Senator Marco Rubio endorses Josh Mandel

This is pretty exciting. Anyone who has followed this blog for a little while knows that I’m a huge fan of future President and current Senator Marco Rubio. Marco has started his own leadership PAC called Reclaim America, aimed at promoting Senate Candidates who are dedicated to the conservative principles that made America great.

Well, Rubio is making his very first endorsement, and it is none other than our very own Josh Mandel.


Today we’re proud to announce our first endorsement, State Treasurer Josh Mandel for United States Senate in Ohio.

Josh is a genuine American hero who served his country proudly in the United States Marines. He’s a true limited government conservative who believes in cutting spending, balancing budgets, and defending innocent life.

The Reclaim America PAC is proud to endorse Josh in his race for the United States Senate, and we need your support to ensure he defeats liberal Senator Sherrod Brown.

Independent rankings consistently put Sherrod Brown among the most liberal Senators in the Washington. He has voted in lockstep with the Obama Administration for runaway spending, mountains of foreign debt, and the unconstitutional healthcare takeover.

While Senator Brown has made a career of voting for more spending, bigger government, and higher taxes and regulations on small business, Josh Mandel has done just the opposite. As a city council member, Josh fought for the first property tax cut in his city’s history. As a state representative, Josh fought for school choice and opportunities for children with special needs. As state treasurer, Josh has fought for transparency, and to ensure Ohio taxpayers get more value from their government.

I had the chance to listen to Josh speak recently and his story personifies the American Dream. The grandson of holocaust survivors, Josh understands how blessed we are to live in America, and like many times before, he is ready to answer the call to serve his country and fight for the things that make America exceptional.

With your help, we can support Josh and ensure he is successful in his race. We know if Josh is elected, he will go to Washington to stand up to the big spenders and typical politicians in both parties.

We created Reclaim America to identify candidates just like Josh, who have the conservative principles and fearless character to challenge the status quo in Washington. We need your help to support Josh. If you make a secure contribution today, your contribution will help send conservatives like Josh to the US Senate to fight for our limited government principles. Josh needs the help of Americans just like you who want to Reclaim America and preserve the things that make us exceptional for the next generation.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can Reclaim America.

Proud to Stand,


Marco is in Ohio with Josh right now. Today, they did an interview with Neil Cavuto. Click to watch.

You should probably go to Josh’s website and sign up to help. Now.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

4 thoughts on “Senator Marco Rubio endorses Josh Mandel”

  1. This is encouraging. I have been an advocate of sending Brown home since he became a Senator. He has and continues to ignore any e-mail requests for feedback on the issues. Since January 2012, I have sent 7 e-mails on four different subjects. He has yet to answer a single request. In 2011, I sent 28 e-mails on several subjects to which he responded 20%. He cares not about ANY constituent unless they have a D behind their name.

    1. Don’t fret–you aren’t missing out on anything by not hearing from him. We too routinely email him (re: key votes/issues) and have found that he sends out “canned” replies–we have checked our replies against those of others (in our Tea Party)who have also emailed him about the same issue and we each received the exact same reply–not one word changed!

      Here’s something to ponder too–we noticed that when Romney won OH (in the primary), he did so simply by having the majority of votes in/around the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy areas while Santorum took the majority of the rest of the state (urban votes vs. rural votes). How is this possible and more importantly, could this happen with Nov’s election between Brown/Mandel? Just something to think about.

    2. I’m not happy about the result either, but I don’t get your second point.

      Urban areas have more people. It’s not that complicated.

  2. Many people who were at OSU when Josh was Student Body President said he was going places – much higher places! Glad it is coming true!!!

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