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The Ohio Democratic Party is full of hypocrites. Repeat ad nauseam.

You may have heard today that the Ohio Democratic Party is suing the governor’s office as part of a records request. They are demanding to see Governor Kasich’s schedule, because they believe that he is improperly using his office to campaign for Mitt Romney. Here’s the story from the Columbus Dispatch:

“In light of the governor’s questionable use of his office to support Romney, and news the Republican nominee has asked other governors to utilize their official offices to support his campaign, Democrats insist on release of Kasich’s public schedules to help determine whether any wrongdoing has occurred in Ohio,” the party said in a release today.

I heard this on the radio this morning, and thought “Are they serious?”. This is just more politics from ODP Chairman Chris Redfern. How many times did we see Ted Strickland traveling around the state with Barack Obama? For a newspaper that liberals in the state claim is pro-Kasich, the Dispatch sure left out this important piece of context.

Thankfully, we have this article from the Plain Dealer that tells us exactly how many times.

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland campaigned 39 times for Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and Ohio House candidates after the state’s March 4 primary. During that time, Strickland put his work as governor aside to campaign 29 times during the work week, according the governor’s schedule.

He spent an additional four days in August at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where he did numerous interviews on behalf of Obama and other Ohio candidates.

Not only that, but Strickland spent lots of time before the primary campaigning for Hillary Clinton, too. On one of those occasions, he embarrassed himself by having his own little Howard Dean moment. (Of course, nowadays, he embarrasses himself by telling large crowds of 12 that Obama just LOVES coal.)

Earlier this year, in the final three weeks leading up to the primary, Strickland hit the campaign trail 17 times for Democrat Hillary Clinton, his first choice for president. During that time, he campaigned five full workdays and six weekend days.

Kasich didn’t even endorse anyone in the primary battle, let alone spend time campaigning for them like Ted Strickland did. So keep that in mind every time you hear more nonsense from Ohio Democrats.

It’s just one more example of hyprocrisy from Redfern and the ODP.

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