Plunder-Pals Lying Again About JobsOhio

JobsOhio passed nearly two years ago, and with bipartisan support.  It’s already shown success in creating jobs, and that’s something even the extremely liberal head of ProgressOhio can’t deny:

“I am pleased that we are creating jobs,” said ProgressOhio’s Brian Rothenberg.

But even after two years, and the jobs this program has helped to create, some liberals just can’t seem to let it go.  Enter the Plunder-Pals and their amazing ability to avoid the truth.


In their latest criticisms of Governor Kasich, they launch this attack of JobsOhio:

Here’s the other important reason Kasich needs this deal to go through: he gets a big chunk of one-time cash to help balance his next budget.

The JobsOhio bond deal puts $500 million into the General Revenue Fund for Kasich to spend any way he wants. That’s five times as much as JobsOhio is getting. And we’re fairly confident Kasich and his budget director Tim Keen already have this money allocated for other campaign-related spending, like an unnecessary income tax cut.

It’s statements like this that make you wonder if these guys do any research at all before spewing their hate.  The JobsOhio bond deal may bring in $500 million, yes.  But what the Plunder-Pals blatantly ignore is that money MUST go to Fiscal Year 2013, as in the current biennium’s budget.  The money cannot, in anyway, go to balance the upcoming budget.

And what’s even more absurd about their claim is the fact that Kasich doesn’t need that $500 million to balance his budget in the first place.  He’s already in the black:

FY 2013 UNENCUMBERED ENDING FUND BALANCE*         [$]551,993[,000]

*Note: Targeted one half of one percent year-end carryover balance is $143.9 million

That’s right–Kasich already has a balanced budget, with a $551 million surplus–that’s over $400 million more than their target!  And wouldn’t you know, I found that out all by myself.

This isn’t rocket science.  I didn’t make any Freedom of Information Requests and I didn’t have to twist a politician’s arm to get this information–it’s published online, for crying out loud.  But that must have been just too much work for the Plunder-Pals.  God forbid they point and click, I guess.

Ohio is creating jobs.  Our unemployment rate outpaces the national rate by a full point.  Ohio families are much, much better off than they were two year ago.  And it’s all happened under the watch of Governor John Kasich.

Apparently creating jobs and helping middle class families is of no interest to liberals like the Plunder-Pals.  Nope, it’s better to tear down any and all Republicans, instead of cheering the success of our great state.  But here’s a fun little fact: Democrats also received some of the more than 130,000 jobs created under Governor Kasich.

A fun little phrase about spiting your face comes to mind…

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3 thoughts on “Plunder-Pals Lying Again About JobsOhio”

  1. Cracking up over this statement: “that money MUST go to Fiscal Year 2013, as in the current biennium’s budget. The money cannot, in anyway, go to balance the upcoming budget.”

    IF they can get this bond deal off the ground, that money will come in as surplus revenue and be carried over to the next budget. And make no mistake: Kasich WILL include it in his upcoming budget. most likely to help fund an income tax cut.

    Maybe you should check with those evil liberals over at NewsMax who had a story very similar to ours back in August.

    Can’t wait for the “Plunderpals steal ideas from NewsMax” story!

    1. “Kasich WILL…” Careful, Joseph. You’re stepping into Modern territory on your guarantee, and that didn’t work out so well for him.

      Of course, seeing as how no one knows what’s going to be in the budget, that’s a heck of a bold statement. And I don’t think the Governor’s office has retained you as a consultant, but, maybe I’m wrong…

  2. Joseph, your whole premise is that Kasich needs $500M to balance his next budget, which is ludicrous.

    The current budget is already running a surplus, because the administration did such a good job planning it after the mess they inherited.

    Listen, I get it. I know that you prefer the Strickland method. Ignore huge $8 billion differences between revenues and expenditures, and not give a crap about what that will do to the next budget. But we don’t think thats the responsible way to run a state.

    I guess thats why we write for different blogs.

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