• Caught In The Act: Democrats Exploit Congressman’s Death

    by  • April 26, 2013 • Uncategorized

    It took Democrats 8 days to send a message of sympathy regarding former-Congressman Charlie Wilson’s death.  And it took them just 4 days more to exploit it.

    And as unfortunate as it is, we called it.

    Earlier this week, we sent our condolences to Wilson’s family, using the web form provided in the email from ODP Chairman Chris Redfern.  The message wasn’t hollow—I have the utmost respect for Jason Wilson from his short time in the Ohio Senate.  Values like Jason’s represent the majority of good, hardworking Democrats, rather than the liberal extremism that seems to occupy the party today.  It was our hope that Democrats were genuine, and wouldn’t use the form for anything other than expressing our thoughts & prayers for the Wilson family.

    Of course, no where on the form did it say that I was signing up for an email list.  Yet, today, I received the following email to the address provided on that form:


    Despite my hopes to the contrary, Democrats did exactly what we said they would earlier this week: used tragedy for political gain, building their email contacts.  And this was one of their own—a dyed in the wool, liberal Democrat who went to bat for President Obama’s healthcare takeover, even though it likely cost him reelection in 2010.  But when Ohio Democrats found a way to exploit his death, Wilson was thrown under the bus.

    What’s worse is we called it, posting that their motives seemed disingenuous right from the start.  And given how much liberals troll this site, Democrats knew they this wouldn’t simply slide by unnoticed.  Yet they did it anyway, exploiting death for political gain.

    Just like they exploited the Chardon school shooting.

    Just like they exploited the Boston bombing.

    This has become a trend and it’s incredibly disgusting.  But that’s what Ohio Democrats have become.

    Jason and his family deserve better.  All Ohioans deserve better.


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