Why is this even a story?

News many liberal wackos latched onto over the Independence Day holiday finds U.S. Senate candidate and current Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel being goofy in high school, cross dressing for a school photo opportunity.  You can look it up; it doesn’t warrant a link from us.

But why is this even a story?

It was 1996 and Mandel was in high school.  What 16 year old didn’t do a few goofy things back in the old days?  Hell, I dressed up as a cheerleader for “spirit day” for a perennially awful football team.  At least Mandel’s school managed to win a few games.

You know what else was going on in 1996?  Sherrod Brown was entering his 22nd year as a career politician.  That was 16 years ago.

And Brown thinks he deserves another 6 years representing Ohioans in Washington, D.C.  Yet during Brown’s 38 years in government, Ohio’s population has stagnated, adding less than 900,000 people in the last 40 years.  Meanwhile, the United States has grown by nearly 110 million.

Since the 1970’s Ohio has had many problems.  And if Sherrod Brown was the answer, they’d be solved by now.

Josh Mandel has been and continues to be an effective leader for Ohioans.  He’ll continue that effectiveness as Ohio’s next U.S. Senator, even if he had a goofy streak back in high school.

Of course, not every politician can be the perfect role model

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4 thoughts on “Why is this even a story?”

  1. It is homophobia, on part of the Brown campaign team, to feed it to a former Think Progress blogger at HuffPo. For being so progressive, principles fall out the window when they might lose.

  2. Are you dyslexic or just incredibly stupid? “Josh Mandel has been and continues to be an effective leader for Ohioans” ??? Is this before or after he developed the fake southern accent?

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