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Questions still surround Richard May

A few weeks ago we told you about Richard May, the candidate for Ohio’s 9th congressional district, whose sole purpose for running was to keep a gay man off the Republican ticket. My post clearly stated that I am opposed to same-sex marriage, but that I don’t have a problem with gay people.

Now, I strongly oppose redefining marriage to be anything other than one man and one woman. But I don’t hate gay people.

Richard’s response in the post was that this means I am not a conservative. Apparently to Richard, being conservative means that you have to hate gay people and shut them out of the Republican Party altogether.

He then made a further fool of himself with his incoherent rambling where he called politicians “sluts” and said that he doesn’t welcome the 2016 Republican National Convention to his hometown of Cleveland.

“Everyone” is overjoyed about the 2016 Republican Convention coming to Cleveland.

Not me. I am not a groupie.

Unless I back some Dark Horse Presidential candidate and I become a delegate, this is a pain in the neck. Even then, it is a pain in my neck.

“Remember this,” May writes in his Facebook post, which he also promoted through his Twitter account. “Do not fall in love with a politician just like one does not fall in love with a slut. Both the politician and the slut will cheat on you with some Democrat.”

He later apologized and said he really IS happy the convention is coming. Which is it Richard? He’s already flip-flopping on whether he wants the convention in his home town.

Fast forward to today, and Richard still seems to be stewing over my criticism of his campaign. So he wrote another Facebook post. What was his response?

His response was to lie.

Realrichardmay is our twitter handle for our congressional campaign. Since signing on we have attracted these three twits that support homosexual marriage.

Nick Mascari from the Third Base Politics political site: Attacked me on the Third Base site for being a “hater” of homosexuals and a racist. Did not quote me once. Look at this site, I have written and posted quite a bit, he could not find anything to put quotation marks around?

He then lists me as one of the three, even though my post made clear what my position is. He can’t point to one instance where I support same sex marriage. From his incoherent Facebook posts, it was always obvious that Richard has difficulty writing. It now appears that he has trouble reading as well.

As for hating gay people, that one is obvious. It’s widely known in Cuyahoga County Republican circles, and reported by the media, that he only entered the race to keep a gay man off the ticket. In response to my post saying that I don’t hate gay people, he posted “Traditional values are conservative. Nick clearly is not.” (See the quotation marks?)

And we also pointed to racist posts on his Facebook page where he lamented that Ken Lanci in 2013 was “the last white candidate for Mayor.” (There are those quotation marks again!)

I have another question about Richard.

He hasn’t held a job for years. He lives off of disability and receives government health care. How is that conservative?

By accepting disability instead of working, Richard is telling us that he needs our tax dollars because he isn’t physically able to hold a job. So how could he hold a job in Congress? I have personally observed May at a Lincoln Day Dinner, and he walked around the room all night.

I have worked with disabled people. People who could not walk. But they still worked for a living and earned a paycheck, despite being tied to a wheelchair. Others have disabilities that truly keep them from working, and I understand that.

If Richard May is elected to Congress, will his disability be cured, so that he can hold a job again? If someone is fiscally conservative, do they accept tax dollars while campaigning full time?

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