What to watch for at 7:30 tonight…

The polls close tonight at 7:30.

At that time, and in the minutes after, we’ll learn the early voting/counted absentee results.

Without a doubt, President Obama will be leading.

But by how much?

And what kind of lead will he need to compensate for the election day voters that will most assuredly be pro-Romney.

Conventional wisdom we’re hearing is 60-40. That’s the margin that matters.

If Obama is leading by that margin or more in the first half hour after results begin getting reported, it’s time to worry. If it’s tighter than that, we’ve got a very good shot.

And as we mentioned in the previous post, early indications are that blue counties underperformed and red counties significantly overperformed in early voting.

Again, get out the vote. Yank your neighbors out to the polls with you.

Let’s win this.