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The dishonesty of Plunderbund

Ohio’s largest liberal blog provided a classic example of how they deceive readers today. Check out their headline which reads “State Budget Cuts and Layoffs Loom for Higher Education”.

Kasich’s first budget put pressure on schools like Bowling Green State University (BGSU) which was hit hard with a $2.8 Million (4 percent) decrease in year-over-year state funding for fiscal year 2013 while being prevented from raising tuition and fees more than 3.5 percent annually.

Yes, there were cuts in many parts of the state budget two years ago. They were necessary to balance Ohio’s budget without having to raise taxes, which would have hurt the economy and cost jobs. That’s what happens when you inherit an $8 billion shortfall from the previous administration.


They go on to imply that the modest budget cuts are the cause of 100 faculty positions being reduced at Bowling Green State University. Maybe they were hoping that readers wouldn’t actually read the article they referenced. Because when you do, you see that the staff reduction has little to do with the budget at all.

University Spokesperson David Kielmeyer said the move will save an estimated $5.2 million “which will be reallocated to other university priorities.”

Kielmeyer said the top priority is to provide competitive salaries for faculty and staff. BGSU now has 932 full time faculty members.

The university is negotiating a first contract with the Bowling Green State University Faculty Association.

Plans for the faculty reduction were apparently revealed earlier this week at the monthly BGSU Faculty-Senate meeting during a report by Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Rodney Rogers.

“All of these positions will come from attrition, retirements and the expiration of some one-year teaching contracts,” the statement said. “Over time, students’ interest in areas of study changes, and the university must adjust to meet these evolving teaching needs.

So, the money saved isn’t out of necessity because of budget problems. It’s going to provide competitive pay for the staff who aren’t retiring and to other areas of the college. In fact, from Kielmeyer’s statement, there aren’t going to be any layoffs at all.

But that’s not what Plunderbund wants you to believe. And its apparently not what their readers want to hear, either.

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