quote) — but is it the end of the world? No, it’s not the kind of statement a Board of Education President, in the public eye, ought to make — but hardly a big deal. Hitler DID TAKE guns so it’s not like there the idea is made of whole cloth anyway. So she says I made a mistake and moves on.

    AP quote: “Gov. John Kasich said Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar’s Hitler-referencing Facebook post was “a mistake,” and also said Terhar has “said she’s sorry.” OK, fine Kasich was asked the question he answered and now he should DROP IT and refuse to answer another question about the topic.

    And here is a really NOVEL idea. The next time he is asked that same question, how about instead of another apology for Debe Tehar, how about he asks the reporter what should be done about the long list of Ohio democrats that have been sent to jail for crimes/corruption while in office? Or maybe say, You know I do have some concerns about President Obama’ apparent lack of respect for the Second Ammendment? Or ask what they think about Senator Brown’s statement? Maybe name some from the list provided by George above.

    Republicans have to start PUSHING back on the mainstream media outlets and IN THE FACE of the interviewer and IN REAL TIME. And BEFORE the mainstream viewers!!!

    Time after time it’s the same old GOP “milk toast” defense. A prominent republican appears on NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/MSNBC national TV and the “gotcha” treatment immediately begins — unfair questions, leading questions, fishing questions, and these days even outright shilling for democrat party positions or cheer leading for Obama and trashing republicans.

    And what do these republicans “leaders” usually do? Generally they sit there like wimps and take it with a grin-and-bear it attitude, smile meekly, protest mildly, or the try to deflect the question. Some defense of conservatism or their party! The next day they get themselves an interview on Fox News and THEN they rail and fume about democrats. Well big deal — preaching to the converted on friendly soil hardly amounts to much.

    Republicans need to get the gumption to defend themselves and their party positions in front of the main steam media AND THEIR VIEWERS in real time and yes BE CONFRONTATIONAL! As sitting back and taking it for the past four decades worked out real well?

    Does anyone SERIOUSLY think if you are nice the these “nice, fair minded” folks they will be nice back? Going to a gun fight with a bubble maker is not effective. But all these good Ohio republicans don’t want to look out of the mainstream do they?

  4. And just in case someone is getting ready to post that Hitler did not take guns but instead relaxed gun ownership regulations for German citizens I will say not so fast. That is only partially correct.

    The 1938 law on gun ownership that Hitler signed DID TAKE guns and the right of gun ownership from Jewish citizens in Germany — so Hitler DID TAKE GUNS despite all the left-wing outcry to the contrary.

    Obama’s desired ban on “assault weapons” (not a real gun category actually) IS a proposal to TAKE guns. Our second amendment right to bear arms is not directed to hunters it is directed to the right of a free people to defend themselves against tyranny.

    1. Sadly, we live in a world where if Politifraud says it’s false, it becomes false.

      We will go nowhere as long as the old media lives. Dump your cable, paper subscription, and quit going to movies. Hit them in the pocketbook, if we are champions of the free markets, then we should understand the power of boycotts.

      1. George, I agree we will never “convert” the main stream media (MSM) to a position of looking fairly at conservatives or traditional Americans and their ideas.

        By the same token I can’t imagine that any campaign to “dry up” the MSM by not patronizing them will go anywhere either — they’ll operate at a loss if they have to.

        The MSM are not really in the new business — they are into left-wing, progressive propaganda and politics and are joined at the neck with the democrats. In addition, the ultra libs will continue to support them so I doubt they will miss us too much.

        You are correct also in saying we must start at least some modest communication about more responsible government and debunking the lies about conservative positions with the “low information voter”

        Since the low info voters mostly get their information on the MSM outlets (apparently) if follows that conservatives and republicans (i.e., not RINOs) MUST invade this hostile turf and take the battle to the MSM programs so that the low info voter can at least start to see that there ARE other credible points of view.

        One of the main reasons Romney failed when he should obviously have won is that he laid back instead of fighting, assuming no one would believe that lies that Axlerod et al. were putting out. Well guess what…

        1. We need a second Fox News, but not run by idiots. Have the people from PJ Media and Bill Whittle in charge.

          Romney failed because of “let Detroit go bankrupt” “corporations are people” “47 percent”, the people who put racial identity over the rule of law, and a 30 second blurb of Todd Akin.

          And that’s before you realize how badly run the campaign was.

          Have you cut the MSM off yourself? I have.

          1. I don’t think I have watched more than an hour of MSM in 20 years! Agree on second “Fox News” — I wish some conservative money had talked GE in to selling them NBC — but no we can’t have anyone thinking out of the box can we? LOL! Romney was a decent man. That’s all. He had the political instincts of a high schooler running for student council and he hired complete incompetents to run his campaing. A billion dollars wasted!

  5. First all, calling Tea Partiers “radical” is not the same thing as equating the President to Hitler (by using a false quote.) Second, most Americans would agree that their radical.

    Third, those incidents were WIDELY reported in the media in both papers, radio, and TV. And Brown quickly apologized publicly for his remarks, even though PolitiFact pointed out that, unlike Derphar, what he said was factually and historically accurate.

    And finally, Hitler didn’t take gun rights away from the Jews. They were already denied guns as most Germans were under the post-WWI Germany before Hitler. He just discriminated against them when he expaned the rights of everyone else. You can’t take away a right again after it’s already been denied. Hitler did not take away gun rights from Jews. He denied them total rights just as pre-Hitler Germany did. There is a difference. Regardless, the ADF has publicly come out and blasted these crazy, factually untrue comparisons to Hitler has the outrageous historical frauds and offense comments for what they are.

    1. Malarkey, modern esquire. The “Nazi Weapons Law of 1938” signed by Adolf restored gun ownership rights to Aryans and denied them to Jews. You can try to parse that as merely extending the ban on Jews if you want but the end result is the same. Hitler denied gun rights to Jews — and “gave” guns to everyone. Jews were German citizens as well so their gun rigths were granted and taken in one stroke of a pen. The end result is the same. The general thrust of Terhar’s point was valid. End of story as Obama is trying to deny gun rights as well.

      And as to Brown apologizing so did Terhar. They are even. S0 since Brown did not step down I guess then you agree Terhar shouldn’t have to either — right?

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