• Is Ed Fitzgerald Ready? If This Was Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors, Yes

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    The jokes. They keep writing themselves.

    Ed Fitzgerald is now known to be a joke. With a bounty of poor choices already behind him, Fitzgerald just continues to lose his footing.  Perhaps after November Fitzgerald can begin a new career in Hollywood.  Jay Caruso at Pocket Full of Liberty has some entertaining photoshops that Ed can add to his portfolio if he chooses that new career path.


    Jay Caruso at PFoL has some great Fitz photoshops.

    Jay Caruso at PFoL has some great Fitz photoshops.

    At the end of last year, his hand picked running mate dropped out after it was exposed that he owed over $1 million in taxes. His out of state staff clearly isn’t experienced in Ohio or our politics and continued the amateur hour campaign on cruise control.

    After it was exposed that he was likely driving illegally when he was found in a parking lot at 4:30 am, Fitzgerald’s has been a black eye on the Ohio Democratic Party. They had previously brought Bill Clinton to read Fitzgerald’s resume and endorse him.

    Fitzgerald has now reached the levels that if he were the age in which he acts, his campaign could be nominated for the High School Student Council Hall of Fame for most juvenile and embarrassing campaigns. Simply put, Ed wasn’t ready for primetime.

    As a politically engaged resident of Cuyahoga County, I was aware that Fitzgerald’s ego outmatched his resume. But, as a former FBI agent, I thought he knew what basic laws were. But, I think what we’ve learned is that Fitzgerald doesn’t believe the rules apply to him. And Ohioans know better than to elect a 40 something want to be juvenile delinquent to our top elected office.

    Until November, the jokes will keep coming.


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