President Obama’s Apology Rings Hollow

Last week, President Barack Obama apparently decided to read a newspaper and finally admitted to causing millions of American’s to have their health insurance coverage dropped due to Obamacare.  He offered a very insincere apology in an interview with Chuck Todd (full video here).

While Obama might have said he was sorry, what we all heard sounded something like this:

Did Obama really think that a simple apology would make things all better?  He’s the President of the United States.  His party controls the U.S. Senate.  If he truly is sorry to everyone who has lost their health coverage, he has the power to work with Congress to craft legislation that will restore that coverage—he has the power to repeal and replace his landmark, job-killing health law.

But don’t hold your breath for that to happen any time soon.

Obamacare is front and center as the biggest domestic policy disaster in years, arguably decades.  And the one man that can fix it has no interest in doing so.  Why?  Because this is exactly what he wants.

Obama wants you, me and everyone else to lose their health insurance.  He’s just sorry that he got caught.

Author: Jake3BP

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One thought on “President Obama’s Apology Rings Hollow”

  1. Yes we can agree that Obama is a despicable incompetent and finally the vacuum of his “leadership” is being exposed.

    Just too bad the Ohio’s Governor Kasich did not have the backbone to stand up to Obama and instead caved on the Medicaid expansion. Other conservative governors stood firm.

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