This is how you attract jobs to Ohio

Last week, Ohio continued to get more good news on the jobs front. Alexander Mann Solutions was looking for a place to open it’s first office in the U.S. They looked at several communities in other states, including North Carolina, Florida and Texas. But they chose Cleveland to build their North American headquarters, which will bring around 300 good paying jobs.

Governor Kasich’s mission to make Ohio business-friendly again is paying off. Take a look at how the company was impressed by the energy coming from the administration in landing their location.

“Halfway through their first morning they ran to me and said R.B. this is us, you just got to be here,” said Mann Founder and CEO Rosaleen Blair of the reaction of her team to Cleveland, “and it just continued.”

“We just got infected with this energy,” said AMS Managing Director Jerry Collier, “when we came here it was a no brainer, we had to be a part of this community.”

A decision made bigger by the fact it was made in February. “It was freezing,” he admitted, “but we got to see past some of that stuff there’s some real substance in this community. ”

CEO Blair recalled wondering if this was too good. “The enthusiasm from everyone that we met was frankly overwhelming,” said Blair who recalled sitting in her office in London getting a rather enthusiastic call from Governor Kasich.

“Whatever’s in the water, I want some of it,” said Blair of Kasich’s persistence. She recalled telling him at the time the cynic in her was causing her to take a step back. “I said we’ve been ‘love-bombed’ by you and your team,” she said. “And I got to be honest that’s not a word in my vocabulary. ”

This is what happens when you understand what creates job in a state. You do it by making your state more and more attractive to businesses.

What was our strategy under Ted Strickland? Investing millions of tax dollars into failing solar companies and ignoring the state’s big business CEOs.

Huge job losses under Strickland. Over 100,000 new jobs so far under John Kasich. The results speak for themselves.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

2 thoughts on “This is how you attract jobs to Ohio”

  1. While this is good news and Kasich and the OH legislature are trying to make OH more “job/employer” friendly, still can’t always seem to keep the jobs here. . .why?

    For example:

    “BAE Systems moving military operations to Texas, 160 workers affected”

    What more can/could OH do to keep companies here and attract more to relocate to OH?

  2. Right to Work, eliminate the different minimum wage for Ohio versus neighboring states, don’t try to implement mandatory sick pay, no death tax, elect national representatives (house and senate) that will stop job-killing EPA actions like killing coal-fired power – to name a few

    by the way, don’t take this comment in any way as criticism of the current administration who I believe has us headed in a good direction – the things I mention are vestiges of previous liberal action or things that liberals have pushed for that I hope to never hear about again

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