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Sherrod Brown can’t get enough Occupy Wall Street

As the socialist mob known as the “Occupy” movement gets more disgusting, more criminal, and more violent every day, you would think that politicians, and especially those who are running for reelection, would keep them at arms length. In the case of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), you would be wrong.

For Sherrod, what’s not to like? We’ve already covered how Occupy Wall Street is a nakedly socialist movement. Being tied as the Senate’s most liberal member with self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders, Brown’s politics mesh with the movement perfectly. Of course, the people who support this mob change the terms to alter reality a bit. They refer to the radicals protesting as “the middle class” or “the 99%”.

Right on Sherrod’s own website, he echoes the nonsense that banks are solely to blame for the recession. And here he is on Hardball with Chris Matthews, celebrating them.

“I think the energy coming out of the Wall Street protesters is always
a good thing. When people non-violently speak out and stand for something,
it’s good to challenge authority when they do that.”

Let’s take a look at some of that energy coming from Occupy protesters that Sherrod thinks is “good”.

Is celebrating socialism and mass murderer Che Guevera “good”?

Its “good” to challenge authority by crapping in the street!

The Communist Workers World Party is everywhere at OWS.

Occupy Madison was “speaking out” with public masturbation.

In Portland, the protesters stand for something by singing “F— the USA!”

All around the country, THOUSANDS of Occupiers have been arrested, assaulted police, trashed public spaces, vandalized businesses, and generally maintained an existence of filth. They actually had to create “rape-free” zones for the women because the people are so dangerous.

By contrast, the Tea Party protesters, who only call for government to live within its means, have not registered a single arrest or act of violence. But Brown doesn’t like them at all.

It isn’t Wall Street versus the 99%. It’s filthy, violent, criminal socialists versus law-abiding taxpayers. And Sherrod Brown has made it clear which side he stands with.

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