Union Boss Compares GOP To Hitler

The news getting all the buzz on Capitol Square in the past couple days has been the introduction of three bills aimed at making Ohio a right to work state, in one capacity or another.  And with our neighbors to the west and north already adopting the pro-job policies, now is the time for Ohio to, at the very least, engage in a thoughtful discussion of the matter.

But a thoughtful discussion on the issue might be difficult to find in the midst of this type of ignorance (check out what’s said at the one-minute mark; hat tip to Ohio Capital Blog’s Marc Kovac):

Really?  A 1930’s Germany/Hitler reference?

The following statement was issued in response to a Hitler comparison:

“Under no circumstances is it permissible to look the other way while people use dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric and images to further their political ideology.”

Words from Governor Kasich?  A statement from GOP leaders in the House?  Nope… those are the words of union crony and chairman of the Ohio Democrat Party, Chris Redfern a few months back.  Republicans handled it with much more tact:

“Ohio Democrats should immediately apologize and distance themselves from this type of hate-filled rhetoric.”

That’s the statement from newly elected Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges. 

But as far as I’m concerned, Ohio Democrats need to back up their rhetoric with action.  Nothing short of a full apology and demand that OAPSE’s Joe Rugola resign should be accepted.  It’s time Redfern & Kurtz hold their own to the same standards that they place on Ohio Republicans, rather than trying to fundraise off of it

Unless, of course, Redfern & Kurtz are fine representing the epitomy of hypocrisy.

The ball’s in your court, ODP. 


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